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Hey everybody. I’m Kai. And I’m Molly. This is a video thing for our new podcast. It’s called Make Me Smart. Yea, exactly. Because we don’t get to hang out that much. So when we do, we do a video. Pictures or it didn’t happen. Exactly. Hopefully you’ve already heard about this from our tweets, our many many tweets. A lot of tweets. Here’s why we’re doing it – These are interesting times. We need conversations that are going to be helpful to us understanding what is going on and that’s what we’re going to try to do. And it’s not just us. It’s you as well. And we’re going to keep it somewhat focused on business, tech and culture. But the goal here is not to regurgitate facts – not to repeat the same news story that you’re hearing over and over. We’re looking for context, analysis, actual understanding – the things that make you really smart. – We’re on iTunes; we’re on twitter – Hit us up. That’s what we’ll be doing. See you then.

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  1. Ok, your discussion on the Alex Jones censorship was cringe-worthy middle-school level discourse. We all know AJ is a ludicrous conspiracy theorist, but you should be bright enough to know that the issue at stake is far more fundamental than how much hurt feelings and "biens pensant" sensibilities should be tested. Free speech is the ONLY, ultimate bulwark against authoritarian tyranny (left or right… although I sense that you have forgotten about the genocides perpetrated at the altar of utilitarianism) , institutional bullying, fashionable ideological trends and fucking stupidity. You need to he brave and discuss the reasons why free speech matters AT ALL, rather than fret over fringe Lunatic babbling as if the public at large falls for the conspiracy shit. The next thing you know, arguing for a balanced budget will be a form of racism because it shrinks welfare… Then criticising mormonism is jail-worthy because "offended/oppressed". Come on guys. Go deep or go home.

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