Making a Diamond 1 Katarina Look BRONZE With Challenger Trading | League of Legends Guides

Hey everyone! Assassin vs assassin matchups can be really
volatile as we all know how hard they snowball. These kinds of lanes you have to really stay
true to your basic trading fundamentals. So today, were going to break down a game
where im playing on my Diamond 1 smurf as Fizz vs Katarina. Don’t worry, even if you don’t play these
two champions, all the concepts will still apply to your games. First, let’s breakdown the matchup. Fizz and Katarina are both AP melee assassins. Fizz has more burst damage and waveclear,
but loses in extended and poke trades. The matchup is in favor of fizz because he
has a lot of ways to dodge katarinas daggers. But, if katarina gets one kill the lane is
pretty much over. She snowballs really had and has the luxury
of being able to rush hexdrinker since she has AD scaling. Our gameplan for this will be: Mission 1: Push the wave We want to push the wave to get a level lead
and minion lead. Mission 2: Get a health advantage I want to use Fizz burst trades to get a health
advantage to setup for mission 3. Mission 3: Bounce the wave and freeze After getting a health advantage, I can bounce
the wave off the tower and freeze so Katarina is forced to recall. Alright, lets see how this looks in game. At the start of the lane, im starting mission
1, pushing the wave with auto attacks. But im also doing a few other things here
that you wouldn’t notice. If you pay attention to my movement, you can
see Im purposely trying to stay out of range of Katarina’s Q right now. She wins poke trades. You might be thinking well cant you just dodge
her Q with your E? Yes this is true, but if I did that, I would
be trading 110 of my mana, for her manaless Q. That’s not a worth trade for me. So, the trade I want to be looking for is
using my E to dodge her Q and jump on her at the same time. But there is only a specific range I can do
that. So I want to either stay out of her Q range
completely, or close enough that I can dodge her Q and trade at the same time. So a few seconds later as I walk up for these
minions and I know she’s going to use Q on them, I get close enough to jump in with E,
and auto attack her as I come down. Now, as I back away, we have another really
important concept here for any matchup, even ranged. You pretty much always want to be trading
back an auto attack if they auto you, unless there are a ton of enemy minions around. In this case there are only 3. Also, I have electrocute, and I just used
E and an auto, so with 1 more auto I can proc it. Katarina walks up to auto me, so I auto her
to proc it, then back up, then turn around again. You want to auto then turn around again because
your auto attack has a cooldown based off your attack speed. So I want to basically kite her while my auto
attack is on cooldown. Then when it comes back up I turn and auto
again. She really really trolled this by not auto
attacking me back at all, and I take 40% of her health just like that for mission 2. That’s just basic fundamentals of trading
and remember this is diamond 1. After that, my E is down so I cant dodge her
Q, and her Q has a lower cooldown than my E. So I go back to staying out of range of
her until its back up. I don’t want to give her any free poke. If you notice, I’m only last hitting right
now. Mission 3 is to bounce the wave off the tower. To bounce a wave, you need to crash a big
wave on the tower. And to do that, you want to slowly push your
wave, so your minion waves stack up. The first step is to get the push lead like
I did at level 1, then start slowly pushing like im doing now. Alright, as the wave is crashing on the tower,
look at this really low minion. She just used Q, so I know if she wants to
grab that one, she has to auto attack it. Also, those minions are about to get in range
of the tower. So if she wants this minion she needs to walk
up right now, she cant wait a few seconds. on top of that, look at the enemy wave. Its not here yet so Im not going to take any
minion aggro if I go for a trade here. Because of these reasons, I can walk up and
use my W to get some nice free damage on her. The more health you can get before mission
3, the better as it will make it more risky for them to walk up, which we will see later. Anyways after that trade. Look at the minions. I have a nice big wave thats going to crash
on the tower, so it will bounce to me. I also have a health advantage for mission
2. So the only thing that can mess this up is
if I die to a gank. And now that the wave is in a semi dangerous
spot, I need to go drop a ward in top river. After clearing the cannon, I hit level 3. This is fizz specific, but fizz can go for
trades under tower using his E. So I want to go for a burst trade like this
using Q, auto, then W for the auto reset and electrocute proc, then E away to dodge the
tower shot. I’m just getting more and more damage for
mission 2. After that, look at the minions again. This is how you know everything is going according
to plan. The next enemy blue wave is getting here stacking
up with the other blue minions to make a big wave, meaning it will start slowpushing to
me. At this point. She has to make a decision. She either will overstay to try and push this
wave. Or recall and realize she’s screwed. All I have to do is wait for her to make this
decision and that’s why you see me standing like this. If she walks up for any CS Im going to punish. She decides to walk up for this one, so I
go in using my Q auto W combo again, but walk away a little too fast so I don’t get the
last auto attack in and she barely lives to the ignite. It’s not the worst thing though because now
she really cant walk up and look at this wave. Still pushing to me so she’s going to be forced
to recall. Her big wave is going to kill my minions the
whole time she’s in base which will deny her CS. Since she’s been playing so bad I disrespect
that she might react to my flash so I try to flash Q her. She jumps away though to dodge it. If this was on my main account in high elo
I wouldn’t do that but when I smurf I sometimes don’t expect them to make the right play. But after that I know she has to recall, so
now I want the let the wave push to me, and I will recall as well. When I get back to lane. Look at the wave. Frozen in front of my tower for mission 3. I have a level lead, and an item lead since
she has like 10 CS right now and I have around 30. Basically, she can’t win any trades, and the
wave is in a really bad spot for her. This is all because of the bad trades she
took at level 1 and 2. So now I’m just holding this freeze, not getting
too aggressive because I don’t want to be baited into the enemy jungler right now. If I die, they crash this wave and then I
would be behind. Ive already won lane at this point. I also drop a control ward in top brush just
to make sure the jungler isn’t there. And, I saw her walk over there which could
have only been to drop a ward. So I can deny her vision at the same time. Now that im level 5, I’m going to change up
my gameplan a bit. This is something that is going to take a
lot of practice and minion wave management to do, but its very worth it in the end. I’m going to stop freezing, and start slowpushing
again so I hit level 6 as Im pushing a big wave on her tower, then I want to dive her
at level 6 since she has no flash and my ignite will be up. Do make it easier, I want to try and damage
her as much as I can before then so I know I will have the damage in the dive. So when she walks up I jump in with E, and
get a nice chunk of damage on her. Its ok if we trade evenly or if I lost the
trade a little. I just want to get damage on her since I will
hit 6 first with my slowpush. I continue slowpushing, with 20 seconds left
on my ignite cooldown and I’m getting close to 6. I just need to wait for 1 more wave. The next wave arrives, and I have a huge wave
ready to go, with my ignite on a 5 second cooldown as I hit level 6. Now I just need to crash this wave and land
my shark so I can dive. To do this, look at this cannon minion thats
really low. Katarina thinks she can walk up and use Q
on it, then jump back to the dagger she put down. But im not going to give her that cannon minion
for free, so I throw my shark now. Use E on top of her but slightly behind her. Then use auto Q and W to dash through her
back outside of tower range, getting the kill. At this point, Im now up more than full level,
a kill, and she has 12 CS to my 43. So its safe to say this lane is over. Alright guys. To recap… First I pushed the wave early, spacing properly
for her Q damage and auto attacks, to get a nice health advantage. I used my minion and level lead to poke whenever
she walked up for CS she shouldn’t walk up for. THen chunked her hard under tower at level
3. At this point I let the wave bounce back to
me, and forced her to blow flash when she tried to overstay for CS. We both recalled after that and she lost a
lot of CS since It was pushing towards me. I froze for a while until level 5. Then stacked up waves until I hit 6, dove
her under tower, and denied her all of the minions I crashed, closing the lane out. Alright guys, that’s going to be it for this
one, thanks for watching!

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  1. As a d1 player, I feel like Kat is far weaker than she should be. Can you make a vid as kata vs fizz and show the outcome or how to play against such matchups?

  2. Ok but like, I need a video on how to do this as Katarina, against fizz. What should I bring doing as Kat to ensure that early kill the same way you skillfully used what you had to stomp her?

  3. As a Kat player who has never had a single good game against fizz, I'd have prefered you making a video as Katarina beating Fizz and not curb stomping a match that was actually won during champion select

  4. Hmm, in your past videos you've talked about how it's important to get full worth out of using your wards properly, and you had specifically mentioned the top brush of the mid lane isn't maximum worth since you have a gap at your vision and the enemy jungle can pass by without being spotted.

    I can only assume that you have done that to keep up the pressure since you were looking to take good trades and pressure Katarina off the wave at the time while providing a good amount of safety, however is that a correct assumption to make and if yes then why did you also place your control ward in that same bush and not the pixel brush for example ?

  5. Nice. I'm a new player started in summer and I'm a mid main. I come from mobile mobas so the learning curve been better but I'm stuck at silver. Now I'm just practicing and mastering champions. I only play mages but seeing how Assassin's play in mid I want to try it. Is there any video on how to not let an assassin snowball against a mage?

  6. I have a question mainly about the early shove looking for a bounce. I'm gold and whenever I do this I usually get ganked by the enemy jungler. When you went for a trade under tower lvl 3 did you specifically pay attention to seeing the enemy jungler right before or were you just assuming he'd be topside?

  7. meanwhile in my games l will be ganked 10 times and wave will be fked and god knows which side it will push or slow push or whatever, and that wards you placed there wont help at all xD

  8. But… Take revolver and w q dont wadte time by q w because w stacks up with q and use e to dodge the coming back dmg

  9. Yeah like challengers are so OP. A few years back I was hard stuck in Gold V and this D1 Yasuo was running his mouth on some egirl stream. We both got into one of her custom games and he was still talking mad shit. He played yasuo mid and I played vi jg. We both were tryhard asf due to all the shit-talking. BTW he was also on a challenger 5's team. Wasn't like a super popular team, I forget which one. I actually have screenshots of this on one of my other hard drives because people always call me out, but then when I show them the screenshots they just never reply lmao. Anyway I ganked him once and I swear with all the silver/gold yasuo's I have ganked in the past, they were all better than that guy. Legit fucking trashbag yasuo player. I didn't want to actually camp him, but part of my strat. back then is find the weakest link and camp them. This game had silver players, gold players, diamond players, and that guy, the egirl was gold or plat I forget (and she was the one laning against him lmao). So yea I just kept going back for my free kill. I think I went like 7/0 in him (for ganks) also had a great kda too. Not only did we stomp their team, it was 100% because of that trash yasuo. People tell me "oh it was just a custom game" yea ok. Unless he stomped me. If he beat me it's cuz he's challenger, if I beat him it's cuz custom game…right. That guy was so fucking tryhard and I think he even ragequit at one point, he was losing his shit in chat.

    I also used to play ranked 5's with my friends when I was gold and they were all bronze/silver (err i think the adc got gold at some point). We often went up against diamonds and challengers and I kid you not, those were usually the easy games. We were a shit team really, but the real challenging games were the silver/gold players. Every person that I remember really making things difficult…like the people who you just couldn't touch, great warding, great mechanics, constant pressure and difficult to 1v1, those guys were always silver. Back then I thought of silver as challenger and challenger as silver. When I played in bronze it was easy asf. When I played in gold, it just felt rigged like the enemies were way stronger than my teammates. In silver everyone was just better than me and it was really hard to carry. My main goal in silver back then was to not die a lot. Yet if I play a custom with diamonds and challengers i'm often mvp. (again this was before a 1.5 year break so idk what it's like now i'm only silver 1 and only been playing ranked like 2 days).

    So all i'm saying is people should stop talking up challenger. I could sit here right now and name off about 20+ things wrong with the matchmaking, from flaws to bugs to just fucked up stuff that I have seen. A huge one being boosting. There's a TON of boosting going on. All it takes is for you to get 1 challenger booster in a silver/gold game to completely ruin that game. OR someone who paid for a plat boost, then decided to q up for rank and now they are on that steady fall back down to bronze or wherever they fucking belong. Boosters are the real winners and guess where they hang out? Not in diamond/challenger. Boosters are in bronze, silver, gold, and plat, boosting accounts. Probably thousands of them. I could write a damn book on the many things wrong with matchmaking in league of legends. So why do all you kids worship the ranked structure as if it actually determines skill? It really doesn't. Even if I get diamond next season which I probably will, i'll still feel this way. If I ever recruit a 5's team again, the only rank-related rules for people trying out will be no iron/bronze. Anything above that is all random IMO. BTW another huge factor is that many are not at their true elo due to not enough ranked games….man I could go on all day with this shit. What it all amounts to is a VERY broken ranked system. People always disagree, yet when I start naming off flaws and problems with it they have nothing. Nothing to back it up. Not to mention that most of them aren't programmers or game developers, which I am. 90% of people on league don't even know what algorithm means lmao

  10. Sorry, but you didnt make this Kata look like bronze, this Kata just sucked in the early, doesent matter what elo she is. Even a platin player could beat her there.

  11. challenger or not, you would die in 1 or 2 ganks from me, because I know where you don't ward (where all mid laners don't ward :D) and you have 2 escapes. If i'm not level 6 you die on 2nd gank, if I am, you die on 1st gank. A fizz who pushes his lane is a free meal for me.

  12. this is when the enemy jungler trolls his own jungle route just to gank you at 2:20 and fuck your lane, happens to me but my jungler doesnt know how to punish that

  13. Cool video! I have one question regarding lane priority though. Wouldn't you be giving up lane prio at the beginning by freezing the wave?

  14. Can you do a video about brazilian soloQ? I am brazilian ex-diamond 5(I wasn't playing that much in 2018 and 2019) and I came back recently, and it would be cool to know why brazilian soloQ is considered so bad, and I know it cause I was diamond 5 without knowing shit about wave clear or roaming, I was just really mechanical plays. Now I came back to start playing league seriously and started watching ur channel just to see how bad I really was to be diamond

  15. It’s funny. I saw that you played 6 minutes into the game and never got ganked. Iv never seen that before 🤔 I would have gotten ganked 4 times by now.

  16. I used to be in the skill capped discord but I left when I quit league, now I started to play again but I can't find the discord invite :< How can I get one?

  17. So ur playing a counter to katarina with a corrupt pot, then u wanna talk about how you out sustained her in lane. Playing in your elo and or smurfing. Sick, then you suggest if katarina gets a kill the lane is over. What is she gonna do, rush long sword for hextech gunblade ?

  18. Katarina did not use her ability to fizz.. instead aa to minions and poke skill trade to her foes…
    She also needs an escape routes wether fizz attacks her..

  19. The best analyzer I know, rlly helped me out SO much! But 4:45 this guy doesn't know u can Q-flash instead of flash-Q? xD no toxicity ty vor the vid! :3

  20. Can you please make a video of how to play when you're behind? Like…it's nice to win lane and all but what about those games where you just can't perform in lane and you fall behind? Say you feed 2 or 3 kills to the enemy laner, lose a tower and you just kinda flop? What would you do then?

  21. this example is wrong since the start. because fizz is never able to push level 1, and he never should. how is fizz supposed to outpush level 1 a katarina? her q had lower cd than his e. and they both have autto attacks. this example is wrong. katarina always pushes first into fizz.

  22. this is a free lane for fizz unless he ints , no matter what kata wont get that lead unless fizz wastes his e randomly . there is no way for kata to deal any dmg back to fizz. she should just farm with q and wait for a jungler or dodge the lobby.

  23. As a Kat main, this video kinda triggered me.
    Showing a winning game with counter pick is not meaningful at all.
    Besides that Kat fucked up in several details as you said
    1. Throwing a dagger to fizz first at the long distance at level 1 instead of getting close and aa trade or csing

    2. Head back and letting fizz trigger his electrocute without any reasons.

    3. Let melee opponent trade hard just for the stupid 1 cs.

    4. Lost most of the hp before Kat receive the wave undertower slowly push by enemy, which is the critical part of Kat's early lane phase.

    She risked being dived undertower with a huge wave. Luckily she didn't die, but wave was controlled by Fizz.
    That's the end of story!
    All the advantage you got were from her mistakes and unawareness.

    The only way you wanna trade with hard matches or countered matches as Kat is QEW for 2 daggers instant reset and shinpo back with proper timing.
    Or just don't trade at all unless your opponent made mistakes.

    If you wanna do such lane phase tutorial, please watch Dopa's TF vs Fizz guide.
    That's exactly how you win the match while you are countered by the opponent and that's what people need!

  24. Great guide but next time try to get one where it's a more 50/50 skill matchup. Fizz dumpsters kat 9 out of 10 times just by virtue of being a great matchup for him and a terrible one for her.

  25. displays a perfect game. In reality adc goes afk first 5 mins, jg 3 min ganks mid with support and top lane hard ints.

  26. pls dont make it sound like a skillmatchup cus its rly not its as fizzfavored as it can be even being 0 3 as fizz u can oneshot katarina

  27. you make it sound easy but it takes an 8 min video to expaline the choices you made, on the fly, that total about 1 minute of actual meaningful game play (the rest being you farming, which is a skill in itself) I feel your being pretentious. Yes what you did was very pretty, very nice. Its not easy though, its not "just do this". You're taking all the experience you have for granted. I dont care how many times i watch this I cant lane like that. Even if I could make all those correct choices on the fly, you still have to farm, you still have to land everything, you still have to not get caught.

    Id rather just see you brag about how well you play lane then hear you say "oh this is easy just do this" What you're going over in the 7 min video is so far beyond what most people can do in real time during a game. Are you even making those choices in game or is it just instinct and then you explaine them later?

  28. bad example for a video regarding trading ,
    Reason 1 – its one of katarina's worst matchups anyway .
    Reason 2 – Katarina is known for having a weak lane phase so why even bother making a video against a champ who anyways has bad trading potential.
    this is literally a video saying pick a counter = now you win trades Pepega

  29. bad example for a video regarding trading ,
    Reason 1 – its one of katarina's worst matchups anyway .
    Reason 2 – Katarina is known for having a weak lane phase so why even bother making a video against a champ who anyways has bad trading potential.
    this is literally a video saying pick a counter = now you win trades Pepega

  30. bad example for a video regarding trading ,
    Reason 1 – its one of katarina's worst matchups anyway .
    Reason 2 – Katarina is known for having a weak lane phase so why even bother making a video against a champ who anyways has bad trading potential.
    this is literally a video saying pick a counter = now you win trades Pepega

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