Marketplace horizontale vs. verticale

I will introduce you to both
large marketplace families the general horizontal marketplace
and the specialized vertical marketplace in a niche usually, so to start the horizontal marketplace, so that’s really – we can take the metaphor of the mall: it’s a general marketplace, capable of answer the majority of customers’ requests, we are not at all sectorised, we are not specialized, we have a
very very large catalog of products or services, we target a large audience, we do not bring necessarily expertise to our customers, but
we propose through a catalog very very wide an ease for our
buyers to find the product or the service they want. Example
Alibaba, well I could take other examples a little bit smaller, Alibaba is really a giant. There, we can to see we’ll see two examples, we
always sees this ergonomics very close to the B2C. The second
typology of marketplace, it’s really the vertical marketplace, so that’s
a marketplace – potentially – for already existing business I am
e-traders ‘btob’, I’m distributor, I already really have my niche,
I already have my expertise, I have my salesmen, I have my team
is really expert in my field I want to keep this role of expert, but
take on this role also of thirds of trust – of operator – because I
wants to develop certain categories some very relevant ranges
in my niche because some competitors do not have it and I can really go get my 15 business points quite simply by taking commissions on suppliers
third so here I am really specialist
in a sector of activity. I bring expertise, I can bring
also complementary services because if i am a seller, e-trader of potentially I can also add services to
through third-party providers maybe I’m selling goals from football, I’m specialized in
this area but I do not bring the installation service and why not take a commission on this service through a partner on
my marketplace. This can be an example, we can see for example ManoMano who
just launched into the marketplaces B2B and who is really
specialist in DIY.

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