Master Trader Records Live Trade 2 points – 50% Win Ratio

Risk & Performance Disclosure: Futures & forex trading contains substantial risk & isn’t for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial invsmt. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading & only those w/ sufficient risk capital shld consider it. Past performance isn’t indicative of future results. Hypothetical Perf Rslts have many inherent limitations, some of which R described below. No rep is being made that any acct will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown; There r frequently shartp diff between hypothetical performance rslts & actual rslts achieved by any particular trading progrm. One ofmany limitations of hypothetical perf results is that they are generally prepared with benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetial trading doesn’t involve financial risk & no hypothetical trading record can completely acct for impact of financial risk with actual trading. 4 example, ability to withstand losses or adhere to particular trading program in spite of trading losses r material pts which can adversely affect actual trading rslts. There R numerous other factors related to markets in general or to implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accted 4 in preperation of hypothetical performance rslts & allwhich can adversely affect trading results. These results or past hypothetical results may not be indicative of future results. This is not to be considered trading advice or any recommendation. Attempting Consolidating Running to the Upside and Then Running Down it Just Dennis Consolidation it Just ran to the Upside so this is Where I’m Expecting the Market to run this is the second Leg of the run I Already got took Advantage of the first run on my first Short Here is the second run to the Downside and Let’s see what happens Here The Mark is Removing a, little Strange Today so Basically I’m Just Looking to Understand the Structure and what I’m Seeing here Is the very Same Structured I’ve Seen this Morning like I said It ran Consolidated Popped Up Came Down Did A quick Retrace, on that a little Wet Beat then it Popped He Just did the Same Thing it Just Reconciled Popped up above the Mid vent Came back ran Down There’s my Entry and Here’s my second Entry This is gonna be A quick Pop I’m not gonna give This all the room in the World I’m Check-in here The 233 all quick Let me Just see yeah that’s Yep I’m Seeing The downtrend Here and There’s my Edge Market Needs to Break This Edge in hole Once I see that Pop I Think it’s Just Gonna Take off on me I Got my Target You haven’t Tried it’s fine I’m Just Gonna Let my stop here Hopefully This Is where it’s going to stop it’s Gonna Hold right Here Good All Right I’m on i’m Gonna order Autopilot right Now This trade is if it follows the Structure of the Market they Should nail it and that’s what, we’re Hoping to do here Let’s See Once We see the Quick little Pop One Quick little Pup Let’s See There it goes All right We got the gas Box too Which is important good To 33, here There it Is There Is my little Structure to us where the markets got a Pop from Exactly There Yep that’s what we’re Looking for? All Right Once it Starts to move Here and I just started limiting Risk I don’t have to have all the Risk on A table He’s got to see that wallet Pop Second Adjust my my i stop because it Can Read Great Crazy but if it Did I’m just Gonna Just Pull the trigger again That’s the here, We go here we go? I’m Keeping my eye on 233 Just to see the Pop because, We have the snap Crackle Pop There let’s See There, we go Just? One of the Things About Trading Once You’re in You Gotta Wait Just Gotta Wait for your trade to Work out yeah I’m Just looking at the 233 Year to see the trend We are Reading around Through the area Once We have Strength here Comes a little Pop Here Comes our Pop Let’s pick it up up any Minute now There you go now I’m Just Gonna ere We go that’s what I wanted to See? That’s what I wanted to See? That’s what I want to see let’s go? It’s gonna be A quick Pop I’m Expecting a quick Pop because that’s what it’s Normally Does right after it Pops Consolidates Creates an Edge Boom then it pumps so this Should be my Pop Coming right up Right Now I’m on Overdrive? Easy Streak Simply Because I Already Have Adjusted my stop so I’m Willing to just Let This Thing go, one Less Look Here 233 It’s the we’re Just Holding Onto that Edge There There We go that’s what I wanted to See now Easy Street just sit and We wait for our Target to be Failed? Let’s see, here We go? It’s Touching my target Touching my target Keeps Touching my target Here We go that’s what, We want to See and that’s how, We do it here at eta you

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  1. I started by reading some books and researching on the internet. Finally I realized that I needed a mentor and a trading community.

  2. Congrats on the good work.. i don't have a clue about day trading, yet just from watching all the videos and reading all the information as well as watching Marcello's videos i have been able to pick up some things.I'm interested in learning how to daytrade but can not find you guys near me. Are you ever traveling to Cleveland Ohio or nearby? Is there a way i can be able to watch your replay classes ? To learn the HTS system… or a phone number i can call and speak to someone directly about joining?

  3. i will be very happy to join the day trading academy i have already suscribe to the newsletter i wait for the training programm

  4. It amazes me that traders make all their decisions based on the post movement of the graph especially when they have no idea whatsoever what is making the graph move in its unpredictable lifestyle. Winning and loosing trades is just like any gambling.

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