Meet Bronwyn Patten, e-commerce director

[ Music ] My name’s Bronwyn Patten. I have been in PepsiCo for two years. I am the AMENA e-commerce director. My responsibility is really to set the strategy, lay the foundation, and ensure that we are future-proofing our business for the ever-changing consumer. My career journey at PepsiCo has been amazing! When I first joined, I reported directly to our presidents. I was the only female that was heading up e-commerce. One of my regular habits is to go to the gym, and that helps me succeed in both my personal life as well as my professional life. How can I be better? How can I push harder? How do I get better results? In e-commerce, I always feel like I am an entrepreneur. With inside PepsiCo, I’m really starting up a new business and a new channel. That allows me to move a lot quicker, move a lot faster, with an entrepreneurial mindset. I’ve been quite fortunate. The fact that I was able to travel to the US to attend, actually, a female training leadership course, which was wonderful. PepsiCo has wonderful training programs that they offer our associates. I think the leading one that we have is the PepsiCo University. And that allows us to go online and choose our own training programs that we would like to participate in. One thing I love about working at PepsiCo is our people and our culture. We are people led company. [ Music ]

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