Meet Gigfloor – An Oil and Gas Marketplace for Solutions and Experts

There are 1.8 million active oil and gas wells
in the United States operated by 40,000 companies who employ 45,000 Petroleum Engineers and
Geoscientists. This means that each person is in-charge of
over 40 wells. To ensure that all these wells are performing
optimally can be a difficult task especially when new wells are coming online every month
and existing wells keep failing. Introducing Gigfloor. An online market place for solutions and experts. At Gigfloor we mine data from social media
sites, conference proceedings and news outlets to understand the high value oil and gas problems. Then to solve those problems we go through
several hundred technical papers, journals, best-practices, books and distill all the
relevant information to create targeted, actionable and downloadable solutions called Work Packages. This way YOU can get to work and avoid spending
days sifting through literature and looking for help. Our library of work packages are constantly
evolving so check it out for the latest solutions. For larger projects you can also get personalized
help from Gigfloor’s panel of technical and academic experts who are a just a few
clicks away. We are also looking for experts to join our
panel so if you are an expert in your subject, reach out to us. We’d love to talk to you. Finding Oil and Gas is hard enough. Finding help shouldn’t be. Are you ready to experience the new way of
finding technical help? Contact us today!

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