MINECON Live 2019: Realms Plus and Character Creator

So what do you two do on the Minecraft
team? Hi, I’m Alina, I’m the Business Manager for Realms on the Marketplace
team. I’m Fredrik and I’m the Program Manager for Realms. So you’re gonna announce
something cool but first tell us about what Realms is. So Realms is a really
good way to play with your friends. When you subscribe you get a personal server
right in the cloud so it’s always online and always accessible and your friends
will play for free with you so you’re the only one who have to subscribe. And how many people can play on a server? So we have two tiers, so you can either go
for the two player tier or the ten player tier. Awesome. And what are you going to
tell us about today? Realms Plus. It’s our new subscription that combines Realms with Marketplace content. That is awesome. So what does that mean? Realms, which you just told us about, plus Marketplace content. So with Realms Plus, just like
before you will have access to your Realm, ten-player Realm and all the cool features
that come with it. But in addition you will have the entire catalog of
Marketplace content. Skins, worlds, mashups, resource packs. That is awesome. Fredrik, how many pieces of content will be coming to the first version of Realms Plus? We will be launching with over 50 pieces of content. [LYDIA] And then they’ll be changing each month? Yeah every month we will get new content on there, yeah, it’s gonna be really good. Amazing. And Alina your son has a Realm, I think we have a photo
of it. [ALINA] Of course. [LYDIA] So what has he built here with his friends? [ALINA] Yes this is his
Realm where he plays with his neighborhood and school friends and it’s
really fun and adults join too, their parents. It’s a cool place to hang out and
we really like to see you know what kids do and how they show off their secret
knowledge of Minecraft with all the strategies and tricks that they get from
YouTube videos and reading the Minecraft books. Do I spy a very adorable Microsoft building in there? Yes, some people just like to go to
work! [LYDIA] I guess he does! I think we definitely have to say a hi to your son then so hello to Andrew, thanks for letting us show off your Realm! We know he’s watching at home
so, thank you. So this sounds amazing, how do people start using it how do they get
Realms Plus? So when we launch Realms Plus, and we will be launching soon, we will
have a free trial for new players so you get 30 days for free if you’re already a
subscriber for the ten-player Realm on Bedrock we will upgrade you
automatically for free. [LYDIA] And the price won’t change, it’s gonna stay $7.99 so how did you decide on that because that’s really cool you’re adding all of this
stuff to it. Absolutely that was very important to us we just wanted to give our players
more options, more fun things to play with and keep the price the same. It’s
very simple, one subscription $7.99 with Realms and content. And we will be adding more things every single month so that there will be something for everyone. [LYDIA] That is amazing, thank you Alina and Fredrik! [Audience applause] Let’s look at a preview of some of the
awesome content coming to Realms Plus. [MUSIC] [Audience applause] Now I’m joined by Sarah and Jared from
the Character Creator team. Thanks for having us here! Thank you for having us. [LYDIA] What do each of you do on the Character Creator team? [SARAH] I’m an Art Lead on the Character Creator team. [JARED] And I’m a game designer on it that is That is awesome. So today we’re gonna take a look at Character Creator and we’re just gonna get right into it so you can tell
us about it. [JARED] Sounds good. Yeah, absolutely. So the Character Creator is fun because there’s all sorts of different aspects of your character that
you can change, like you can change your skin tone and texture, your eyes, your
mouth, your hair, and change the color of all of those different pieces, and then
layer your clothes on top of it. [JARED] Yeah it’s something we came up with for Minecraft Earth because just as we’re putting Minecraft into the real world, we wanted
a new way to let you put yourself into the game and really represent you. And so
adding a bunch of more flexibility for you to build a character piece by
piece, we’re really inspired by skins this kind of builds off the like history
of players like building their own skins but kind of letting you do that inside
the game out of all these different parts. And one of the cool things here
you can see is doing like limb replacements, there are all sorts of
different stuff that lets you represent whatever you look like in real life if
that’s what you want to do in the game. [LYDIA] That’s awesome. And all of those players
get it automatically yeah yeah all that Yeah, yeah all that stuff comes for everybody to start building their character automatically. That is really cool. Why was it – [Audience Applause] Thank you! Why was it important to you, added things
like prosthetics and all different skin tones and different body shapes. Why is
that important to you? Well because you know Minecraft players are from all
walks of life, right. Anybody. And it’s always fun just to see a part of
yourself in the game so we wanted to make sure to like try to include as many
people as possible. [LYDIA] That is awesome. And how many characters can you have? You can make up to five different characters and you can save
those in either game, they’ll sync back and forth between Minecraft Earth and
Minecraft and we just wanted you to have that flexibility to build maybe like one
kind of look is what you use when you’re farming and you’re playing that
role with your friends or maybe when you’re playing something competitive, PvP,
you might want to be a little more intimidating and try and like do
something that really encompasses that so there’s all sorts of different
clothing options to build off of that and really trying to put some of the the
coolest ideas our team’s come up with are like in there to show off like
what’s possible with this. It’s good to note though it is just kind of cosmetic
self-expression stuff, it doesn’t actually change the way you play.
Everything is just how you look. That’s awesome. And you said that this is
inspired by Minecraft Earth. How does it fit into Minecraft Earth? With a mob of
me? Yeah there’s this cool little thing that when you’re when you’re in
Minecraft Earth there’s a mode called build mode which lets you put a build
plate here like in this case down on my desk, and then I can put a little
representation of myself into the the world I’m creating because
maybe it’s like it just makes the world more alive but it’s not just a
static structure, but if I put a character in there and then I can watch
him wander around and it’s super delightful for me especially when he
wanders off the build plate and takes a look at like my coffee mug or something
sitting right next to it. So it’s a tiny version of Jared like tiny Agnes and Jens! Everyone can have their own now. So you’re gonna show us a few things that no one has seen which
one is achievements and how you get special things for achievements in the
game. Yeah this is something that’ll come slightly after the launch of Character
Creator but we really want to let players show off what they’ve
accomplished in Minecraft through what they wear. So like in this case you can
earn a lumberjack shirt when you chop down a tree for the first time, or when
you craft your first hoe will give you a little a toothpick wheat thing there, and
then if you play the game a really long time will give you a
really long hair and beard that you can equip to your character to show that off.
And then this is probably my favorite item that we’re adding, is this like fish
globe that covers your head that you get if you build a conduit in survival mode.
So all these things will have stuff in Minecraft Earth and Minecraft that you
can earn through challenges and achievements. [LYDIA] Awesome. [Audience Applause] And the next thing we’ll jump right into
because I know people will be very excited to hear about it. Yeah for sure
so the sort of two things that are upcoming are capes are coming to the
Character Creator [Audience Applause] Very excited about that. And you emotes so
you’ll be able to like dance and wave and have a cape in the Character Creator
and also in it you have any custom skins or skins that you’ve loved for a really long time and are very attached to it will all work with that. And how will people
get these awesome capes? They can grab them right now in the in the Marketplace
for free there’s one available for everybody if you want to go get it. Right
now it just attaches to the skins that come with the pack that you get, but when
Character Creator launches you’ll be able to attach it to any one of the
skins you’ve used in the past or a new character you build with Character
Creator. [LYDIA] Awesome. Thank you so much Sarah and Jared,
Character Creator looks amazing. [Audience Applause]

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  1. @Minecraft , we do love our skins. I just wish there was a better way to display our armor without hiding our skins when we wear it. Maybe a diamond (or appropriate armor type) headband for the helmet, or armband for chest, knee pads for legs, and sole for boots. And for enchants the same but we will just have the glow like the enchanted armor displays. That way our skins are not hidden, but the appearance of armor is still displayed as well.

  2. between the awkward dialogue and pointless updates, emotes and charging you for things an 8 year old can set up for free, I would have thought this was a parody.

  3. Spk. pomimo tego że minecraft mi nie leży to chyba zaczynają coś robić dobrego ze swoją marką. A tak poza tym to ten kto czeka na MC Dungeons ten like.

  4. Damn, I got all excited thinking that realms might just add competent administrating tools for once. Even an optional anti-hack would've been nice. I don't mean to dump on the parade, but really??

  5. So you STILL cant use your custom created skin on any platform that isnt Java.

    Why must they take so unbelievably long to do ANYTHING and when they finally do it they still miss the mark by an extreme longshot

  6. In the 1.12 days, Minecraft just seemed, so, outdated, I guess. But when the next update came, everything started to come in all at once, and Minecraft just came to life.

    First Fortnite,
    then ROBLOX,
    then Minecraft.
    If any Mojang staff members are seeing this, take this bit of advice. ROBLOX recently added Emotes, but I don't know about it. They took it too far, and it took away from the "BLOX" in ROBLOX. Just don't ACTUALLY ADD MORE THINGS THAT COME OFF OF EMOTES, like animations, and keep the original Minecraft walk, run, idle, jump, and all that stuff how it is. We don't want Minecraft to become Fortnite.

  7. Well gess what, on Java edition you always have access to unlimited skins, maps, minigames, mods and resource packs. Who in their right mind would play Bedrock edition?!

  8. Custom Skins to be replaced by a less custom character creator = No Aliens, Less 2D Pixels, Less Naked People, More 3D Hair, and you can't make your own clothing, hats, skin, hair, face, eyes, and etc. so KEEP CUSTOM SKINS.




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  10. Not gonna lie I cringed really hard when they said emotes and everyone just went silent, also the kid was definitely told to build a Microsoft building

  11. i hate that mc is now turning in to microtransaction game with stupid
    Dances and Skins because of this mc can never go to its original spark….

  12. .

    wait… so realms costs more than mobile?

    And the skin ideas, thing isn't fully customizable like in java… i guess yeah cool longer hair, but still more money.

    Oh cool Microsoft implementing their achievement gift stuff.

    Cool I love the Emotes mods.

    So much new cool expensive stuf.
    J A V A

  13. Lets not make the emote ruin minecraft so stop spamming “everyone stoped clappppping ven they announce emotess”

  14. Seeing this saddens me a bit. Specifically the character creator in how it limits the number of skins to 5 and it looks like half of it is going to be locked behind the usual microtransaction wall most large developers have taken to.

  15. Can someone tell me if the character creator is coming to Java? It'd be cool to have 3d hair and stuff on skins.

  16. Damn bro these past years of me I laying Minecraft I’ve always wanted capes and to customize my own skin and it’s finally coming mojang is doing really good keep it up

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