Mnuchin breaks down Trump’s landmark China trade deal

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  1. What the hell is up with this spending. Why don't we split all spending up and make congress apply for it. These omnibus bills are a joke.

  2. Can you imagine what could have been accomplished in the last three yrs if the dems simply put country before party .Personally I feel that the left has violated the duty and oath of office by not securing the border .And that alone warrants their impeachment, they have failed us all.

  3. I know the majority of Republican voters can see through the bigotry and misogyny of people like MaConnell and Lindsey Graham. These two white supremacist represent a senate with a distinct southern drawl who hope to bring back the confederacy. Intelligent republicans can see this and will vote these enemies of the constitution out of office.

  4. Trump has harmed our nation! He has alienated allies while being so friendly to despots. He has NOT delivered on his promises! He has lied so many times, it's so hard to listen to his insanity. And Mnuchin has aided him! Farmers don't need payments, they need markets that have been given up due to the trade war!

  5. Mnuchin looks the happiest he has ever been in his life, looks like he already received his Christmas gift!

  6. All they know how to do is lie. The tariffs brought on by these lying bumbling republitards has caused our products in some cases to be raised by as much as $4 a bottle. Who pays?? THE AMERICAN CONSUMER!! Good job asshats.

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  8. so Trump backed off on his proposed tariffs and cut the others in half, to get this deal, wow what a deal he made with China,
    China is now going to buy half as much agricultural product as they did prior to Trumps tariff wow what a deal maker

  9. I feel like it that this is a Deja Vu for Fox News that actually repeat us up again that they don't have you know what I'm saying but now you don't know but you actually do know but you actually don't know don't know but you're of any know everyone knows

  10. Great interview with Steve M. We are so lucky as a Nation to have President Trump in our White house. He has made most Americans believe in the position of the President after that 8 years of lies, treason, and Racism from OBAMA. It might take decades to erase to stench of that disgusting excuse for a President, Obama needs to be investigated for his role in the political coup and IMPEACHED and jailed.
    Erase this scumbag from the history of our Presidents.

  11. Landmark? As in we are losing billions due to Trump. This deal is not better than what we had before. We are paying tariffs that didn't exist before. He's trying to get back to where we were with China in 2015. What are these idiots smoking?

  12. This is how FOX deals with impeachment. Lying about Trump fixing problems he created to make him sound like the hero. The trade deficits will continue to the tune of 200 billion a year no matter what Trump does.

  13. Mnuchin is part of the swamp!!!!!!!!! By The Nation: On the rest, Mnuchin took standard Trump positions on deregulation (he claimed it was bankrupting community banks, which isn’t true) and tax cuts. He walked back Trump’s comments on needing a weaker dollar, supported Trump (and Democrats) on targeting currency manipulation, and said he’d be the point person on tax reform in the Trump administration. He said he supported the Volcker rule, which prevents proprietary trading in deposit-taking banks, but he cited a Federal Reserve report that it’s diminishing bond market liquidity, another dubious notion. He supported bolstering IRS technology and staff (which would cost money), thinks that corporate earnings repatriated from abroad will be put into investment (not true, it would be put into buy-backs and dividends), and that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be funded out of appropriations (which would allow Congress to gut the agency’s effectiveness). He said he wouldn’t recommend a recapitalization and release of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which would reward his business partner John Paulson, but he did say the government-sponsored mortgage giants needed a fix.

    These were mostly standard business-Republican positions with a bit of Trump flavoring. We really had no indication of Mnuchin’s views before today, so it’s worth noting. But if you’re looking at Mnuchin’s public record—his business at OneWest and the obfuscations around those practices—it’s hard to see how he has fitness for any public office.

  14. after debt and devaluation hit the rich est will have all the money.the rest of us will pay the debt off .rich get richer poor get poorer.

  15. Ok Trumpanzee, name ONE American owned Company that was based in a foreign country that came back to America and provided NEW FRESH JOB'S for American's since Trump made his promise. I'll be waiting for the response well past Impeachment….

  16. Why are they saying the opposite of what all others are saying, ie the details of the negotiation aren’t available yet!
    Think all news media is shoveling propaganda!

  17. If it actually works out maybe we can use the profits to reimburse the multi million dollar bailout he authorized from his "trade war" with Canada.

  18. Mnuchen and two of his best wall street friends, are almost 99% culpable for the housing market crashing in 2008/2009. Despicable man. A thief and a liar. Google it. You all. Do your own footwork when it comes to believing this pos!

  19. It's jobs, Security, Trade, Economic Growth, and a stable Financial future that matter. How was voting for a president who has made our country grow while the rest of the worlds nations economies are falling. If other countries economies were growing ours would be through the roof!!!

  20. If the Democrats wanted anything good for ordinary Americans, they'd be running on their plans. Instead of making life bearable for Americans, Democrats want us to be sure we have no right to resist their surrender to our enemies: They sold us out, now their lives depend upon delivery.

  21. Trump 2020. America is for the (RIGHT) minded people. All of you socialists can go ahead and leave now!!! Wich mostly is your elite hollywood, and a few of the ignorant blind people scattered throughout our country. We need to rise and clean them out!

  22. you know that the Chinese are not gonna honor the deal, right?. This is what they have done since the 90s, promise stuff and then continue with the cheating. I will vote for trump because he’s the only one to ever stand up to China. But if this trade deal is not a ploy by him to decouple from China then he’s just another fool. The only way to protect America is by decoupling from China now before it’s too late.

  23. Mnuchin is nothing but an ex wall street maggot who sees the average American worker as nothing more than a useless eater. Trust this pitiful excuse for a man as far as you can kick him.

  24. I like Dobbs, but to be fair, this was hardly "breaking down" the deal. It was mainly just Dobbs saying something was awesome, and Mnuchin saying, "Yep!"

  25. Trump crushes globalism with these deals. Democrats are striking out against the US. Democrat corruption has been lining the pockets of democrat politicians. Now Trump must turn on prosecution of the corrupt Democratic Party.

  26. I'm sure the DEMS are opposed to Trump's changes to trade because they are taking kickbacks and bribes. He probably ruining their secret deals. They are always harping about taxes and income so they too need to be closely monitored as far as income streams being you don't get rich being a PUBLIC SERVANT. The Clintons were snakes in the grass masking all of their bribes and kickbacks by using their self created foundation trying to act huminatrian. Want a favor from Bill or HIllary, place an "anonymous" donation in their foundation for a few million and the Clintons would sign anything.

  27. This minunchkin is part time at the treasury, his day job is money man for the Rothchilds. Trump fired him several times but was vetoed by the ratschildren, they didn't want to give up their money man at the treasury, their main slush fund is our tax money.

  28. Who should care about you Mnuchin? Mnuchin you ran a bank up a bit and then sold you're interest to a larger bank. So what!! You are an ingrate that has denied the country that gave you opportunity to be more. For those that suggest money is what makes them what they are and that big money should rule the world, You have a real problem. Boy's prop themselves up with money and position to look large. Men and women need no prop to be what they are. Self-esteem isn't how much money you have or the position you hold, Esteem is either in the person's make up from birth or not. Boyfriends have to make themselves up.

  29. Dec 19, 2019: Unfortunately, President Trump will find it difficult to fight democrats who are feminists, witches and lesbians! Woe to the male population.

  30. Trump’s Phase 1 deal with China achieves none of the anti-piracy, anti-dumping, and anti-currency manipulation objectives that were stated as the reasons for imposing the tariffs and starting the trade war with China.

  31. LOL….what did you expect from a terrible president? Did you expect him NOT to do what he said would do?
    God bless our President Trump the best American president our country has seen.
    By the way….have you noticed that nobody wanted Steve Mnuchin to be the treasury secretary but NOBODY has come out to criticize a thing that he has said or done? The man rocks !!!!


  33. Since 2017, Trump’s followers have been giving the following message:

    We don’t care about traditional Republican principles, such as rule of law.

    We voted for Trump out of spite: we want you to suffer.

    We don’t care if Trump lies constantly, because he’s one of us.

    No matter what the facts are, it’s always your fault. If the economy is good, we will give Trump credit. But when Trump’s economy collapses, somehow that will be your fault.

    We will treat you like dirt, but you had better respect our feelings.

  34. Maybe we could use the Space Force to Lazer everybody that crosses the Border Illegally into piles of dust. No muss. No fuss. No returns.

  35. When I think that God spent 70 years preparing this man to be American president, I shiver in awe, especially at how he can use even a gentile like this!

  36. Didn't this Mnuchin character feather his nest, at the expense at California homeowners, by massively breaking the law when he was a banker?

    (Didn't then AG Kamala decline to prosecute him back then?)
    It is a big party.

  37. Didn't this Mnuchin character feather his nest, at the expense at California homeowners, by massively breaking the law when he was a banker?

    (Didn't then AG Kamala decline to prosecute him back then?)
    It is a big party.

  38. China is already renigging the deal saying they feel cheated. The communist Chinese will never honor any deal in the long run anyway. Just put huge tariffs on them and leave them on for a few years. It would hurt us a bit but I believe we would be wise to stop trading with China entirely. We are propping up an enemy, not smart. China will be a problem militarily in the very near future. If you can’t see that your blind.

  39. NANCY PELOSI SAID SHE WAS GOD? In the Bible it says you will never know when or where God will be back so she must truly be the Antichrist with such a lie.

  40. End times are almost near with the tap of a credit card you can make a payment or the beam of the phone next this technology that we never thought would never exist seems to be here

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