Modern Paint Colors Inspired by the 70s | Trading Spaces

Here it is– the inspiration for the room. What do you think? That’s looking
a little dreary. Oh! Come on! This is vintage 70s galore. You got the beautiful profile. You got the low back. You got these great colors– the avocado greens, the
yellows, the oranges. Look at you. You’re already getting
worried right now. No, now I’m getting excited. You’re getting me
pumped up about it. OK, so I got to
really sell it. That’s what I have to do. OK. Well here, get down here. What we’re going to do,
because they have kids, right, we want to make
sure that it’s ’70s-esque. And we’re going to pump
it up with a little bit of like, you know,
today’s color tone. Cool. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, I like it. I like it. Right? Margey will like that. Margey, that’s her
favorite color. It is? It’s one of them, yeah. That and teal. This and teal. OK. So we can think that we’re going
to have a nice little orange right there, right? On the wall? On the wall. These are the colors. And the– I’m going
to tell you right now, the color scheme
and the pattern is going to be one of the
biggest things in this room. Oh! OK. OK. All right. Not as excited as you guys
were about the orange. But that’s OK. OK, so we’re going to
have this color scheme run right next to the orange. I’m thinking that that’s
going to be a challenge. That’s going to
be a challenge. Oh my gosh. On the same wall? Wait till you
see the last one. Oh, man. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s paint time! OK, before I reveal
the paints to you, what are some of the things that
you think Cash and Ginny want to see or not see in this room? It would be nice to
have some sort of light, bright, something different. Maybe a pop of color? But I know they don’t
want to go dark. So if you know anything about
me and my design aesthetic, I love color. Yay! But– Oh no, we’re not going
color today, are we? It’s– let me just– Are they both the same color? No, I don’t believe so. I don’t know which
one is this even is. Here’s one. Ooh. Well, it’s bright. Colorful. And when you add the
color, what does it become? This is the color. OK, so here’s what we’re doing. Two of the walls are
going this color. White. OK, I’m with you. Let me explain
the whole design– You’re disappointed. No, I’m not disappointed. You’re just listening. I’m listening. I’m curious to see
where it’s going. I don’t know if
you’re going to be much happier with this one. Please be color. It is– [GASP] Do you think this is too dark? MAN: Yeah.

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  1. Did he pull that chair out of his own house? It looks like he pulled that chair out of his own house. Also, I pretty sure they hated it. It was all over their faces.

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