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Module 1 of Forex Trading – The Essentials
is about getting started. This module provides the knowledge to get
ahead of the many amateurs who don’t understand trading, how trading works, or even what they
are trading. In Module 1, you’ll learn about markets
and trading. You’ll discover the markets and assets to
trade and you’ll see how Forex compares. You’ll learn some of the history of Forex
trading to understand why the US Dollar is so important in today’s market.
You’ll find out how currencies are traded against each other. You’ll see step by step
how it works and how you can make a profit trading Forex.
And with so many currencies available to trade, we’ll show you which ones to trade and just
as importantly, those to avoid. To buy your subscription to Module 1 Getting
Started or Forex Trading – The Essentials, or to find out more information, head to
Save money when buying two modules by using the coupon code “bogohp” at the checkout.
You’ll get the lowest priced module at half price.
For bulk purchases, or to enquire about our affiliate programme, call Plan B Trading on
0203 603 4983. Or use the contact us form on the Plan B website
at planbtrading dot com.

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