Monthly Dividend Stocks 2019 on Robinhood App

man look at all these dividends I’m
getting every month I won’t be ballin welcome back to the channel guys my name
is Bruce wank in today’s episode we got another Robin Hood challenge video in
this video I’m going to highlight all of my monthly paying dividend stocks on
Robin Hood every week I deposit $100 into my portfolio and I buy sell trade
stocks on my Robin Hood app and I try to grow this portfolio as much as I can but
it is not that easy let’s jump right into my portfolio so you can see exactly
what I’m talking about the Robin Hood app is a free trading
platform it is great for beginners if you want to join me on this investment
challenge you can check out the link in the description if you use that link you
will get a free stock some of the stocks you can get are Berkshire Hathaway Apple
Microsoft General Electric energy transfer
CenturyLink and it’s 100% free right when you sign up this week my portfolio
is worth two thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars for the day I am
currently in the green I’m up thirteen dollars on the week I’m not doing so
well down two percent on the month I am up one hundred twenty three dollars
which is almost 5% of my portfolio at the three month mark I am up almost one
hundred eighty five dollars about seven point five percent increase on the year
I’m up seven percent all time I’m still down nine percent nine point six seven
percent now let’s take a look at some of the subscribers that signed up I got a
reward from them for signing up as well I’m gonna do this really quick because I
have a lot of stocks to open today so thank you Carlos
I’m going to open the one in the middle right here hopefully I get a rare stock
today I got sprint six dollars 13 cents if you guys didn’t see that this stock
was from Jason I think so thank you Jason for using my link this opened the
one here on the left and I got xanga xanga is a mobile gaming app right now
is worth four dollars and 92 cents so thank you Jason again let’s open this
one from Cody I’m gonna go for the one in the middle here so these are all free
stocks this one xanga again all right this I think this is the last one from
Joshua Thank You Joshua for using my link let’s open the one on the right
when you do sign up you’ll you’ll go through the same process it will show
you a reward right on the front of the screen and for the third time I got
xanga again oh I got one more to open here from Matthew alright I have one
more to open from Salvador I’m gonna open the one on the left and I got
Groupon I’ve got a Groupon before it’s worth three dollars and ninety cents
alright so I think this is the last one now Matthew let’s open it
and xanga for the fourth time today I got xanga again and so Thank You Matthew
it’s four dollars 92 cents in the bank so now that I finished that let’s take a
look at some of the moves I’ve made this week in last week’s video I just
realized that I can reorder my stocks just by heart pressing the stock here
and just moving it up and down so I reorganized the stocks by how many
shares that I have of each one piece’ I have 185 shares so I kept it on top I
have the most equity in P sack right now Pisa is prospect capital a monthly
dividend paying stock I have 185 shares average cost for me
right now is six dollars and 71 cents and the average and the price right now
is six dollars and 42 cents so I’m down as you can see 54 dollars and 20 cents
what I’ve been doing this whole week is been buying as much P SEC as I can
February 7th about 1 share figure eighth about four February 11th
about ten so I’ve been averaging my way down just because the price of the stock
has been going down recently and on February 21st I’m expected to get nine
dollars and 36 cents in dividends and this is only for 156 shares at the
moment I’m expected to get a lot more I think up beginning ten to eleven dollars
in dividends the second move I did this week was I sold all my shares of Aurora
cannabis ticker symbol is ACB right now the price of our cannabis is seven
dollars and sixteen cents per share this hasn’t been going too well for the past
week is down almost 6% on the week on the month is still up 8.8% I sold all my
shares I think I had about 32 at the time On February 7th I sold two shares
at $7 72 cents and on February 11th which was yesterday I sold 30 shares at
7 dollars and 28 cents so right now the price has recovered a bit but our
cannabis is very volatile I saw that it was trending down so that’s why I
decided to sell when I sold Aurora cannabis I received about 200 to $300 in
buying power let me show you what I bought with that buying power I bought
SP HD this one is a longtime favorite of mine
monthly dividend paying again about 2 shares at forty one dollars and sixteen
cents right now it’s it’s at a forty one dollars and fifty two cents and I have
20 shares at the moment my average cost is forty dollars and 82 cents this is an
ETF that pays monthly dividends I’ve been investing in this stock for four to
five months now any beginners that want to jump into
monthly dividend paying stocks this might potentially be for you
LTC properties is a real estate investment trust
in my opinion it is a very good monthly dividend paying stock I have 10 shares
at the moment total return for me is $23.90
right now I think that the price for LTC is on the high end
so might not be the best time to jump in I bought 2 shares just so that I can
have an even number of shares I bought 2 shares on yesterday so that was a $96
about two shares at 48 so that’s why I’m down so much on on the day so right now
I’m gonna do something exciting I’m gonna buy another share of Realty income
this stocks nickname is called the dividend the monthly dividend stock it
does pay monthly dividends and right now it’s down 1.6 5% so I think it is a good
time for me to buy I’m gonna buy it at the market price at $69 and $79 that I
have for it and I think that this will go through very quickly so right now
this puts me at 2 shares my average cost to buy in is at sixty three dollars and
sixty four cents if you look at the history of this stock you can see that
it always beats the expected earnings per share and it usually beats it by a
lot earnings per share is gonna be available on February 20th after hours
so I’m looking forward to that I first invested in Realty income in October 18
2018 and every month has been paying me 22 cents and now that I have two shares
of real estate income of beginning about 50 cents every month from this company
if you guys love monthly dividend income let me know in the comments below let me
go over just a few other monthly dividend income stocks that I own stag
industrial is another real estate investment trust I’ve been getting
dividends from this company for well over four months now I plan to reinvest
in this company but at the moment I don’t have enough buying power I have
two shares my average cost right now is about $26 my total returns cents
since I first originally bought it I’m up almost $5 another decently sized
market cap to pull almost three billion and if we look at the earnings per share
you can see that earnings per share is always higher than expected earnings per
share this is the last monthly dividend stock that I have a ple Apple
hospitality read this company is another real estate investment trust and they
specialized in urban areas like hotels and whatnot their market cap is 3.7
billion so it’s pretty decent sized dividend yield 6% that is that’s lovely
6% and for the past year is been beating it’s expected earnings per share and
this is something that I like to see when I look at the history I love it
when when earnings per share is always beat but right now I want to show you
all the dividends I’ve received ever since I’ve been investing and I want to
show you that a lot of these companies are really paying me monthly dividends
I’m going to be investing in these companies for years and years to come so
one day all these dividends will add up to something substantial and even
hopefully pay for my living expense or pay for anything that I want in the
month of January I received about five to six dollars worth of dividend incomes
but in February I believe that I’ll be getting I’ll be getting $25 worth of
dividend income and that is because I used all my Robin Hood gold to buy into
some of these companies and after paying the Robin Hood gold feed I’ll be
receiving about sixteen to eighteen dollars worth of dividend income what I
plan to accomplish with this strategy is I’m going to be investing year in and
year out when the stock market goes up when the stock market goes down I’m just
gonna keep reinvesting right now every month I’m investing about $400
every month so right now I’m on average to invest up to five thousand plus on
the year when you compound all that interest from the monthly dividends
that’s gonna be very substantial you know ten twenty thirty years out and if
all goes well in the future hopefully all of these different types of income
streams provide me financial freedom and passive income that’s gonna be it for
today’s video if you love monthly dividends let me know in the comments
below if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe I’ll catch you in
another video next time oh wait don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so I’ll
catch you guys in the next one bye

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  1. Play with fire and you will eventually get burned. If you hold your stock short term and sell, then you will incur larger taxes. If you are just picking stocks on the dividend payout, the stock value loss can be greater than the dividend payout. If an economic recession occurs and you are fully invested in dividend stocks, you will take heavy losses and will not have cash on hand to buy up all the recession stock bargins.

  2. I gotta say. I like your videos because you remind me of myself. I started using Robinhood yesterday, don't know much about it. I like that you are making money, but you are excited about it all. Subscribed and hope to learn some stuff =)

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  8. Thanks for the content however, this vid is filled with subpar information and displays a poor investing strategy. Everyone do extensive research before jumping in stocks…

    it is better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price. – Warren Buffet

  9. Any books you recomend to read about all of this? Ive been reading blogs and watching endless amounts of videos and I cant grasp ANYTHING! I leave comments and there always ignored.

  10. Do you have your money so spread out fir safety reasons?
    Interesting take on investment. I like the examples.

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  12. buys highest taxed stocks, brags about being down over 12months, markets are up over 12months….

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  15. Got a question?
    How can you be sure that your money is safe? Beautiful app but I just don’t trust it.
    After all it’s name is robinhood too.

  16. Your all time chart just looks like a learning curve, I would say you learned a lot in the last 1Y and you'll be back in the green all time if you just invest in some steady stocks (Amazon/Disney). Play the long term game, say no to stocks that are in the red all time, and research. It seems you were eager to buy stocks and that's what hurt you in the beginning. Nice video.

  17. Hi Bruce, thanks for the information! QUESTION: On Robinhood, I know where look if a stock pays Dividends. But where do I look to check how often the dividend is paid? In advance, thank you.

  18. OCD? Regarding wanting to have even shares? Lots of people seem to do that, along with the volume on TV. I like to keep it odd. (Edit: was looking at another screen so missed the OCD writing as you said it)

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  20. Ok, so I commented negatively on your "…$4000 Robinhood Account…" video, but you got me to try Gold here and I dig it. Anyway, wanted to shout out a stock to you-AGNC- [email protected] and paying a 12% dividend… Monthly… Hotdamn.

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    i was wondering why you buy at market price w a limit order instead of just using the market buy function?

  25. People: “Omg your down 9%, this guy sucks”

    Bruce – $2,000+ dollars saved in stocks while receiving monthly dividend when most people can’t save $500.

  26. I recently got out of psec and got into AWP as it has a more stable 5yr chart and pays monthly also . I’m also doing a lot of covered calls and selling PUTS to increase the gains , im also doing many dividend captures . Great way to grow small accounts fast in my opinion. Great video man.

  27. I was looking at LTC and O last summer, could of made some money on growth too. Had some Apple Hospitality before I sold everything.
    Check out MAIN, GAIN and GLAD!

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  30. So does the dividend money go into your bank account or no? I'm not sure how that works. Ppl get paid monthly or quarterly, but where does it go?

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