[MUKBANG] Surprise Gift Pack From Trader Joe’s

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (change font size color and transparency via the options menu) So, Today! tadaaa! This is something that was purchased
at Trader Joe’s, an organic supermarket overseas an overseas viewer sent this to me when they were
travelling in Japan I knew about this store from before. In the video I did
where I ate cookie butter, the cookie butter I used in that vid was a product from “Trader Jones.” when I was researching
about it I knew that this was a store that I absolutely had to go to in my lifetime. Howerver all their stores are
located Stateside, omg hurry up and open up a store here in Japan. So I was sent this package and I’m so happy
and excited for this gift Trader Joes….. oh whaa? I kept calling it Trader Jones until now OMG
” Trader Joes, sometimes called Tra-joe (by the Japanese?) ” is based out of the U.S. specializing in Organic foods, their
marketing and product packaging are made so uniquely/cute their stores are extremely popular and profitable. They are also
widely known for their High end Gourmet products” oh so they are like the American version of “?Seijyo?” market
I guess. Their tote bags are very popular as well they sent their gift in this super cute bag
~oh you spoil this girl so much~ its super fashionable and cute
aww man… I sooo want to go to Trader Joes I’ve only seen American supermarkets in Movies and such
they look so huge…. it makes me excited just thinking about it ok so I’ll show you guys what’s in the bag
tadaaa all these things were inside tadaa lets start with this guy
crispy crunch mixed fruit…. I think? its from an organic supermarket so this is probably
going to be super healthy oh it is filled with dried fruits afterall
it smells so wonderful they look like this its super light and crispy
the taste of the fruit is very good they use coconut and pineapples and mangoes it tastes fantastic. I think this might be the best tasting
dried fruit that I’ve ever had. hmm are these different? these dried fruit are made so that you can enjoy them as a snack
next is this….. uhh… I don’t know what it is so I’ll just open it up
I can’t read this ahh they’re chocolates
I think they’re chocolate covered fruit they’ve taken berries and covered them in chocolate
they are very crispy. oh it does say crispy on the package they’ve taken some crunchy bits and also covered them
in chocolate and added them to this, its so delish! omg everything tastes so great
this one looks like an apple cookie or something like that it says that its a butter waffle cookie
I feel like I know how this is going to taste without eating it oh it gives off a super yummy buttery smell
its jam packed I love how foreign foods give you so much they look like this its got a rich buttery taste and has a great crunch to it as well its such a pleasure to have snacks like these paired with coffee
there’s nothing that can beat it this says Kona Coffee I’m guessing they take cookies
and mix coffee into the dough? creamy half..hoo hoo hooo~
it says short bread cookie oh since its the summertime the chocolate has melted a bit
they look like this a cookie with a bit of white chocolate and it has coffee mixed right into it its such a light snack with a great texture
and when you bite into it the coffee bits just spread out and the white chocolate really makes the
experience so much better as well does it say Sweet Plantain Chips?
I haven’t heard of plantains before… are they a fruit? veg? they look like this they resemble bananas oh they are like banana chips but without the sweetness of the
banana its got a nice mellow sweetness with a bit of fruitiness I’ve plantain……
its not printemp its plantain I’ve looked up plantains they are a “fruit vegetable”
are they a fruit or a veg? I guess they’re both which is it? is it neither a fruit or a veg?
its a banana used for cooking they’re just a bit different from the bananas we regard as fruit
it seems as though they’re not really widely available in Japan its packed with nutrients low fat no cholesterol a healthy food
ooh it seems as though its on the verge of breaking out here in Japan
~you heard it her first folks!~ what up with this?
this was included in the package as well Trader Joes is written on this paper bag
its sealed up top as well what is this? are there snacks inside? oh lol
tadaaaa its got a bunch of Trader Joes Tote bags omg I’m so happy they’re so cute omg
first is this guy look at how fashionable these bags are I so want to have this hanging on a wall like a poster
next is this its got such a nice design oh wait I like this side this side with Mr. Piggy here it says BBQ
on it last up we have this its so cute! looks like America from the past
look this squirrel is out shopping… so cuuuute and on the back it looks like this, so cute ok everything is so wonderful looking and absolutely delicious
I can’t wait to step foot into a Trader Joes if I go to America I’m definitely going to a Trader Joes
I’m a famous reviewer afterall lol… oh jeez will I be allowed in I wonder?
what will I do if I’m not allowed entrance so being in Japan and still being able to enjoy
so much of these wonderful products from Trader Joes made me so happy
~thank you very much Mihokosan everyone if you are ever in America please go visit
Trader Joes and as always …..
thank you for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe button BAI BAI

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  1. トレジョーは成城石井よりもっとリーズナブルですよー♪

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  7. トレジョはゆうかちゃん大歓迎にきまってるー。早くアメリカに来て~

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