My $1,000+ Robinhood Stock Portfolio – Financial Independence Retire Early

today is a super exciting video we are
going to go through my RobinHood app go through all my stocks all my ETFs and
everything and just give you a full update on RobinHood and where I am in
my investing hey guys we’re gonna freedom in a budget and Kelley and if
you’re new to my channel welcome my channel is all about living life well on
budget and I am introducing investing into my youtube channel as you guys know
I’ve been investing for quite a while now in learning the ropes learning
everything and it’s been so much fun just to kind of bring you along in that
process you guys know that I did a previous RobinHood video where I opened
up a portfolio with RobinHood and bought my first stops and everything and
those were the first stocks like sting will single stock single can’t talk
single stocks that I’ve ever purchased in my life which was so nerve-wracking
but exciting at the same time and I’m having so much fun with it and I really
want to just bring this process along with you and show you guys that it’s not
as scary that needs to be and just showing you from a beginner’s level of
me learning along the way and getting tips and tricks from you guys as well
and also just showing that it’s not scary y’all can do it so I am gonna do a
little bit something different in this video I am taking note from my friend JJ
all right JJ Buckner go check him out but in his last RobinHood update he did
a challenge to you guys of 500 likes so if you guys can get 500 likes on this
video then I will buy into my next Robin Hood video five hundred dollars worth of
your stock so you guys are gonna choose what stocks I should buy so I will have
all of that linked down below in the pin comment so go check it out I’m really
excited I’m gonna have a list of stocks and you guys are gonna be able to pick
which ones I should invest in and I’m gonna do it live on camera so 500 likes
within the first week so I think y’all can do it can you do it I think so and
go check out JJ he’s awesome so we’re gonna jump in I’ve got my phone
here and we are going to go through my portfolio I’m gonna give you an update
on Robin Hood all right guys here we are and as
you can see my portfolio that right now is at 1,200 two dollars and seven cents
and when I started this a couple months ago it was at $0 so it’s it’s really fun
to be able to grow this and I will say that if you do want to sign up for RobinHood it that I do have a free stock down for you in the description and it’ll
also be in that pin comment for you guys which is so fun so you get a free sock I
get a free South we both win it’s awesome so as you can see today is a
little bit down but overall and the past you can sear that see that it has slowly
gone up and total over the past year since I started investing I’ve gained a
hundred twenty-five dollars and thirty four cents and it has gone up eleven
eight point six four percent which is awesome in my book I’m very very happy
with that so we’re just going to go through my stock so first one up is a
tea and as you can see here the average cost for that is $33 in seven cents and
it has gone a total return is fourteen and a half percent I currently have
three shares of that so that is awesome I am very happy that as you can see it’s
kind of went down for a little bit and then now it is back on the rise next up
is JetBlue Airways this one let’s look at the one year average cost is $17 this
one has gone down a little bit it is down Easton’s return it for down almost
a half a percent so that is okay one share of this so this one has been all
over the place up and down up and down now some of these stocks are once that
you guys have given me where you guys you know get your free stock I get my
free stock so I am gonna be going through these and trading off some of
those and then buying new stocks as well next one is Starbucks we love some
Starbucks and this is a stock that we are investing in because we use
Starbucks because we drink Starbucks so we want to have a piece of the company
that is our thought process behind that average cost is eighty three dollars and
twenty three cents and that is a total of
point one six percent return so as you can see for the year it has gone up
quite a bit which is awesome it is down today so actually today would
be a really good time to buy because I always like to buy when the market is
low and a lot of people ask me that of like what about when the markets down
and this nut and aren’t you scared of the market so no that’s when we go
shopping so that’s my thought process on it anyways we are in it for the long
haul we’re not in it just for day trading or anything like that
alright next up is an ETF so this is vti Vanguard total stock market and we have
two shares of this and average cost is let’s see $149.99 $150 and this is up
1.2 1% and as you can see it that it is it went down for a while and then now it
has been pretty steady steady steady next up is Groupon this is one that you
guys gave me here so this is one that I will be selling over the long-run
average cost is $0 and total return is 0% so it is staying right out to 82 so
that is one that I will be trading off next up is parrot iam this is one that
you guys gave me as well so I’ll be treating this one off as well and so the
the stocks that you guys give me they really vary in prices sometimes they’re
a couple dollars I’ve gotten some that are like 1015 dollars and then I know
that some people have already gotten one I have gotten ones that are over $100
which is awesome so you never know what you’re gonna get but still always
totally worth it so this one is the same total equity is 164 one share next up is
Office Depot got a couple shares of this and this is your cost this one it has
been up $0 as well let’s see next up is four for two got a couple shares here
and average cost is $10 27 cents for a down of
10.7 1% so as you can see it’s kind of all over the place but I’m okay with
that I think for it is going to be going in some great places lately especially
with how they are going into the Smartcar realm and I know that they’re
not anywhere close to Tesla but they’re doing some awesome things so I’m excited
for that next one is V oo which is a vanguard S&P 500 we have one share of
this total cost is 260 255 and this is a 4.6 5% so as you can see for the year it
is definitely going up right now which is awesome next up is Apple we love some
Apple we are an apple family so this one average cost is 196 45 and it has gone
up 10 at point 8 4 percent which is awesome we love that
next up Piper is about to knock over my monitor Piper no Hey next up is GE one
share of that and that is equity is nine point three three percent this is a new
one that I just got so it hasn’t done too much and it is at zero percent
return and last one is Fiat Chrysler automobiles and this is average cost is
thirteen dollars and seven cents and this one has gone up to point five two
percent so as you can see in my portfolio a lot of these are like up and
down they’re all over the place in ranges of price and some of them I’m
investing a little bit more like the ETFs
some of the more expensive ones like Apple those are more expensive stocks
but I’m still really excited and then on my watch list I’ve got a couple
different things like Tesla’s on my watch list what I think I may do with
some of these ones that are a little bit more expensive is switch over to m1
finance and do fractional shares with those one thing I don’t like about Robin
Hood is you can’t do fractional shares so that is you know there’s pros and
cons to apps but I’m I’m very happy with Robin
Hood I like how user-friendly it is I am also going to be playing around with an
M unfunny so if you guys are interested in that I will have a video coming out
in the next couple of weeks on and when funding it’s an opening a portfolio with
them so let’s just go through the days here so we have today a week from now
kind of all over the place the month you’ve seen it’s gone up and then it’s a
three month you can definitely see that it’s done up as well as the year so
total over the year is eleven point six four percent which i think is awesome
like that is incredible so that is my Robin Hood at portfolio
and let me know guys is this something you’re interested in do you like seeing
these videos you guys want to see em one finance I am really excited to do both
and just really learn more and more different platforms and just different
sides of investing let me know down below in the comments what investing
questions do you have what videos do want me to make in the future I want
this channel the channels for you and I want to make what you guys want me to
make what questions do you have you know you have questions about stocks you have
questions about rates of return do you have questions about index funds about
etf’s what would you guys want to know I really really want to answer your
question so let me know down below in the comments also 500 likes to get this
video up and get $500 on camera that I will buy with you guys so up next is my
first Robin Hood portfolio update so go check that one out check out where I
started and now you can see where I’m headed so super exciting Hey

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  1. Great video! I can’t wait to start investing. 🤞 we will be done with our debt snowball by the end of the year. Then we can start investing like you. Great job 👍

  2. 🔥Try Robinhood App + Get A Free Share of Stock:
    Here are the stocks to choose from if this video gets over 500 likes:

    Jet Blue
    Fiat Chrysler

    Johnson & Johnson

  3. Lots of solid picks in that portfolio 🤑AT&T seems like a really interesting stock. High dividend but it doesn’t move much, I might have look into that one 🙂

  4. Not a big fan of investing since much was lost from 401k during downturn. I keep all my investing in a G fund that doesnt build more than 2% but its protected for no loss.

  5. Great video awesome to see you on Robinhood. Can’t wait to watch you grow the account. Haven’t heard much on fiat I’ll be looking into that one!

  6. So great to see more female get into investing! I'm getting my way to $12,000 with my Robinhood portfolio but it's been a little of a struggle due to recent market volatility.

  7. Who's down to do the Robinhood challenge with me? Deposit $200 into your Robinhood account every week and buy dividend paying stocks 🔥🔥

  8. Great job so far, Kelly!!! I personally love having Target (TGT) in my portfolio. It has great growth and amazing dividends. Excited for you to build your M1 Finance portfolio.

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