My 20 best selling STOCK FOOTAGE shots!

– Hey, guys. What’s going on? In this video, we’re talking about the different clips that I sell
online as stock footage and what out of my library actually sells. (upbeat music) So I’ve been getting this
question a bunch recently. And that is: What footage of
mine sells as stock footage? So as a lot of you know, I
run a stock footage course. I sell a bunch of my
shots as stock footage from Rachel and I’s
travels around the world. I also shoot stock footage
for the sole purpose of uploading it to make some money. It’s a great way for us
creators to make some additional income on the side. Once you’ve already done the work, it becomes a passive income where it just makes money, and you don’t
have to do anything with it. So it’s something that I have been doing for a few years now, and I definitely want to pass on to you because I think it’s a great way for creators and filmmakers to be able to have another revenue stream coming in ’cause that allows us to do more things, shoot more content, and go explore and go travel if that’s what you’re into. So before we get into the clips that sell, I’m gonna show you just
a batch of all the clips that are selling on my account right now. I wanted to share with
you a couple things. A) If you’re interested in selling stock and you have no idea where to go, I do have a course on that. I’ll put it in the description below. But secondly, I wanted to share with you this new site that I just
came across this week. It’s called BlackBox. And basically, this site is streamlining the entire stock footage process. And I’m super-excited about this because one of the biggest
hassles that I have when I’m doing stock
footage is the uploading and all the metadata. So you have to do keywords. You have to create
titles, all that metadata. And each site is a little bit different in the upload and submitting process, and it becomes a hassle. As a shooter, you don’t
want to be bogged down by dealing with the
computer and going through and figuring out how
to upload each service and just spend all your time
dealing with the upload. So BlackBox, what they’ve
been able to do is basically give you one back end, and they submit your clips
to a bunch of stock agencies. At the time of shooting this video, they submit to four so they submit to ShutterStock, Pond5, Story
Blocks, and Adobe Stock. So basically, you upload to BlackBox. You put your metadata in there, and they distribute it out to all the other stock agencies. And then on top of that,
you have one dashboard where you can see your earnings. You can see what clips are selling. All the data that you need
to know is in one place in BlackBox. So as a stock shooter,
this site is revolutionary because it’s basically
allowing you to shoot more content, focus on
just shooting content, and not so much the computer work. And then beyond just
the being able to submit to multiple agencies, the site is now allowing you to collaborate
with other people. And this is huge. So for me as a shooter, I
don’t always necessarily want to edit and do all
the keywording myself. Well, with BlackBox, what you can do is basically assign a curator. And that curator can edit
and do all the keywording for your stock clips. Now, instead of having
to pay someone out right, basically how it works is that you can split the commission based
on who’s working on the clip. So if you have a curator,
basically you can assign them a percentage of
every sale of the clips that they worked on. So say you know someone that’s an editor that just wants to edit and do metadata but doesn’t necessarily want to shoot. Well you can team up with them and basically split the stock clip 50/50. So you go out and shoot. They take care of the rest. They upload it. The only thing that you
have to do on your end is approve it, and then
BlackBox will send it out to all the stock agencies. And they automatically split the payment between you and your buddy. This is huge. And this is the reason why I wanted to bring this to you guys is that I personally get bogged
down with the editing and the upload process. So I’ve actually been
talking with a few people, and now I’m going to start handing off the editing and the metadata
to different people when I don’t have the time to do it. If I have the time to
sit down and do stock, then that’s great. I can do the whole process. Obviously, I’ll make more
money off of each clip. But because I’m traveling so much, because I have so much
content that I’m creating, I don’t always have time to sit down and do my stock. And I have hard drives just
full of footage ready to go. So it’s a great way to be
able to get the footage up, start getting sales because there’s no use in having footage just
sitting around doing nothing. It’d be much better to have this footage online and making money. So guys, I put a link down
in the description below to where you can register. It’s completely free to register. They take 15 percent of your sales. That’s how it works. I mean, they’re cutting
out a lot of the work so they take a percentage. It makes sense. So go down in the description
and check that out. Click the link. And the team that works at
BlackBox is super-responsive so if you have any
questions, anything at all, they put you in a Facebook group. And it’s probably the
least toxic Facebook group I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone’s just helping each other and making sure all of us as creators are successful in selling stock footage. And one more thing before
we get into the clips, if any of you are interested in working on my stock footage,
just shoot me a message. I’m always looking for
new editors and new people to do keywording and all that. I can get you up to speed on my stock. And basically how it works, I’ll just send you a dropbox full of clips and then you go through,
edit, do the metadata, and you get a percentage of every sale that comes through. So it’s a win-win for everyone. So let me show you the top
shots out of my stock library that are selling. I’m gonna go through. I’m just gonna let these play, put a little music under it
so it’s more entertaining, and I’ll also put in the corner the type of camera that
I’m using to shoot these. And I’m doing this
because I’ll show you that stock can be shot on virtually anything, and it will still sell. All right, so these are the clips that are selling out of my library. (upbeat music with vocalization) So what do you guys
think about those shots? I’d love to hear from you. Go down in the comments down below. Let me know. Do you sell stock? Or are you interested in selling stock? I’m really curious to see how many people are out there in the stock world and how many of you are on this channel ’cause I’d love to connect and collaborate on some future stock shoots. One more thing before I go: Office, this whole setup, is amazing. I can just come over here,
turn on the camera, and go. I can’t stress this enough but when you have things
set up and they’re simple and things are just working, it makes it so much easier to shoot. Before I had this setup, I
had to set up this light. I had to set up this light. I had to reset all this. But I’ve completely
reconfigured the office. It’s taken me a long time
to get to this point, but now I can just come over
here, flip on the camera, and go. And it is… I can produce content in
between edits and shoots and all this. And I’m glad I finally
got it to this point. It’s pretty cool. Okay, links are in the description. If you want stock footage course, if you want to sign up for BlackBox, both of those are down there. And if you’re new to this channel, make sure you hit that Subscribe button. I’ve got a lot of awesome
filmmaking tutorials. I’ve got some camera reviews. I’ve got a lot of travel vlogs, and there’s just some really cool stuff coming on this channel. Vietnam is around the horizon. That’s where I’m heading next, and I’ll definitely need
some editors to help me with that stock footage. Also, come find me on
Instagram @jevendovey. And, guys, I will see you on the next one.

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