My 40,000$ Stock Portfolio [Stock market portfolio]

Hello there and welcome to yet another video. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. If you want more videos on the stock market, please feel free to subscribe. Today I though I would share with you my entire stock portfolio. I think that if i’m going to stand here and talk to you about investing in the stock market, how to invest, when to invest and what stocks to invest in, I think it’s only fair that I share my personal portfolio. I’m not going to reveal how much I have in each stock and I’m not going to talk a lot about each position. I’m just gonna show them all and just mention shortly why I’m invested in each company. I will also say that I talk a lot about investing in index funds and ETFs. While I think that’s a great way to invest and that’s how I started, my portfolio used to only be ETFs, I have shifted more towards investing in individual companies so now I’m more of a stock picker. But I do invest for the long term and I do find very safe companies In a random order I’ll start off with a company we all know, which is Apple Very safe stock, great brand, so much cash, pays a good dividend, I don’t see any reason not to be invested. Next one is going to be Activision Blizzard. Which is a video game company, the biggest video game company. It’s sort of like a Disney of video games. They make all the best video games, I play their games myself. In my opinion really the best video game stock in the world. Another is gonna be my favorite stock, which is Amazon. We all know Amazon, I think everyone should be invested in it. It’s the future of retail, Jeff bezos is a great CEO. Really expensive stock, but I still think it’s a buy right now. Another one is Waste Management, which is (drumroll) a waste management company. It’s the largest in the US. I think waste management is something we are going to need more and more of. They have a lot of lucrative contracts(one is NYC) and they’re really ahead of the curve on waste management and recycling, which is super important. Another is Taketwo Interactive, which is a premier video game company(once again). They make NBA, Borderlands, GTA, Red dead redemption. A super high quality video game company, amazing CEO. This is definitely a company you should look into. Another is Whole Foods Market, recently bought my Amazon. Whole Foods is sort of like a organic and healthy grocery store, pretty expensive. When they got bought by Amazon I was very happy and made a lot of money. I think it’s going to be a great company going into the future. Next one is Lockheed Martin. One of the world largest weapons and defence manufacturer(not contractor). They’re making the F-35 fighter jet for the USAF. They provide a lot of missiles and ground-to-air missile defence systems. A massive company, really high dividend yield, great weapons, great planes. They have a very strong pressence on capitol hill, a lot of lobbying efforts so a very powerful company. Another is Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure. This is a company which invests in sustainable infrastructure. It’s sort a like a REIT and pays like a 5.2% dividend. they invest in infrastructure in solar, wind and hydro energy. It’s sort of like a infrastructure, real estate and dividend play. Next one is Dominos Pizzas. Pretty much the biggest pizza company in the world. They have thousands of stores all over the world. They’re massive in the US, UK, India and Brazil. Massive company, pays a really good dividend(noticing a pattern?). They’re executing really well on the technology front and they only get 50% of their revenue from the US. The rest is international and they’re in some really key markets such as Brazil and India. Another one is Intel Corporation. Good dividend play, it’s like a chip and semi conductor company. Massive company, gets revenue from all over the world and pays a really good dividend. I like the CEO. Maybe not as exciting as NVIDIA or AMD, but a really safe long term play. Really a value play right here. Another is Vanguard Small Cap growth. A pretty aggresive ETFs, consist of smaller companies and also pays almost 2%(actually 0.8%). A great ETF right there. Last one is going to be BMW. Invested a long time ago beacuse I had a BMW. They pay a really good dividend, 4,2%. Ridicolus dividend. It’s a cheap company and quite well diversified. They own BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce. They have really strong markets in Asia, great cars, great dividend and a big company. They’re also germans so their bound to do well. So these are all my companies, twelve in total. Some really good companies, a lot of dividend beacuse I love dividend. If you have any questions on these stock or any comments or any stock you think I should look into Maybe you’re invested in companies which competes with these and which are gonna do better, let me know. Stay tuned for the next video.

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  1. @Investing for all, I am looking to buy stock in Lockheed Martin as well but I feel that I may have missed my chance. Do you think it is still worth buying considering how high the price has gotten? Big fan of your channel! keep up the good work

  2. Get rid of LMT, BMW and INTC. Intel doesn't have growth with such a saturated chip market, cars are highly cyclical and lockheed martin makes money off war, with is hit or miss.

  3. If I may be so bold to ask you. Did your portfolio beat the s&p500? Stocks you may be interested in could be intuitive surgical, titan medical (surgical robots).

  4. amazing video,  Can you put together a penny stock video for small timers like myself trying to learn? and thank you for taking your time to create stock market video to help others grown.

  5. YUM! brands is the company that owns pizza hut, taco bell, and Kentucky fried chicken. I like the "bread and bullets" approach, and I'm looking to get in to the "bread" companies as soon as I get some funds to work with. Gratz on your portfolio beating the market.

  6. great vid. any thought on BP or other petroleum based stocks? was looking at BP at 34, should have got it. great div play as well.

  7. You are very knowledgable. Thank you for sharing these videos. What is your opinion on Fidelity Select IT services mutual fund.

  8. Very nice portfolio, I have some of the same stocks as you. If you're looking for a good stock in the medical field check out ISRG. It is a big winner and will be in the future as well. They have something called the Davinci surgical robots which will be in every hospital in the future. Amazing growth stock!!!

  9. Good video. My question, on these 10 stocks, how many shares of each stock do you own? How many do you recommend starting out?

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