My Rules for Brand New Stock Traders

– What’s up? Tim Sykes here in Australia, working to save the reef. And in this video I’m gonna talk about how you know, taking care of the reef and taking care of nature is very similar to taking care of your finances. I know it might sound crazy, but it’s true. You have to really be careful and we’re not doing a good
enough job with nature. We’re not doing a good enough job with most people’s finances. So, I want to help you
and I wanna help nature. I mean this is why we have Save the Reef. Pretty crazy, we just got I am here, look at this place. This is my view from my hotel room here in Port Douglas. Highly recommend the Grand Sheraton or the Sheraton Grand. I’ll post a link just below this video. They have the fastest WiFi that I have ever encountered in Australia. Australia is not known for their WiFi. So I’m excited to teach. I’m excited to trade from here. The sun is just setting. We got done with the reef today. The stock market actually
opens at night here. So you can literally trade
from anywhere in the world. Let me ask you, are you ready to trade
from all over the world? Leave a comment just below in this video. Say yes, say no. That’s what I love a lot about this job. It allows me to focus on
my charitable pursuits with Karmagawa and now Save the Reef and it allows me geographical freedom. I’m not saying you have
to go all over the world. You don’t have to stay up
all night here in Australia. It’s a little tough. I’m not gonna lie. But I love it, you know? And that is, to me, what
trading’s all about. It’s not just about the money. It’s the freedom. So, how do we actually
take care of the reef? How do we take care of
your finances better? Well the reef, I’ll give you one tip right now. There’s a whole bunch of stuff we’re gonna expose and document in a little bit but one tip, use reef safe sunscreen. Most of the major sunscreen brands are actually really bad for the reef. They have chemicals that
are killing our coral reefs. And I know many people think, “Oh the reefs don’t really matter. “I don’t go to Australia “or, you know, the Philippines “or the Seychelles or the Maldives “where a lot of the reefs are.” But guess what, 50 to 85% of all of our oxygen is created by marine life. Not just trees, okay? There’s a lot of stuff
underneath the water and it’s also sometimes called the rainforest of the sea, which is what coral reefs are. So we need to protect
the coral reefs better. How does that relate to trading? I know that might be a stretch but guess why the reefs are dying. Because we did not take precautions. We did not take care. We took it for granted. And it’s very similar in the stock market. Too many people think “Oh, I’m gonna be your next
millionaire student, Tim.” How? How hard are you willing to work, okay? It’s not just about
finding the hottest pick or the hottest technology. Picks and alerts and technologies don’t really matter. It’s preparation. It’s knowledge. It’s planning ahead of time. You cannot over plan in the stock market. Just like now with the reefs, we cannot be overly safe. 30 to 40% of all reefs have
already been destroyed. 70% are gonna be destroyed
basically by 2030. 90% are going to be destroyed by 2050. So, we have to really start acting. And for you and your
finances, I don’t know. You know every single person watching this is slightly different but we know 90% of traders lose. We know that 70% of investors fail to beat the S&P 500 every year which just makes like 8 to 10%. So the vast majority of people are not getting rich in the stock market. Why? Due to lack of preparation. We’re killing our reefs due to lack of precautions. We’re killing our finances due to lack of preparation. So let’s not make that mistake. How do you prepare, I already told you about how
to take care of the reefs. Just one tip. I’m gonna give you more tips later on. But, you know, mainly I want to teach you about the stock market. So how do you prepare? Number one. Before you ever buy a stock, have a plan. Set what is your risk level if the plan goes bad. What is your goal? What is your reward? Don’t just say “Oh I think
this is a good company. “I think this is a good stock.” Look to make a certain percent, okay? And use past performance. Use like the past high as resistance because yes, stocks
can break to new highs, but it’s better if you just say hey. Let’s say I’m buying this stock. Ah, my arm’s getting tired. Sorry I’m not used to
these iPhones, videos. Let’s say the stock is at $3.00 and a year ago the high was $6.00, okay? No matter what type of news is coming out it probably is not gonna double and break that $6.00. So even if you think
that the company’s worth $50.00 a share, use that past level as resistance. So no matter how positive
you are about a company, say “Okay, the stock is at three. “The previous high is at six. “That’s my goal.” And then if it has
trouble at six you know, you double your money and you get out. That way before you risk
your hard-earned money you have these goals. Likewise, if you buy the stock, you know it could be any
random stock at $3.00, and you’re wrong for whatever reason. It doesn’t go to six. It doesn’t even get to five. What if it goes to $2.50? So now you’re down 50
cents a share on $3.00. That’s not good. That’s like a 15% loss. Cut your losses quickly. Rule number one. You shouldn’t have a 15% loss. I would try to even cut it at 30 cents which is a 10% loss. So have your goals before you risk your hard-earned money. And this is very simple stuff. You can get very much more complicated with goals and saving the reef. But I do like getting you guys thinking. I’m also gonna include
a link just below this to a guide that I think
that you should read. It teaches my seven main indicators. We all want to just buy like simple things like people say “Oh Tim, the news is good. “Let me buy this stock.” No. There’s other indicators. Or you might say “Oh Tim, the stock is
breaking in new highs. “Let me buy it.” No, there’s other indicators. I’m not saying that
this is rocket science, but there are a few indicators that you should be paying attention to. In this guide just below here, I’m gonna tell you about those indicators. Pay attention to them, okay? I’m so sick of people being underprepared when they risk their hard-earned money. And they wonder why they lose. They wonder why 90% of traders lose. So, I don’t have all the answers. I’m not perfect. But I do know the rules and I do know the indicators and I see what is going on with the reef. I see what’s going on with probably more traders than anybody in the world. I don’t think there’s anybody else who communicates with as many traders on a daily basis as I do. It’s a gift. I’m very blessed. But it’s also a great responsibility. With great power comes
great responsibility. Spider-Man taught me that. So I want you to do better. I’m very proud of the fact that I have five millionaire students already. I’m very proud that my students are you know, making more than they’re losing, when the follow the rules. But I can’t help you if
you’re gonna break my rules. I can’t help you if you
have the wrong mindset where you say “Oh Tim, I
don’t need these rules. “Just give me a hot pick.” Okay? So I don’t want you making that mistake. I’m trying to coach you. I’m trying to teach you because I didn’t have a coach. I didn’t have a mentor so remember, I’m always trying to be the
mentor to you that I never had. And I’m sorry this iPhone video is shaky. I probably need a selfie stick. But as you can see here, here in Port Douglas at the Sheraton, freakin’ beautiful, beautiful view. There’s like a whole lagoon
that goes all over the place. So I’m just happy to be here. And I’m happy to be helping the reefs. So also, go follow Save
the Reef on Instagram. We’re gonna have it on more things but literally just Save the Reef on Instagram. It’s pretty crazy. No one has that username. I think it’s just such a problem. Like a lot of people
don’t wanna tackle it. And the same thing with trading. Like why even get into it
if 90% of traders lose? Well, 90% of small businesses fail too. So why should you ever
start a small business? Anything that’s worth doing
is gonna be hard in life. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. And especially if you have guidance, and rules and a mentor, it gets easier. So that’s what I’m here for. Whether I have a shaky hand or not. But leave comments underneath. Start a conversation with me, you know? First of all I told you to leave a comment whether or not you wanna trade from anywhere around the world. I’m curious to see how many
travelers we have out there. And like I said you
know, the Sheraton here in Port Douglas for
example, has great WiFi. And Mykonos Cavo Tagoo has fantastic WiFi. I was just in Singapore
at the Marina Bay Sands. Very good WiFi. None of these companies
pay me to say this. I just wanna show you guys where I go ’cause they’re all
freakin’ beautiful places. Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Sheraton in Port Douglas, Australia. I highly recommend you be able to go anywhere. It’s fantastic. Whether you wanna save the reef or you know, the Marina Bay Sands has that famous pool on top of the hotel. Or Mykonos has just amazing seafood and great beaches and parties. Whatever you’re in to. But always bring your laptop
or smartphone, you know? Always be ready for trades. It doesn’t matter where I am. My eyes are a little small right now because I’m literally staying up not all night but a lot
of the night to trade. And I still made a few
thousand dollars from here. That’s what’s kinda cool. So while a lot of people
here are, you know, they plan a Great Barrier Reef trip like once in a life or you know, every few years. Maybe like a big birthday or milestone. I can come here. Today’s a Wednesday. It’s kinda cool to be able
to work from anywhere. So, I like that but again, leave a comment below. Let me know what you think. And be prepared and let’s
save the reefs together. Let’s save your finances together. That’s what this is all about. I’m here to help. That’s what really, you know gets me motivated every day. Just like with the reef. I’m here to help. It’s not enough just to say “Oh, it’s nice what you’re
doing for the reef, Tim.” No. I wanna solve this problem. And I wanna make more
millionaire students. Success is what motivates me. Cheers. Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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