My Trading Plan for 2020

– What’s up. Tim Sykes, Millionaire
Mentor and Trader here, very thankful for
everybody in my community, all my students, all my employees, everyone who’s just helping. You know, we’re trying to
just help people, right? Like through Karmagawa, my charity, and through my own teachings, whether it’s giving money
to communities that need it or helping provide money
for animal rescue centers or teaching stock market basics and my kind of niche strategy. I’m very proud of all the
work that my team and I are doing and I’m so thankful. If you’re watching
this, you have made this a dream come true. I am more fulfilled than ever. It’s not just about
how money you can make, it’s about how much you can give back. And heading into 2020, I
want to explain how things are gonna be a little
different because I’m always refining every single year, I’m trying to get better as a teacher. You know, trying to give
more money through charity, trying to get more social media awareness, just trying to optimize my process. So with my charity, I’m gonna be doing less traveling in 2020. We have a great team
and so they’re gonna be going off to all sorts of
places around the world, trying to help a lot
of charities that need more support financially and more exposure and I’m very thankful
for everybody involved in Karmagawa but I am
needed back in the U.S. more so I’m gonna be kind of like directing. We’ll see how that goes,
’cause I’m usually, you know, a micromanager
so just mea culpa, I’m sorry to everybody for
micromanaging too much. But when I’m back in the U.S., I’m really gonna be
focusing on teaching more. I’m gonna have two trading accounts, okay? So I’m gonna have a small
account and a big account. And in the past, I’ve
been mainly just trading with a small account at
the start of every year going back to 12,000 but I
have a lot of students now who have 50, 100,000, 200,00, 500,000, and I don’t want to ignore them so I’m gonna have a small
account and a big account. Most of the time, I’m gonna be trading with the small account
but every now and then, when there is a great
play that can frankly, you know, I can take a bigger position on, I’m gonna do it ’cause
also, you have to remember, another thing with me is
that I’ve been trading now for 20 plus years, so
trading with a small account, I know that it helps you guys
and girls with small accounts learn, you know, the process,
but for me it’s just, it’s boring, it’s
boring, okay, I admit it. The fun of trading is when
you make a lot of money, when you can make 30,000,
50,000 dollars like in a day and when I trade with a small account, that’s just not possible so I make like, you know, 1000, $2000 in a
day and that’s not bad money, understand that, I still
agree that $2000 a day keeps a real job away but where trading can get really fun, and again, this isn’t
gonna happen every day but when there is an amazing play, with big volume, with
the right catalyst that, you know, scores high on
my trader checklist guide, I’m gonna go bigger and I
might make 30,000 in a day, 50,000 in a day. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen, I don’t know the setup’s,
I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do but
I’m gonna have basically a million dollar account that
I’m gonna be trading with and then also a $12,000 account. And I’ll say, you know, which
trade is going in which. But with the million dollar account, I’m not saying go all in and
I’m gonna use a million dollars but with a million dollar account, I might put in 100 or 200,000 and if I put in like,
200,000 I can make you know, 20, 30, 40,000 in a day. And I’m gonna be very
specific with those trades because those are not gonna
come around every day, not necessarily even every
week but every now and then, there will be an ideal
supernova and I’ll go big and I might lose 20 or 30,000 too, okay. It’s not like a guaranteed
win, I still lose roughly a quarter of the time. I’m gonna try to cut losses quickly but with bigger positions
come bigger risks. I’ll go into more of that, I’ll have video lessons
for the big account, I’ll have video lessons
for the small account but I think it’s important to try both. And for me, you know,
it’s my honor to give back with my charity, you know
Karmagawa has now donated over four million dollars
in just the past three years so we appreciate your support. This is some of the new charity merch. If you go to,
you can grab it. Use the coupon code
happyholidays, all one word, all lowercase, to save 50% off. We donate 100% of the profits to different charities. This one actually goes to
the Bali Children’s Project where we want to build
more schools in Bali, we have 17 at the end of 2019, 57 Karmagawa schools
world wide but our goal is to do 1,000 plus. So we’re on our way and I think
one of the biggest lessons that I can give to you is that, you know, when you want to do big things in you know, the stock
market, in your own life, with charity, with giving, you have to start small
and then you scale up and you start finding what works. You know, now with Karmagawa,
we’ve made some documentaries. That works, I have a lot
of trusted videographers and you know, people who can help me so I’m very grateful for it
all and now for me, teaching, I have to really focus on you know, trading with a big account,
that’s gonna be all me. I can’t give that to anybody else and I’m still gonna trade
with a small account, making video lessons,
just trying to teach, trying to make this the best 2020. So thank you again for all your support. Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, thank you again. Hey Tim Sykes, Millionaire
Mentor and Trader, thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I want to share everything
that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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  1. That’s a great idea Tim! besides the mentioned reasons, I think this could even be beneficial for people with smaller accounts to see the setups and learn the patterns when you size in with substantial amounts! Have a successful year!!

  2. I might still be small time but I think your larger account trades will be more beneficial to me for now than your small account as you'll be far more selective with the criteria of potential trades for it which is something I'm working on grasping right now.

  3. think it will help some that trade a bit large size, I still have a small account but watching trades help all the time, thanks.

  4. If I can make 100 a day, am happy, 1000 a day..I will be a fool about it, 5k and am stupid. But 100 a day, happiness…its a positive

  5. I want to start an account with $2000 or so. I really know nothing about penny stocks and or trading except for some of the literature and the terms and definitions. What I’ve gathered is that unless you have a 10,000 or $20,000 account you can only make three trades per week? I’m confused because I hear people online making a decent return percentage with just $500 how is that possible if you can only make three trades per week?

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR TIM !! May this year be prosperous and more learning experience for all of us Traders!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Been wanting to see you go big for a long time. Will you be trading future's as well??? Thanks for all the lessons.
    2020 go BIG

  8. Hay Tim , Happy New Year to you and your family. started reading your free stuff and making notes since April 2019. Joined MMP in June 2019 and attended your traders Investors summit in September 2019. Have been a STT Pro Member since September 15th using the STT Platform. Tim Bohen is AMAZING AND YOU TIMOTHY SYKES HAVE CHANGED MY TRADING LIFE. God Bless you and your efforts. I plan to open up an account by February 1st and begin Cash trading Longs and continue to practice Paper Trading.
    I look forward to my NEW FUTURE IN THE " ROARING TWENTIES". TO BECOME A CHALLENGE STUDENT IN SEPTEMBER 2020. AND DOUBLE MY GIVING BY DECEMBER 2020. That was my written goal in April 2019 and I am on tract to achieving my goal. I look forward with excitement to your trading plans and the 2020 Traders Investors summit!!!


  10. I’m sooo hoping you’re not scam like I read yesterday, I already bought some of your classes. Happy New Year 🌹

  11. TIM! I would love to see you compound a small account as much as you possibly can, I think that’d be pretty damn cool to see how far you can go with a few grand

  12. Hi Tim! It would be great if you would start a $500 small account challenge for us that are starting with $500 January 6th, 2020! I'm starting another small account with CMEG and I have to be so very cautious (risk management) with such a small account. You could help thousands by doing this. Ross Cameron just did this and is starting another $500 small account challenge on Jan 6th… HAPPY NEW YEAR TIM!!!! I've learned a ton from you and I'm grateful you are here for so many around the world!!!

  13. 2k keeps a real job away! That’s the goal! Lol love it! I’ve just recently come across your videos and look forward to learning. Happy New Year! 🎆

  14. I am so glad you are keeping the bigger account this year. Love what you do Tim. You have helped me grow my love for this entire proccess

  15. i know this is not related to trading, but will that sweatshirt ever be available on karmagawa’s website???

  16. Love you Sykes. I've been following you since 2017, really thankful for your generosity on teaching and for all the charity work for the people and the world. Can't wait for learning more from you and your community.

  17. What’s up Sykes?
    I started stock investing 2018, ended up stopping in the middle of the year cuz I lost money day trading..
    But I’m bout to get back into it in 2020
    That’s the goal..
    Love listening to your videos

  18. I think it's a great idea to show your trading w/ a large account, we all can still learn from that approach.
    Mahalos Tim & Happy, Happy New Year🎍🎍🎍🎉🎉🎉🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾Here's to wealth, health, abundance, prosperity, and making kick ass positive change on this planet👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  19. Looking forward to watching you execute your plays on both accounts Tim. Wishing you the best In 2020. Hopefully i can buy in to your challenge in 6 months time. Alot to learn and save up for in the mean time.

  20. Of course that’s one of the best New Year videos I ever seen. Focusing on teaching is a great step. I’m so excited to learn more from you using both Bigger and smaller accounts. Congrats.

  21. This will be great, only a few months in but would not be where i am knowledge wise if it wasnt for you, your team or others students whom i have learned from.

  22. Excellent to train the Challenge on large and small accounts. Tim, you have done so much for my trading already in 4 months. Thank you! RPhTrader #timothysykes

  23. Happy to hear you will be in the US more this year and trading with the big account, the big traders will be shaking in their sandals, cool beans. What are your thoughts on fractional shares. Always a pleasure to watch your videos, thanks so much, I just made it through my first christmas holidays trading is it always this good during this time of year, see you soon, thanks again!!!!!!!!

  24. Happy new year! I think this is a great approach because a lot of traders are sitting on big accounts thanks to the 10± year bull market. I'd love to see how to trade a million dollar account because that's my long term goal.

    Thanks again for the wonderful and free Youtube content. You and your charity are doing a lot of good!

  25. I am definitely a small account, really just starting with trading for the first time. Been following for a while now and ready to begin learning and putting into practice now. Can’t wait to se all you have to offer with tips and experience Tim. Just need a broker to to get back to me with acceptance to open my account now. Let’s get out of the 9-5 and find that freedom. All the best for 2020 and beyond everyone.

  26. sir,now you are going to trade big so, can you record your trade video and make video like trading tickers trade videos . it heps more in technical way,and its really a good way to make one fully understand ,as i think.SIR,

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