NEXT Stories: Digital Marketing For E-Commerce, Yajeta

Hi, I’m Yajeta. I am an e-commerce executive, in a baking supplies
company that is based in KL. Before this, I’ve always tried to learn digital marketing on my own, through YouTube videos as
well as online articles. But, I didn’t know what to look out for. I guess I was in a situation where you don’t know, what you don’t know. So all the information I
was getting was very basic. So that didn’t really
give me the confidence to actually create or run a
digital marketing campaign. My favorite part of the
digital marketing course was the first module itself,
Fundamentals of Marketing. Because I’m not from a
marketing background, I’m actually from an
engineering background. So from what I’ve learnt
and what I know now, I understand that digital
marketing would only work if it ties strongly back to
the fundamentals of marketing. So what that means for me is that now I can create
digital marketing campaigns that are targeted and
not just Facebook ads or Google ads and creating them and hoping it would get something. The modules that I really like also were the Facebook ads as
well as the Google ads because we actually got hands
on experience with that. So that means we actually
created these ads and we got to see
whether they were working or not working. And if they were not working,
we got to play around with it until it worked and we were
actually getting results. My experience at NEXT
Academy has been good. From what I can tell, the instructors are really knowledgeable in their subjects and you can see that they are passionate about the topics that they are teaching. And of course, most importantly, they are also passionate
to teach the subjects which makes them a lot more approachable when you have a question
or there’s some doubt in understanding the subject. Well, after the bootcamp, I’m excited to test out the knowledge
that I’ve gained. I would want to create
our own ad campaigns now for the company that I work for. Before this, I was not
doing any campaigns myself. We were passing that on to our ad agency. So I hope that I could start creating my own campaigns and
see whether we could run better campaigns than we did previously.

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