So this is more refreshing this more creamy Hey guys as you know I love night markets. Actually, I love day markets as well basically any markets with food I’m happy but right now I’m at the Central Market ninth market here in Manila And this is a pretty modern happening place lot of young people and of course a lot of delicious food But the food seems to be a mix of traditional Filipino food as well as some international affairs So we’re gonna do that Andrew Zimmerman thing. You know that “If it looks good, you eat it” thing First thing that caught my eye are these crazy skewers, and I think this is a really popular Filipino dish call Isaw which is a chicken intestine Everything here is just freshly grilled on sight. man, It smells intense the first food of the night I got a pack of garlic chilli and vinegar god bless this country with all its love of vinegar. So this is the pork intestine Oh This is amazing. It’s got a little stink and usually the stink It is pretty big, but here I get a little hit of that with the aftertaste but otherwise this is just some fatty delicious porky innards. got a little char and crunch on the off side – every bite, just infused with that wonderful smoke this might be the best way I’ve ever eaten pork innards, but typically I eat this fried. this is way better. this beautiful thing. That’s all chicken intestine Wow This thing is definitely really organy now organ a flavor is coming from within the intestines right now I like the outside just like the pork intestines super smoky nice and charred But once you penetrate that chewy exterior it tastes very livery. This is good I really really recommend you guys come in to try this But I’m not loving it as much as I love the pork intestine Which is just delicious If you guys never had innards before you really should because you know what people say, deliciousness, I mean I mean beauty That’s that’s on the inside and The last thing, check this out see how like that this skewer is like bending This is a hefty amount of pork years here, my friend That crunch that crunch is my favorite part of a pig ear. This has been Fantastic start to my night market experience tonight. This is a just Delightfully crunchy, fatty, charred piece of pork meat It is insane. the marinades a little sweet. Oh I Just cant get over that crunch. all right this is the piece I’ve been going after here look at this. This is all fat oh-ho-oh That is solid too. look at this baby. look at that big chunk of.. oh my god Oh my god. That’s all fat. luckily that has a nice. Char, otherwise that might be even too much fat for me I got Love this sauce though That is delicous. I’d dip anything in this sauce. after all that pork and chicken. I need a drink This is some pretty typical Filipino drinks here, so this thing’s got a little white pearls on the bottom This drink is awesome. There’s some Jelly in here as well those little pearls are like sago. Oh, it has a Slight hint of herby flavor very subtle though, but this thing is so refreshingly delicious especially after all that really salty chicken and pork ah so good This is a another drink a buko pandan obviously it pandan flavor with green jellies in here that is nice and creamy I like this jellies butter here when the other drink is really refreshing perfect on a hot night All right, it’s got some awesome stuff. Let’s go. these little orange things. These are called kway kway or quail eggs They’re deep-fried whole quail egg on the inside and people usually just eat it as this Perfect little quail egg on here But I do feel like just eating it as is a little dry especially with a yolk so they gave me this spicy dipping sauce I don’t know if it’s for this or not, but we’ll see. I think is way better with a sauce. I mean this is really oily, otherwise the batter combined with egg yolk There’s really no moisture here besides the oil so it’s gonna be a little rough on you and the spice from the sauce really helps Us out a lot next I’ll check out this delicious treasure. It’s chicken chicharon and it’s chicken intestine look at it It’s kind of got like a almost a fungus looking shape and these things these things are supposed to be intense because they’re they’re fried they’re very organy you’ll definitely feel this going down I That is good though The outside there’s a crispy layer of chicken skin the inside is a bit organy But I think it’s got a nice flavor to it. Let me try it in the spicy sauce Love how crispy the outside is, this is actually really amazing. I mean I could get this whole box easily by myself oh man So So crunchy and good next time im watching a movie I want this because this is Better than any popcorn you’re gonna get. cant stop eating this. I wish KFC sold this These are spring rolls with a whole chili look at this skin nice and crispy gonna take a bite as is There’s cheese inside the peppers Cuz these chilies are so fresh it tastes so good. They’re not spicy It’s just a really refreshing peppery taste to them. you need this, you do Tomorrow, I’m going to Cebu for chicharon, but since they have it here This will be my first bite a chicharrón in the Philippines. I’m gonna try. I want to see how good This is compared to you know, the lechon capital of the philippines lechon is actually stuffed with a lot of things typically there’s a lot of herbs in here And this one looks like it’s got some chili as well, the skin I heard legend has it that is just so incredibly crispy my first order of Lechon in the Philippines I do want to wait on him in Cebu. I want to get the best as my first bite, but man I can’t resist look at that skin by the way this thing is paper-thin with just a tiny layer of fat And I could tell right now the outer skin. That’s a crisp. It’s a little drop of fat and off for dear life And you couldn’t tell, that was a crispy skin. buy I think like this particular lechon, It’s been sitting out a little bit The skin is crispy but also a little tough to chew I do really enjoy the flavor of that dip before any sauce I could Taste the spiciness of it and it seasoned really really well Yeah, I’m gonna take a piece of the the insides. That’s kind of like touching all the herbs and everything else That’s stuffed inside the pig oh That’s nice If I get to Cebu and the lechon tastes better than I’m gonna just pass out from deliciousness which it might be the first time that’s ever happened like in the world on this piece a nice little greens on there the Sauce a little sweet. I wish it was more sour and spicy That’s already the best roast pig I’ve ever had. so I can’t wait till this weekend. This is a pretty typical breakfast This is Tinapa which is salted fish and longanisa which is a sausage and of course a nice Semi, runny egg. It’s semi runny because Was tired he’s got a rest. It’s onions tofu. Fried garlic all over a bit of rice It needs the rice, most elements of this is really salty but I love the crackling pork skin thats in there. this fish is wearing four Kevlar apparently because I’m not able to penetrate it oh My god. Oh seriously. Oh good lord. Oh, I can’t even You know what I’m gonna. Take a bite out of this Good lord this fish is tasty, it’s got a beautiful. Just beautiful smoky flavor to it. the meat although. It’s a little dry It’s just packed with flavor. I’m just gonna get a nice piece of the egg with some crackling pork skin, and tofu That’s nice and creamy, but the fish is definitely the star here this is ridiculous. Love this fish This is another breakfast item. its massive. It is burnin hot right now This is breakfast per check it out fried garlic scallions. I think this is again Crispy pork skin got a poached egg in here This is ridiculous now you guys know I’m not a lover of salty congee But I would get a gallon of this the congee is solve a season so remarkably well. It’s really peppery Spicy incredibly garlicky and gingery. This is so insanely good. I Can’t believe how good this is you got the crackling pork skin Nice burst of fat, it’s not a poached eggs actually a hard-boiled egg guys no joke this congee is ridiculous A little tripe oh man, this is a food version of utopia right here There’s some kind of oil on the top that just got scattered everywhere Wow and then keep the heat at such a high temperature which I think makes this even better I love the addition of the fat and meat slices here This is everythingy! spicy tasty salty crunchy Fatty, oily, everythingy! Oh Imma full That congee was… That congee took a lot out of, it put a lot of stuff in me But it took a lot out of me my last item. there’s been so many rice items here This is tapa, its beef. a little item that’s eaten for breakfast or lunch or dinner It’s very flexible. probably the prettiest little egg I had tonight i love the rice, beef a little too sweet for me. oh that rice though I’ve just been eating way too much rice tonight. luckily I’m Asian, so a lot of this rice is just gonna dissipate There’s something I need right now I had to get another one of these drinks I got this too This is melon juice. guys this night market, foods good, drinks good, The congee’s good. The rice Good., Everything’s good. Originally i was planning on going to this night market and then going to another one by Binondo But my local friends told me that this place actually has all the food That’s over there except for here is not as cheap but this time our gift is brightly lit the people are friendly, is one of the cleanest night markets I’ve ever been to so yeah I Think I’m gonna hang around here Seriously come and get these two drinks. all right, I ate a lot of food here, but there’s still one more food. Item that that’s really it’s not here in the night market But it is nearby so we’re gonna go eat that right now. this place, Sarsa, a lot of you guys recommend this to me It’s about half a block away from the night market, and I’m here for some blood! *ding!* Here it is, diniguan. first of all It’s pretty colorful, and I’m a little terrified right now There’s a roasted pepper Tomatoes, looks like bay leaves, fried garlic fried chicken intestine scallions and bits of pork all like soaked this blood that if I don’t know I Would think it’s chocolate that’s the color of the blood right now? I supposedly I gotta eat this with rice I know I’ve had blood before but the reason I’m intimidated is because I’ve never had blood that looked like quicksand so It doesn’t really smell like anything I’ll be a hundred percent honest with you guys that is surprisingly Mind-boggling good. I really didn’t think those gonna be good, but it’s completely not nothing like I thought it was gonna taste It’s not very Irony has actually got a nice earthy flavor a very citrusy and just Really incredibly flavorful. and goes perfect with rice And I just bit in to a bone. Wow Did not think I was gonna like this I feel like a freaking asian vampire right now only Asian vampires will eat blood over rice. right? only us Dracula’s like laughing at us right now So I know this video started off as a night market, and that night market was indeed pretty awesome But I had to try this restaurant because literally every one of you guys like you gotta go to this place You gotta go to this place, and I had to try out this bloody dish literally this bloody dish, and you know what? I’m glad I did. but guys as always all the information is listed for you in my description box below and until we get again Mmm.. Blood..

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  1. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to note that because the edit of the videos is done after a trip. I am sadly no longer in the Philippines. To keep up with where I am currently, make sure to follow my Instagram: and Thank you!!!! 😘

  2. You eat like a typical Filipino. You even drank the vinegar like what most of us would do. 🙂

  3. Dude i have no plan going to mercato tonight since its just across where i live. Ill go and get some isaw and bbq

  4. Be careful of the chicken intestines they didn't clean inside they cooked without cleaning it some costumers in the Philippines got hepatitis on it

  5. Cool. You enjoyed the food in Bonifacio Global City, Manila…Thank you enjoying Filipino dishes and street food.
    God bless you.

  6. Soooo much plastic being used for everything,cant they hand you the vinegar already in the aluminum container instead of giving you a condom filled with it that you then gotta squeeze into the aluminum container into which you then dip the skewer?

  7. mike at 4:50 that was not a chicken intestine. thats called chicharong bulaklak. its the fatty thing that holds the intestines together. and i seem to have never seen you try balut.. plus the Foods in Zamboanga city man! Satti and pastil.. if ever you want to come to zamboanga city, i'll show you around. Good food and a really historic city.. its like a melting pot of culture in here! Asia's latin city mike!

  8. Him: "Pork innards"
    Me (a Black person): "You mean chitlins?" 😂😂😂😂😂 btw, I know it's "chitterlings", but it still stinks the same. He lost me with that one, fam. Hahaha

  9. Lodi Mike, i know its been a year but i think 4:44 is not a chicken skin, its a deep fried pork intestine called Chicharon bulaklak.
    And pork dinuguan is best with pansit and puto👍.
    Thank you for visiting Philippines!

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