You ready that’s right $400 I got these for $400 today. I’m gonna tell you my story on how Jesus Welcome back to the channel if you are new don’t forget to hit that subscribe button If you are old what’s up, and if you don’t know, this is the DNA show my name is DJ and I’m gonna show you guys just a little bit of my collection and Tell you guys a great story about how I got these For $400. That’s right. I got these for fall Henny, okay So instead that. Yeah, I got these for 400 bucks. Now. Was it a conventional way of buying him? No, did I have to jump through a couple hoops? Yes, did I get very very lucky? Yes, there’s a lot of factors that go into me getting these shoes for $400 Now everybody knows these are valued at high prices in my size They’re gonna go for you know, three four thousand dollars, but we’re gonna talk about that later right now I’m gonna just talk to you initially about how it got this shoe and how you can find a way into getting the shoe Something like this or another rare sneaker trading up buying selling flipping Hustling your way into getting a shoe for a great deal So let’s start off the story from day one get go off-white Everybody knows about off-white Vergil and everything like that. Now the ten collection hadn’t dropped yet We were on our way up to Seattle and I told my brother Hey, bro, the ten collections dropping if you want anything, let’s try to get it while we’re on our way up there So it was in a car we was trying to get stuff I got some air maxes and then he didn’t end up getting the other stuff And then the ones was like the last thing saw my bro We got a try for these ones He’s a oh, yeah, I need the ones originally he wasn’t even trying to mess with the ones like that He wasn’t really even messing with none of the stuff like that But because of just the hype natural just like me going after it made him want to go after a type thing It was just like the thing to do in the moment, so he was trying as well But he was like, you know about hey, I’m gonna keep those from wasu and I was like, bro Don’t do that those like don’t do that. So we try we get in the little thing. We’re trying to hit him We trying to hit him. I look up and he’s like I got him and he shows me to think. Oh One breath And I my breath this bull really got him oh And always see because I was like breath I wanted those so bad I don’t even know if I could talk to Jay bass for the rest of the day This is just this is really burnt out. You know, I’m I’m just I’m not feeling good I’m not feeling good because at the time they was selling for like 900 bucks or something like that And at that time it was high so I’m like, bro Okay, the shoe is 190 and people are already selling it for like close to a rack so I’m like How am I gonna get this shoe without spinning a rack because I’m not about to spin a rack just to look cool I don’t be doing that. I’m like I’ll be finding good deals on these rare shoes If not, I’m not getting it like I don’t play that like oh I must pay extra just to look cool and have the shoe early or like just to have a shoe in general No, if it’s not a good deal, I don’t want it like I’m not about to be taking else just to look fly Never never never. So this is the next thing you need to do. Sweet sweet butter butter butter You got to be sweet and you gotta butter them up. Whoever it is that has them You got a tongue first things first. Let them know you got them shoes I need those and when you’re done with them, I want them make sure that you put me first on a list Don’t let nobody else have action of them and if it takes me a little minute to get them and you in a crunch for Money or whatever just let me know because I want to be the one to have those and that’s usually what happens when it comes to like a Rare sneaker. Just put a little bug in there. Let them know. Hey, I’m interested in those I might want to get those and then later be like alright look bruh. I need those. I need those in my life Like what’s up when you better, let me get those and then after that just like let Just let he do his thing. So I told him you know a bro, I need those He’s like, ah, you know, I’m gonna keep those. I’m like Really you had to keep him now like you wasn’t even rocking with her like that So we ended up actually doing a review with him And you see that’s the video that we had did with him the review of this exact same pair right here And he was basically just kind of flexing over it. I was looking sick but it is what it is So he still had the shoes and I’m like, okay, bro, how am I gonna get these off? How am I gonna get these off of him how hi bro? What’s up? You want to trade what you want to do it? Like I can throw you some money I can throw you some shoes Like I know you got these right so you want something else fly? Like I’ll trade you some shoes and then that way like you can still have stuff to rock You can have some heaters like I could do multiple for one so the multiple for one is always the easy way to get people because then you’re able to go and give out like Three mediocre sneakers for one dope shoe or whatever it is. You know I’m saying whatever the deal is However, the numbers equate so for me, I’m like what you want He’s like I was like what you want like two dogs shoes or something like that He’s like I want some Jordan once he already got it like he got some shoes So I’m not acting like he don’t got kids because he definitely got like some solid kicks in his collection But in this moment in time, he was like, I want some drawing to run some Jordan ones I want some Rose or some braids so immediately in my head. I’m thinking like, okay Royals are worried for less than brains. So I’ll make it up somewhere else But I mean, they’re both classic so it’s not really mad. It’s just a dollar value aspect of it something like, okay What’s the cheaper shoe of the to solve Royals? The raids weren’t even a option for me. I just knew he wasn’t getting braids So I’m like, okay, I’ll find a pair of rows and then he’s like and I want some Easy’s like some easy boots And I’m like, okay I’m just finding something whatever like there’s a bunch of Yeezys coming out So I’m like looking I’m like just give me a little bit time like give me like a week or something like that So he start broad. Take your time I know rush you the only one I could get him like I’m gonna hold him down for you and I’m like Who like that’s what I love to hear. Sometimes. I hear that. I swear things just start to just Appear and align and the stars just start to twinkle and the mood and just everything is just perfect. So I Don’t know what it was, but I swear to you literally like the next day my homie hits me is like breath I got some Beluga 2.0. You want to get these I got like I’ll talk to you for retail Cuz my homie I used to be getting the easies from he’d be giving me stuff for retail. So I’m like all perfect So he hits me there in his size Amazing. So then the next thing is like, okay. Where do I find room? So I’m looking online I first looking online and I’m like, but let me just go to stock ex real quick. I hop on stock eggs I find a pair for like 225. I thought a bead on there for like 180 and I’m like This ain’t gonna work, but then it works something I’m like, okay, I just spent 220 on the Yeezy and I’ve just been 180 on the Royals So now I’m at $400 in total to get these shoes So now I’m just patiently waiting cuz you know, like when you buy shoes through stock eggs, they have to cinnamon Verify them and then ship them to you So like every single day I’m literally waiting patiently just like bread I need these shoes to get in like I’m checking my phone like how they got verified yet Did the do ship out like what’s going on? So then the shoes finally come in and I hit my boy on my a bro I got the kicks like slide through come and get these so He comes over and I’m like, okay Just be cool be calm. I really want since shoes really bad. You know, I’m just I gotta finish the deal I’m right here all the doors. They’re just finish the deal. So he comes through the crib and then I’m like, here you go He traces his shoes. I look inside the box. I’m like, okay, he got the laces he got zip tie You got the paper you got everything is intact still no issues. We’re nothing. I’m like Brad This is perfect Cuz you ever had that situation when like you trying to get a shoot from somebody and then it’s dead stock and then like later you go to get it from them and they’re like all warm once and I’m like well, why’d you do that like yours was like You know why you had to wear once you knew that she was beguiling to me. So you warm just once like why But anyways, that’s a whole nother topic we get we could talk about that one later but yeah, so that’s what happened I ended up making the Train making this stuff happen stars aligned everything worked out perfectly I end up spending $400 in totals to purchase those two shoes trading over for the one to get me The Chicago ones, baby Hello, yeah so anyways after that, the shoes worth like 900 bucks and then it went up to like 1200 and I didn’t wear them and I’m like Yeah, these might go up to like maybe like 18 or 2k Let me just sit it out and see what happens. So I’m sitting it out waiting next thing You know, I’m looking I’m like brother they’re going for like 2500 then I go to an event and I’m a sneaker growls Literally a sneaker con last week and this is where my brother’s really gonna hate me right here, bro I still love you you my bro you my dog. I’m gonna have to take you out to lunch Just because after you see this video you’re gonna see this and send it to me and I’m gonna be like, yeah, bro I know I made the video. I’m sorry. I still love you bro. And you got a love you too, bro I got the shoes. We good now. Everything’s good But anyways, I seen him brother this dude had a parasite like a small size 6 K He wanted 6 K for his parent now do I think they don’t sell? They might just actually sell the way people be spending money now on shoes. It is ridiculous the dude one at 6 K I went inside dude that has a size 13 my size and They were beat up Warren just part of the mess was all yellow dirty nasty, bro do on a 2,800 for a beat up here dudes was out there like oh easily 2 K Easily close to 3 K on beat pairs off white one. So I’m thinking like, okay. What is a new pair going for? So I’m like we got to be hitting for at least like three to four K. Actually, let’s look right now There you go. There you have it you got They’re just sold for 3k on stargate 3200 asking 2900 on a bead somebody’s I could literally post these right now. It’s on for 2,900 Like what now? Do I think people are gonna sell their use beat up pairs for that much No, but I do think that take us easily They can easily get 2k For sure because people is literally just spinning money trying to look fly out here and it just makes me sick But sometimes I don’t be sick because when I’m ready to sell stuff Yeah, I’m taking all that money. So yeah, that’s my story. This is a hawk bottom This is my Chicago off-white one story how I got it for? $400 if you guys like stories like this I got another one where I told the story about how I purchased all of my easiest the easy one into collection through Nike and I’m gonna tell you guys more stories about different sneakers how I purchased them What happened why they mean something to me all different type of things like that. So I hope you guys enjoyed it Thanks for watching. I know it was like a real simple basic video, but I’ll see you on the next one Don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribe drop a comment down below I know you got a story like this something that you traded up something crazy for like what’s your best trade up? Tell me which I best trade up because honestly I got better trade up some knees I’ll tell you guys about those two over here. I got some better tread ups in these one I’ll tell you guys in the next video. All right?


  1. Wow. I love how u say “I only copped the air maxes”. Bruh I have never hit on SNKRS and I’ve been doing it since the ten.

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