Old Ghaziabad Food Tour – UNIQUE Egg Lolo Popo + Special VEG OMELETTE + BEST Rabri | Part 1

In the search of taste we have reached Jawahar Market at Old Ghaziabad. And we will start our food tour with the popular dish here i.e the Moonglet and Chila. Come with us. How old is your shop? It is the seventh year. Where are you from? You are from Ghaziabad only. It is totally drenched in butter. Amul butter. It has become crisp from both sides. The difference between Moonglet and Chila is that the former one has vegetables while the later one doesn’t. The Moonglet is fluffier than the Chilla. Another difference between the two is that in Chila you don’t add fruit salt(Eno).
-Yes. Because if we will add it to the Chilla it will become fluffy and that won’t serve the purpose. And what is this chutney made of?
-It is made of dry mango powder. Wow. Very crisp. It is crisp from both the sides. And inside it is soft. This is usually soft from inside because if we make it crisp from inside …
-Very tasty. You can call it veg omelette. It(the name)is the combination of the term ‘let’ from omelette and the word Moong with which it is made. It is very different from the chilla. In the Chilla we don’t put Eno(fruit salt). But in this we do so that it becomes fluffy. Added to that the chilla has vegetables, but in this one there is only coriander leaves. They pan fry it in butter until crisp. Some Chaat masala has been added on top. Very amazing taste. Wow its totally chilled. I really like this thing of years. Is this of clay? You keep this is this earthenware to keep it chilled. How old is this shop? Since when have you started this? its nearly 35 years old. Since thirty five years, you have been selling this, all throughout the year. The Kanji vadas. It has been 11 -12 years here itself. What is the name of this lane? This is Chaupla mandir Bazaar. This road called the Chaupla Mandir road seems like old Delhi to me. Chandni Chowk. It is a very old market. Earlier, Ghaziabad’s main market was this one itself. Tell us how is the Kanji vada water is made? For this we have big earthen pots We make it in them using mustard powder and black salt. It has a nice flavour of asafoetida.
-Yes asafoetida is added and some other spices too. It takes three days to get ready? What is this that you added?
-it is asafoetida. That’s why I was said that there is a nice flavour of asafoetida. It is good for the stomach as well. The water used is that of the RO so it is good thing to have. And it cools you down during summer. After you eat any fried stuff in the market, then have this. The stomach becomes good. It helps in digestion. Come let me show you an old sweet shop in Old Ghaziabad. This is Rabri. It is an amazing Rabri. It has shreds of cream and is also grainy in texture. Most importantly, it is not too sweet. At many places it is known as Indrani. At some places it is called Chenaki and also Chena Payesh. They are all the same thing. It is just fresh cottage cheese. that is used to make these. Like the Rasgulla, the Rasmalai, these all are cheese dumplings. that are cooked and then added to the gravy. And what is the difference between the this flavoured milk and that of the Rasmalai. This has saffron while that one has cardamom.
-just that. The rasgullas in both are the same right. That one is bigger in size than this. Wow. Can we eat all these items during fasting? You can have the Rabri during the fast while the these two ones can be had during Navaratri. It has little Maida in it. Arrowroot.
-No Maida. slight maida. Maida is used to get the softness. It’s preparation is the same as the Chena Kheer. The only difference is that it has Cardamom.
-This has cardamom and that one has saffron. Wow So the this lane has been named after this shop only? Now whoever comes, they know it by this name, then it is also known as the textile market and Khadi market. Now there Lassi and the Khadi has become popular. The customers are either coming here to buy clothes or to have Lassi. The location of this shop is very nice. As sweets and lassi keeps coming for customers and for self also from the shop in front. Are you from Ghaziabad only? We came from Pakistan during the Partition and started this thing. Are all the people in this locality from there as well. Most of them are from there. There are four gates here- Ghanta Ghar, Delhi Gate and the Dasna Gate. That makes it three.
-Siani Gate also. So it is Ghanta Ghar, Delhi Gate, Siani Gate and Dasna Gate. Bahadur Shah Zafaar had passed by the Choupla through the Dasna gate. Initially the whole population was concentrated over here. Slowly the city developed and now it has has grown too big. Right on arriving here it felt as if I have arrived at Old Delhi. I started felling as if I am strolling around Kinari Bazaar. The the shops are also so old. Like one is established in 1952. and I met this guy who has been selling kanji vada since 35 years. So there are lots of old shops. Okay sir thank you. It was a pleasure speaking to you. Thank you Sanjay Ji.
-The pleasure was all ours. What is your good name?
-Anubhav It was nice meeting you. Thank You. Are these potato patties stuffed with something or plain? It is plain boiled potatoes. With it you add the boiled yellow peas? One piece tikki please What is your name?
-Dinesh Gupta. For how many years you are making Tikkis.
-for the past 35 years. First father used to sell it and for the past eight years, I have been serving it. What about the shops that are there ahead? Gradually my father established those as well saying that you all earn from it and support your families. He had established one cart but now there are six of them. Under the name Hathras. Ours is the genuine Hathras but they have all mentioned Hathras on their board. Hathras in UP is mostly famous for rabri. Yes for Rabri Is Tikki also famous there? There it is known as potato and not tikki. In Hathras, tikkiya is called potato. In english, Aloo is known as potato and so tikki is also called potato. i found your style of making the tikkis quite different. First you flattened the tikkies and then deep fried it. On top you added the yellow pea mash, two types of chutney and curd that’s it. It is very mild, not at all spicy and has a pleasant taste of the yellow peas. Like we have the Chole tikki, yours is the Matra tikki.
-Yes. Very nice. In Hathras, the Tikki is called potato and Golgappes are called Fadhake. Not ‘pathakhe’ but ‘fadhake’. What else is available in Hathras. It is the haven for sweets. Where ever you see a rabri shop you will find it witten ‘Hathras ki mashoor Rabri’ Thank you Dinesh Ji. Is this the Chaupla Temple. We have come here for Darshan. Rajesh Bhai tell us why have you named it as LoloPopo? This one… When I had established it 8 years back I was wondering what to name it as Suddenly it struck to me That you should name it as LoloPopo. When anybody starts his or her variety, then he thinks that one such name he should include that is different from the rest. Okay. So all these dishes are my own. First I started serving these then the rest of them started serving it. Whoever it may be my neighbour… Is the one in the adjacent shop your brother?
-Yes he is my uncle’s son. Seeing me he too started it. He is from our home only And I don’t have any problem as my work is separately established. The only difference is that you have written Anda Curry and he has written Egg Curry. This is Egg LoloPopo. We just witnessed the process of making it. Beaten egg mixture was poured over two bread slices. On top another bread slice was added Then butter was added and it was properly pan fried till crisp. As he was telling , inside it has a soft texture while from the outside it is crispy. Come let’s taste. Along with this there are two types of chutneys, sweet chutney and the green chutney. As you were rightly telling that it is crunchy from both the sides and from inside it is soft. Along with it you get a distinct flavour from the ginger, onion and chillies. You often come to have the egg LoLoPoPo? For the past 2-4 years I am eating the Lolo Popo. Lolo Popo and 4-5 other items as well. This is our Egg curry. Now a days the egg curry is not that easily available everywhere. It is served with Romali Rotis. Very tasty. It seems as if we are having Egg Korma. It has a nice flavour of the butter and with this we have the Roomali Roti. You have so many items that… One needs to visit your shop for a month at stretch in order to taste them all. Only then can all the items be covered. Thank you Rajesh Bhai. We had a nice experience. We will come again to try the rest of the items. Chilled Dahi Bhalle Yadav Ji give us a plate of Dahi Bhalla. Single piece only. Here the traffic jam happens in just a couple of minutes. You have to take the cart ahead.
-yes I am Taking it ahead. Very nice. Soft Bhalle(fried lentil dumplings) crisp papdis, sweetened curd, roasted cumin powder and dry ginger powder. The taste is brilliant. The real fun is to eat from carts on the streets. Isn’t it? The real taste. I have come to Gaziabad for the first time and there are so many more things left to try that we have to come here for the second time. So with this we are ending our Gazhiabad food tour at Goyal Paan shop.

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