OM³: Omnichannel E-Commerce for Airport & Travel Industry

This is the Frankfurt Airport. Every day
a 160,000 passengers hurry to catch their flight, like Michael.
An hour ago he realized he’d forgot to buy his wife an anniversary gift,
normally this would be problematic, but this airport is not a normal airport.
Here’s what he did: On the cab over he pulled out his phone and brought up the
Fraport App, ordered some fancy stuff, his order was sent to Heinemann in Terminal
1, where it was quickly put together. Now he’s heading to his gate and so is
his order. It’s hot on Michaels heels, arriving right when he’s about to board
pretty cool huh. But this is just one story in the tale of how AOE built one
of the most comprehensive omni-channel-experiences in the world. This is Kai Schmidhuber, head of digital at the Frankfurt Airport So when the retailers make money the airport makes money. Oh did we mention: This is also the largest shopping mall in Germany They needed to find an expert they can partner with.
This is Kian founder and CEO of AOE As a passenger you’re typically only exposed
to a limited amount of stores on your way to your plane with our OM3 Suite you are now able to order from stores that might be in a different gate
or in a different terminal altogether and you can actually earn and burn
loyalty points on virtually everything. So how does this whole omni-channel-thing work? Say you’re stuck in a boring business meeting like this guy. Why not do a little shopping before you catch your flight back to Oslo The biggest challenge for e-commerce and fulfillment at airports is that there is only a very
short window of opportunity and AOE’s OM3 platform is currently the only solution that can react to flight delays and gate changes in real time Take this passenger as she arrives at security she gets a notification that
her flight has been delayed. Luckily she can use her Frankfurt Loyalty reward
points to treat herself to a free dinner while she waits I hear the Schnitzel is nice Like say you’re walking past the Caviar House and
decide to pop in for a little wine tasting before your flight mmm full-bodied Pull out your phone and order a couple of bottles to be sent home Another example would be I come home from holiday I don’t have any
groceries While on your flight order some eggs and bacon Heck, throw in some cookies you deserve it once you’ve gone through baggage they’re
ready for you to take home What’s really special about the solution is that it’s
one of the first true multi-retailer multi-channel, multi-everything
sort of solution that you can use across a variety of platforms like say a
shopping mall In other words what AOE started in Frankfurt Will soon change the way we all shop and travel in the future.

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