Opening event of the “Talent Marketplace” project (with English subtitles)

Opening ceremony for Talent Marketplace Talent Marketplace will provide unique mentoring
for talented youngsters for a period of three months. This programme enables young people
to have a sneak peek into the world of work, and get a real picture of the area they are
to take up after their studies. András Dinnyés Dr.
mentor, Researcher, Pro Scientia gold medalist: I find it very important to share our knowledge and
our interests with others, especially with the young. Adrienn Kökény
mentor, IBM Global Business Services: I also find it important to return some knowledge and experience, because when I was a teenager,
I had some people around me who had helped a lot. I wouldn’t be the person I am if I hadn’t been
told the things they have told me. Zséda
mentor, singer awarded with the eMeRTon prize: I knew from an early age that I would love to sing. I heard people singing in the radio. But I did not imagine a path for myself – I was just attracted to music. And then people came into my life who
helped a lot and told me what I could be. András Dinnyés Dr.:
You need to talk with the mentee; I want to know what they want. If I understand what they want,I may give advice
on how and where their goals can be achieved. Zséda: I think each couple will have to walk a unique path. Roland Zónai
mentee, 20 years old, Kecskemét: I would like to improve my skills and
reduce my disadvantages with the help of my mentor. I couldn’t really focus on this earlier. I have scientific qualification and a lot of experience
in research that I receive at the uni. But I am more interested in leading a company. Noel Plaszkó
mentee, 17 years old, Abaújszántó: I had a purpose when I applied: I would like to get assistance and
create a network in connection with physics. I would love to start researches
in different areas of physics. There are already some areas I’m interested in. András Dinnyés Dr.:
After all, mentoring is related to the economic state of this country – – it is all about how much our country can provide
a place for our talents to develop.

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