Options Trading Strategies How I Make $1 Million a Year Trading Options

Options trading strategies. How I make $1
million dollars a year by trading options. My name is David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com and you can go there and enter your email and receive around
$400 worth of free information I also have the only legitimate stock trading or
real-time trade alerts available. I am NOT a fake guru I make way more money
trading than I do by teaching but helping other people and being of
service actually makes me feel good so I want to tell you a very I want to tell
you the exact strategy that I use in order to make a million dollars a year
by trading options now a million dollars a year by trading options is a little
bit misleading because I do have a multi-million dollar account alright so
I usually earn anywhere from around I’d say 50% a year in 2017 I’m a 72 percent
this year in 2018 I’m going to make less but it usually will average around 50%
every single year now I know that a lot of people are greedy they’re not
satisfied with earning fifty percent a year and that’s totally cool because if
you try to make more money the reality is that you’re probably going to end up
losing all your money so if you’re not satisfied with earning 50% a
year then do whatever you think is better and that serves you and then
learn from that experience that’s exactly what happened to me and I
graduated from an Ivy League university and I worked as an investment banker for
five years and I’ve been surrounded by some of the greatest trading minds in
the world and I still gave in to my inherent human greed to make more money
as quickly as possible and I can tell you that that really
sucks when you lose money so if you are not satisfied earning 50% a year then
you can still watch this video and you can disregard and think everything I’m
telling you is bullshit and you can try other strategies and I hope that you’re
gonna make money but I know that you’re not because I have a tremendous amount
of experience and I’m OCD and fanatical about making money and optimizing my
trading so once you try other strategies and you end up losing your money then
you’re welcome to come back and I’m still going to be here and I’d be happy
to teach you and happy to help you so the most important thing that you need
to do is limit your information sources we live in a
where there’s way too much information and there’s not enough action you want
to turn yourself into a creator and not a consumer the second thing that you
want to do is you want to evaluate your account size if you have an account size
that’s below $15,000 you want to have a watch list with five securities on it
and you want to have positions on with at one time with no more than one
position a maximum of two so you have a watch list of like five or six
securities and at any one time if your account sizes below 15,000 you’re gonna
have a maximum of two trades on preferably one alright I have a
multi-million dollar account and at one time I only have trades on I have five
securities right these five securities are Facebook Amazon Boeing Lockheed
Martin I even find four but I usually also have positions on maybe like half
of these like RT n which is Raytheon Goldman Sachs at gaming stuff like a TVI
or ttwo and PayPal so maybe I have a I have you know six positions on at any
one time Facebook Amazon Boeing Lockheed and then two of these five right so I
choose those I put them on my watch list and this is what I’ve been doing for
like the past five or six years and then I just get comfortable with the trading
range so for Facebook is trading right now with a hundred and seventy-five
dollars I know that it’s trading ranges around
170 to around 182 dollars I simply wait for Facebook to fall to
the low end of that trading range around 172 dollars and then I sell an out of
the money naked put option with the strike price of around 150 eight dollars
I know that a lot of people are thinking right now that selling naked options are
incredibly risky but the people that you heard that from are not successful and
profitable traders ask them for their trading statements and ask them for
screen recordings that show their entire transaction history and they are not
going to provide it selling naked options is way safer than selling
vertical credit spreads because it maximizes the credit that you receive
it’s incredibly easy to manage and roll a naked position as opposed to a
vertical credit spread and also when you sell a naked option it inherently
reduces your buying power by substantially more than a
credit spread as a result it protects you against your human desire to engage
in greedy activities I can’t tell you how many times someone who would sell to
naked options ends up selling 20 vertical credit spreads and then they
get caught because the underlying stock that they sold that option on trades
below the naked option that they or rather it sells below the option that
they sold and above the option that they bought to turn it into a vertical credit
spread so they end up getting assigned those 20 contracts which is too large
for their account and their broker ends up forcing and closing them to close out
that trader the massive loss vertical credit spreads are dangerous because
inherently it reduces the amount of credit that you receive since you’re
buying a throwaway option it’s very hard for you to roll and manage that position
since you constantly have that drag of having to buy an overpriced option and
perhaps the most important thing is that it tells people and gives them a false
sense of security that they can trade way more contracts than they should be
able to trade all right so you sell the way to be profitable you sell naked
options then what you do is you sell a naked option with an expiration of
around six weeks out you can wait like two or three weeks to see how that
option is doing let’s say you sold an option on facebook when was trading your
one hundred and seventy five dollars then let’s say Facebook goes up to a
hundred and eighty five dollars two weeks from now there’s no point for you
to wait in incremental four weeks when that option that you sold when Facebook
was trading at 175 is now is now trading for like 10 cents when Facebook was
trading at 175 and you sold that 158 put option you probably collected around $1
per share and premium now two weeks later if Facebook was traded up to 185
maybe that option is trading in fifteen cents so you have been able to receive
85% of the premium in like one third of the time that you’ve waited as a result
it is not capitally it’s not it’s not capital efficient and it’s not an
efficient usage of your capital for you two wait there in incremental four
weeks to simply collect 15 cents a share close out that position and then scan
your watchlist for you know for Goldman Sachs or Boeing or Amazon or Lockheed
Martin or one of the gaming stocks or PayPal
see if there is an an opportunity for you to sell puts in one of those
positions if one of those positions are trading at the low end of its trading
range and then you sell an out of the money put and then you just simply wash
rinse and repeat and continue to hit singles that’s what we do that’s the
simple strategy that has earned me millions of dollars by selling options
in a million dollars a year that’s it I keep it incredibly simple
I don’t read any articles I don’t look for affirmation bias or any any of that
crap I trade for 15 minutes a day you can go to BestStockStrategy.com and enter in
your email and receive $400 of free training if you want to sign up and be a
member of my trade alerts product it’s the only legitimate trade alerts product
available you can do that all of my students are profitable please like
comment subscribe click the little bell and share this video if you have any
questions leave a comment below I’m doing this because I want to be of
service to other people I’m doing that actually helps me feel good so I’m doing
this for selfish reasons and if you have any questions let me know. Thank you for your attention

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  1. Please share this with your friends & subscribe to my channel. I want to be of service to as many people as possible and help them avoid both stress and scammers. Learn a valuable skill and earn ~50% every year (which will make you more successful than 99% of traders!)

  2. I think its so funny that the ads before your videos start are from the scammers that your are referring to in most of your previous vids.
    Good job I believe you are legit.

  3. Agreed. People against naked options clearly are community college grads who have no experience in the high-finance industry.


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    you'd have a better chance of winning trades?

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  5. Just wonderful, been searching for "trading us options" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Winoorfa Option Olegroson – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  6. You must be trading a ton of contracts at a time with each one of your chosen trades since it seems you don't trade many at a time. It would take centuries to make it into the millions getting $100 for FB or other similar put sale every few weeks or so. I must be missing something, makes me wonder how you made it into millions with this exact strategy ? I also saw in one of your comments that you ignore trading through earnings. How is this gonna work out for your put if there is a bad surprise earning and the underlying drops ITM? Thanks

  7. Interesting video. I've been trading options for about 10 years now with varied success. I trade a simple delta neutral strategy (well, it starts out that way) and adjust as needed. Adding the long side really does bite into your credits when selling premium, but it feels a lot safer than going naked. Maybe this is where I have been going wrong?

    On the high flyers like FB and BABA and the others, what do you do when it goes against you? Let it expire in the money? Defend it in some way? Also, how are you sizing your position and managing risk? I looked at your site and don't see much about the details.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. What's your total notional exposure, and how are you gonna hedge when the market crashes in one day and you get fully assigned all those positions?

  9. So In 8 years with a 2,000 dollar starting account we could at best see profits reaching a total of 90k or so. That's not too bad but damn I'm already getting old.

  10. I have a question. You have a wonderful company and later in goes into the money and it expires, you can do a cover call, right?

  11. How do I sign up immediately? I have money I just don’t know what to do with it or where to begin. You seem very well educated and can be a great asset and mentor to me. Im someone with the money to start and drive to really throw myself into this. Please respond thanks!


  13. so let's say you did this on August last year, FB was around 175 and you sold puts for ~$160 but then FB went to $150,then $140, then $130, all the way to $125 that's extremely big losses of $3,500 per contract for someone with a small $15k portfolio if assigned. How did you manage that last year, did you keep rolling positions and eventually switched to selling calls when your stocks were a certain percentage below usual range?

  14. Where are the videos of your trading statements and screen recordings of your transaction history that you mention?

  15. I believe you. I see that you are legitimate. I'm grateful to be a key player in a meaningful startup right now. However, every fiber of my being, including all that is unseen is ushering me towards this exact strategy. I will go watch all of your videos with passion and full emerson before bringing questions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRANSPARENCY AND WILLINGNESS TO SHARE! 🙋‍♂️🔥🔥

  16. Hi David. Do you put stop loss? What if a position turn against you overnight since you trade only for a short time frame?

  17. You're video confirms my findings after 100's of trades of many options strategies. I HATE spreads and love naked. But I'm not making much yet…thankfully not loosing much either. My question: Do you ever do naked puts on indexes? like qqq or spx, etc? I've been burned by news and or earnings reports on individual stocks. Not as much with the indexes.. Maybe you make more on the individual stocks? I've also had some successes with gold like dust and nugt.

  18. How do you determine a security's (say facebook) trading range. Are you looking at the past 180 days?, $160 and $175 look like the levels I would pick out to sell some puts. Thanks.

  19. I’ve watched a bunch of your videos now and loved the comment you made about the ultimate goal being for your trade alert subscribers to learn from now, to be able to trade on their own. Can’t find that comment anywhere now, but my question is… do you truly think it is possible? For the majority of your subscribers to learn your method I mean? You seem to have found a method that works for you, but in the process you have tried a lot of different things (I think you mentioned forex, day trading etc). Although the other stuff didn’t work for you, you might have internalized parts of those experiences that are now part of your new method. Those experiences may not be so easily transferred?

  20. Very educational. You produce very good financial education content and I can always count on you to give your honest opinion.

  21. Great video on your options trading strategy. How have you been doing in 2019? Has your strategy changed much since the stock market has been more volatile?

  22. Are you going to recreate this video since you recently improved your audio and video quality? That way your followers can learn how to trade and the video will be more engaging.

  23. Retracement levels, particularly, the 50% and 61% retracement levels is always the best options trading lebverage.

  24. A millionaire trader I knew told me when I was young: on the stock market you have to sell, not buy, SELL ! So I only sell options on the SPY. I tried the penny stocks for 1 month a long time ago. I was so nervous sometimes I vomited at night . My mental health is better by selling options.I think if I had to trade penny stocks for a long time I would have gone crazy.

  25. How much do you leverage the cash that you hold in the account? For example, if all of the puts in your portfolio were to be exercised, what is the multiplier of how much cash you would need versus how much cash you have? I think E-Trade has a 25% margin requirement. Do you ever take full advantage of that and leverage 4X your money?

  26. Excellent video David. It seems that your current strategy is less aggressive than what you discuss in this video. is that true?

  27. Yes. I've ran the stats, and I can tell you that selling "naked" or cash-secured puts generally outperforms. It's a great way to get long something, especially when selling low.

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