Options Trading: Up 117% with 100% WIN RATE David Jaffee 2019 TRADING STATEMENT

Options trading David Jaffee Best Stock Strategy BestStockStrategy. I want to walk you through all
of the transaction history for 2019 let’s get it so that it shows everything
great okay so here are all of my transactions for 2019 as you can see it
shows that I was up forty eight hundred and twelve dollars and four cents my
total profits for 2019 were higher the reason is that I had positions on in
December of 2018 that I carried forward into 2019 so those positions from 2018
that I carried forward ended up showing me a profit in 2019 these are trades
that I executed beginning January 1st 2019 so the reason why this doesn’t
match up exactly is that I had existing positions on 2018 that carried forward
into 2019 as you can see I made a trade on UNH here I was charged $123.50 by
tastyworks because this is a business account I actually don’t use real-time
data anymore from tastyworks it’s kind of a shame that they would charge people
100 $23.50 and that they’re unable to provide their customers with free
real-time data information now again this is only for business accounts for
personal accounts they do provide you with free real-time information instead
what I do now is I this account no longer has real-time price data instead
I rely upon the real-time price data from my etrade account and I use that
when making trades in tastyworks so here you can see I opened up some
positions in Dollar General McDonald’s a TVI gaming Google McDonald’s Amazon etc
RTN which is fantastic I’ve never had a losing trade on in RTN Google JPMorgan
Google Facebook as you can see in January in February I was very big
in selling and opening new trades in Google and Facebook what typically
happens if eclis happens is that I will wait for an underlying stock to enter
the wheelhouse and to enter the strike zone and then I will attack that
position and concentrate my portfolio into the best opportunities now when
Facebook started appreciating in price despite the fact that in January in
February of 2019 I traded Facebook heavily you will see that I didn’t trade
Facebook at all as I started appreciating out of my comfort zone and
it no longer provided me with good entry points so I typically will keep around
15 stocks on my watch list and then at any one time there will be about three
or four of them that represent very good trading opportunities of those four of
those four I will usually target two or three and then I will heavily
concentrate my portfolio and my positions into the best two or three
opportunities and those two or three opportunities will rotate as a result
the two or three opportunities right now will not be the best two or three
opportunities in two or three months from now so as you can see I’m very
heavily into Facebook then Boeing so now we’re into March
then JPMorgan LMT Boeing or TN now we’re into April here it looks like I’m pretty
heavy into Google and Raytheon which is our TN Google and Raytheon Google and
Raytheon I pretty much traded up for a few months then later on I switched to
McDonald’s because I remember that McDonald’s fell from about 220 down
below 200 so now I’m in September and October
Disney unhc there’s no more Facebook no more Facebook trades PayPal Boeing LMT
here’s the McDonald’s I pretty much trade McDonald’s incessantly for a few
McDonald’s McDonald’s McDonald’s etc and that’s it so it’s not like I trade often
I think that trading often is a very easy way to lose money and anyone who
recommends trading often is going to encourage you to incur tremendous
violence tremendous amount of stress are gonna have losing positions and at the
same time you are not going to maximize your profits as you can see in January I
did sell some calls I made a lot of money from selling calls in December of
2018 now regarding the Commission’s I feel that tastyworks where I probably spent
around four times as much in commissions with tastyworks than I would have in etrade tasty works charged me $149 dollars in commissions plus
an incremental thirty seven dollars in eighteen cents so that’s a hundred and
eighty six dollars and 18 cents plus they charge me one hundred twenty three
dollars and fifty cents per month for the data fees which to me is just insane
but that was also my fault that I didn’t catch that and I should have caught it
and I don’t have the real-time data feeds for this business account anymore
but in any case if I was using an e Trade instead of spending a hundred and
eighty six dollars and 18 cents on commissions and fees I probably would
have spent around thirty or forty dollars if I used my e Trade Pro app I
don’t like tasty works at all I think that this platform is very clunky it’s
just extremely inefficient for me to enter positions it probably takes me
around ten times longer to enter trades using tastyworks than it does in my
power each trade up it just takes away too many tabs for me to enter a new
trade and to adjust the new trade using tastyworks as opposed to my e Trade so
then that begs the question obviously well then why am I using tastyworks at
all and the reason is that it’s very easy to get approved to sell making
options and tasty works and even though I’m now trading a lot of spreads as you
can see I sold a pub bought a put etc so I’m primarily trading spreads but a lot
of my students use tastyworks so I wanted to have familiarity with the
platform and I really only make around one trade every two weeks and that was
good enough for me to be up close to 120 percent last year with no losing trades
I am also going to do a video of my tax document that’s gonna show every trade
and though it should also show the month by month breakdown and this is just
supplemental information with a screen recording that shows all of my trades
and if you have any questions leave a comment below all right
I’m gonna give you a breakdown of my 2019 trading in 2019 I was up around a
hundred and fifteen percent in my smaller account I’m going to show you
the tax document for 2019 this is tastyworks you log in now I
highly recommend that you receive a tax document for any guru that you decide to
follow because in my opinion there are a ton of fake gurus that many people are
learning from in my opinion Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista as well as Kirk
Du Plessis from option alpha do not make any money by trading I have never met a
profitable trader who follows option alpha additionally I do not believe that
anyone can be profitable by trading the tastytrade methodology as outlined by
Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista they tend to keep negative delta they also have a
tendency to trade way too often but in any case this is not a rant against
Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista the only thing that i’m saying is that i believe
it you’re much better off actually receiving the full year to date or the
full year tax document as well as a screen recording of the trading guru that you’re
deciding to follow because in my opinion I believe that many people are following
fake gurus and I believe that almost all of these fake gurus are going to cause
you to lose money and you’re also going to waste your time
so here I am on my accounts I go into tax centre and it’s really not that hard
this entire video is taking me about 10 or 15 minutes to make and it’ll probably
take me around another half hour or so to edit so I go here I download this so
again I’m providing you with the screen recording of all my trades and
additionally I’m showing you the tax document then I go to open so here I
have the document opened and then as you can see it is 20 pages so remember this
tax document may not equal all of the gains that are shown in the screen
recording and the reason is that there’s a difference between unrealized gains
and realized gains so this specific tax document for 2019 is going to show the
realized gains the taxable gains so as you can see we have the realized gains
right here this shows a realized gain or loss of $6,000 right here all right
6000 so the proceeds of 23,000 the cost basis was 17
remember we sell options so we receive the proceeds and then when we buy it
back that would be the cost basis 0 long-term gains and here it’s going to
show all of the positions so as you can see I sold MasterCard Disney Boeing
Dollar General PayPal you can see all of these trades these are the dates that it
was acquired these are the dates that it was sold and the position was closed out
so here you can get some insight into how long I hold my positions for these
trades were held and disposed about expiration here are more of them
Lockheed Martin AMT which is a REIT Google Facebook so remember we’re only
trading the market leading high liquidity stocks we don’t delve into
penny stocks or we don’t day trade or any of that stuff why because you are
virtually guaranteed to lose money by day
trading or trading penny stocks now a lot of the fake gurus are not going to
tell you that and they’re going to rely upon paid interviews and fancy marketing
and fake testimonials but if you want to lose money then you’re welcome to go
follow them if you want to make money consistently and win a hundred percent
of your trades then I highly recommend that you learn how to sell option
premium because I won every single one of my trades in 2019 I had zero losing
trades all year going through this you can see raytheon i’ve never had a losing
trade and raytheon UNH Amazon more trades more trades or on page 9 of 20 a
TVI which is right here I also don’t have a TV I um I watch this anymore
either more okay so here are all the trades the investment details so you can
see MasterCard Disney Boeing Dollar General PayPal Lockheed Martin AMT
Google so this is the number of contracts this is the price that was
received this is the amount that was received so here you can see lucky
Martin UNH Disney Boeing etc same thing here you can see all the trades these
are the dates that the trades were made the type a trade so you have put and
call etc we made some trades where we so calls in Dollar General the quantity the
amount here are all the trades as well here are the dates mostly puts quantity the price the
amount here all the trades as well and that’s it so here’s the tax document for
2019 it should correspond nicely with the screen recording that I made that
shows all of the trades I would highly recommend that every single coach that
you choose to learn from you should get a copy of their 2019 tax document as
well as a screen recording that shows all of their trades many of these guys
are extremely good at using fraud and misrepresentation to try to separate you
from your money but remember nobody here is claiming that you can ever turn
$5,000 into five million dollars that is completely unrealistic and it’s not
reasonable the reason why many people lose money when they try to trade is
that they have unrealistic expectations and I would highly recommend that you
learn the best way to be a consistently profitable trader and that is by selling
option premium I would also highly recommend that you be careful who you
learn from so in my opinion. Option Alpha Sky view trading and tastytrade tasty trade are not
legitimate educational companies and additionally I also believe SMB Capital is also
illegitimate considering that they claim that they are a proprietary trading firm
yet they are not registered with FINRA none of SMB Capital traders are also
represented or registered with FINRA so I would highly recommend that you ask
all of them for their 2019 tax document that shows all of their trades and I
would also recommend that you get a screen recording that shows all of their
trades because in my opinion I do not believe that any of those guys are
successful and profitable traders and I also do not believe that they will teach
you how to be consistently profitable

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  2. All those fake options traders are going to have a hard time following this up. NONE of them provide even a screen recording, much less a screen recording AND their tax document…

  3. I've been waiting on this. Cool stuff. Keep it up. I enjoy watching your videos even though i'm not able to join quite yet. Just good to see a genuine guy keeping it real.

  4. I am a student and have subscribed to his alerts. David is the real deal. Keeping it simple is the absolute key. Small watchlist and learn how each stock behaves. Make the same trades over and over again. Ignore all the noise. Thank you David

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  7. I found this video entertaining, not boring. Lots of credit to you for showing your trades and tax documents. This is even more information that shows you are legit.

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  10. Hi David, I am very lucky I found your website and videos. It's refreshingly honest, simple and extremely profitable. That's tremendous, not only in the financial education sector of YouTube and the internet in general. That's all with flowers, to your video and taxes, respectively:
    The credit received is someone well below a dollar. I stopped the video multiple times to get what you're doing and it's amazing how these quite far OTM puts add to so much money. It looks like marginal gains in option trading! With a bigger account, do you just buy more contracts or more underlyings?
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    Michael from Germany

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    Can I ask if All your trades are designed to expire worthless? I could have pulled profits a couple days after the trade, but wanted to stay the course to expiration.

  12. I guess the moral of the story is to get a tax document because it can be easy to defraud the people, but a lot harder defraud the US government.

  13. David, thanks for your continued transparency and aid. You are by far the best options guru available. Can't wait to open an e-trade account, become one of your students, and begin learning/earning.

  14. How much leverage is safe to use? I mean (notional exposure) / (capital). Also what is the max percentage of your portfolio you will risk at one time?

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    date acquired and date sold are the same except for google !
    do you day trade?!

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