Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal

In today’s highly connected business
environment, companies are adopting innovative cloud solutions to support
their everyday business operations. For apps and professional services, Oracle’s
400,000 customers look to Oracle Cloud Marketplace for exciting ways to grow
their business. Promoting and distributing apps and services to Oracle’s
worldwide customer base is fast and easy using Partner Portal. Just create a
marketplace listing for your app or service. Include product descriptions,
company details, videos and demos. You’ve got a perfect
sales pitch to potential customers. Partner portal has you covered, whether you want to pursue generated
leads, analyze valuable report data or get an Oracle cloud instance so you can
develop and test app integration. Or build an install package so customers
can deploy your app directly to their Oracle cloud instance. Add colleagues who
can help process leads, update listings and analyze data. Oracle Cloud
Marketplace, the one stop shop for all things cloud, is open for business. To get started go to cloud dot Oracle dot com
slash marketplace.

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