Orientation, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Orientation is one of the first chances to experience this great campus It’s a chance for you to fall in love with A&M-Commerce Orientation is awesome Orientación es una gran experiencia Orientation is the best way to make new friends on campus Welcome to college It was outrageously fun Orientation is wild, crazy, but a heck of a good time Orientation is the time for you to let your
hair down and get excited about education Orientation is the first of many adventures Orientation is your chance to
jumpstart your college career Make new friends, get involved, It’s up to you! Orientation is lit, dope, ah! It’s time to let that Lion Pride shine! Orientation is like the doorstep into
adulthood, if you would It’s your first chance to really get out
there and get to know people that will become your best friends in the next four years Orientation is the start to your legacy at A&M-Commerce You start off as a cub and become the king of the jungle Orientation is amazingly fun Orientation is the bomb Orientation made
me feel at home I felt a lot of school spirit.
I felt a sense of family on this campus and it really made me at home Orientation made me feel as part of the community It’s family oriented When coming to orientation, the orientation team,
we make you feel a part of our family A part of the family Family Family It’s life changing Orientation is going to change your life Orientation was honestly the best time of my life Orientation is the best If you didn’t think that Commerce
was the school for you Orientation will completely change your mind.
I hope you’re ready to be a Lion. Welcome home We can’t wait to see you at A&M-Commerce Orientation So check the bottom of the screen for dates
and you can sign up at tamuc.edu/orientation

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