I have to say I really like the Panorama concept areas. They are extremely interesting because you‘re not only getting fashion but also something on top which is why this is the right place for us to be. On top, everything is perfectly well organized. We´re entirely happy. We are perfectly happy – there is nothing more to tell. We’re super successful right now. In my opinion, yesterday we’ve had the best day since I’ve joined the company. We are perfectly happy. We are here from the very beginning because we like how the young concept is being presented. Everything in this hall is very fresh – also with the new interior you’ve built and I think one can really present its brand highly individual. How do you like it here? It´s great. Really great. We are extremely happy that we’ve decided to come here. The first two days were already phenomenal. Everybody we’ve wanted to meet with was here – which is a real success.

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