Paris, France: Rue Cler Street Market

To establish
a foothold in Paris, I like to choose a neighborhood
and make it home. Strolling market streets
like this, Paris has
a small-town charm. For those learning the fine art
of living Parisian-style, market streets
like Rue Cler are ideal. With the help of my local friend
Delphine Prigent, each shop provides an insight
into Parisian life. Delphine’s planning a dinner
party and she’s taking us along. Shopping on a street like this
is just a delight, isn’t it? It’s really nice. We are very lucky to able
to walk on the street and have all these very
different shops which are very good
for shopping. ‘Cause in America,
there’s one-stop shopping. We go to one big place. We have one-street
shopping here. One-street shopping,
like a market street. It’s a market street,
it is. I think for the first course,
it would be nice to put some shrimps
and mayonnaise. Okay. And so you see you have
different types of shrimps. You have, like,
different colors, different sizes as well,
so I think we’ll go for themoyenne,
for the medium ones, which are
very flavorful. It looks very fresh. So we’ll have some meat tonight
as a main course, and we’ll use
a neighborhood butcher. You know, my mum used to
come here, and… Rick: So you can
trust the quality. You can trust the quality,
you know that they give you
advice as well. So I’m going to have
roasted beef, and I’m going to ask the man
for some tips. [ Speaks French ] [ Man speaks French ] [ Speaks French ] [ Speaks French ]Merci, monsieur.Rick: So what
did he say? So he said
like 25 minutes, and for six people,
1,200 grams. 1,200 grams. For six?
Big people. [ Laughs ] So, Rick, a dinner without a cheese course
is not complete, so we have to go
and pick some cheese. Before dessert,
after main course, and we’ll have an assortment of
different cheeses. So you create a variety.
Yes. I create a small plate
with different cheese. So we’ll have some —
this one looks good, some goat cheese, and some blue, some camembert,
and some hard cheese. Rick: Good socially,
I think. It is very good because
you have more wine. More wine, more cheese,
more wine, more cheese. So once we know
what we are eating, we are going to
choose a wine. Oh. Beautiful shop. Yes, it’s very nice.Bonjour.We are going to
talk to the expert and we are
going to tell him what I’m going to
have for dinner and he’s going to pick
the right wines for us. Rick: In France,
with so many wines to choose from,
expert advice is welcome. He recommends a white
for the shrimp, a full-bodied red
from the Rhone Valley for the beef, and another white,
this time from the Loire Valley, for the cheese plate. Nice to have the advice for the little details
of the menu. In France, any good meal
comes with fresh bread, and that requires a visit
to the local boulangerie. Delphine: So you’ll have
some bread for the dinner. No meal without
today’s bread. Today’s bread?
No bread, no party. No bread, no party. So we’ll have
some baguettes and we’ll have some
special bread as well for the cheese. Oh, so it’s
a variety of bread with the cheese course. Rick: And the final touch,
flowers for the table. Delphine: It’s very bright and they’re going to be
beautiful on my table. It’s great.

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  1. We stayed for two weeks in that neighborhood, at an apartment we found on What a wonderful little spot! One of the best trips we've every taken.

  2. I've been to Paris twice now, I'm lucky to have family that lives in Paris and I got to stay there for 3 weeks and really live their lifestyle. Getting fresh bread and cheese for breakfast was just amazing. The food, wine and sight seeing was out of this world and my cousin really showed me how they eat and live. I couldn't believe how good some of their cheap wines were and it only cost 2-3 euros. I'm lucky to have family in Paris so I don't have to pay for the expensive accommodations!

  3. Rick, Nice job as usual. Rue Cler Street is one of our favorites as well. We enjoyed the way you and your colleague show how Parisians shop for a big meal. We look forward to more information about your travel throughout Paris!

  4. a good.well prepared meal in a nice surrounding and with the right company stimulates all senses and uplifts the spirit.

  5. I am so jealous!  Please tell me how you moved to Paris; our family wants to move there and it looks so cool!  We live in Las Vegas.  I love the country, the accents everything and anything!  Do they have health food markets there like Whole Foods?  We practically live there.  BTW I HATE cheese and cigarettes!  As I understand it both are pretty prevalent in France, no?  Are you an American and we also don't speak a word of French.  Yes obstacles I realize but when there's a will there's a way and my drive to get there and stay there is extreme; strong!  Chrissie

  6. That looks so amazing. I don't care what it takes, after I master the language and finish university, I want to spend at least a couple of years in France.

  7. This is a very expensive way to shop for food and cook. This is charming but not reality today in France. Most French shop at supermarkets, do not be fooled.

  8. My wife and I with our two children 14months and ~4yrs, embarked on a two week trip of a lifetime in mid-May of 1999 to Paris and the Loire River Valley.
    So many EPIC views of the major tourist must see attractions AND then the classic real neighborhoods. Rue Cler was one of our most enjoyed streets! Other memorable sites included the "hidden" alley on the right off of the middle of Pont Neuf that opens up into a charming triangular court yard with several restaurants on each side of the V shaped tree filled park complete with lawn bowlers and the flat end with the Cour d' Appel facade of the Palais de Justice. Available outside seating. No Americans due to the secluded access. Again, an extraordinary bit of luck!
    The other place we liked so much that we went twice was the historic department store, La Somaritaine (now closed) just on the other end of Pont Neuf across from the Louvre.
    We liked it because there was an outdoor terrace on the 7th floor overlooking 360° of old center of Paris. The food was excellent, reasonable and most importantly, a good place for two young children.
    Many world class major tourist must see sites within a few blocks!
    I'm glad we were able to visit then and not now.
    Thanks Paris!

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