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In 2008, right in the middle of the US financial
turmoils, Satoshi Nakamoto shook the world by creating the first truly decentralized
currency – Bitcoin. Yet, very few people know that Satoshi actually
had a grander vision, one for an entirely decentralized economy. Hidden deep within Bitcoin source code was
the beginning of a draft for a decentralised market to complete the Bitcoin currency. Unfortunately, Satoshi could never finish
the marketplace before he suddenly disappeared. Meet Particl, the project that’s reviving
that vision by building on top of a cryptocurrency a market protocol compatible with almost all
the cryptocurrencies in existence. Designed to be the world’s most secure, private
and decentralized marketplace. It allows anyone in the world to buy, sell
and trade goods and services within its peer-to-peer network and to do so in a way that protects
their personal data. Unlike most of the popular e-commerce solutions,
the marketplace charges near-zero fees to its users, allowing both vendors and customers
to make better deals. The entirety of the fees it generates are
then redistributed to its community. Effectively spawning a brand new alternative
economy, one that is safe, low cost and more importantly – one that puts its users at
the centre. Be part of the global e-commerce revolution
and join us at

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  1. Or a gun to make fear for your bully brother to stop annoying you. I'm telling you the smarter you are the weaker muscle you would have. Even if this platform if used for poison I agree with it. No law is better than cruel law @martinallien

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