Passive Day Trading For Profits

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  1. That was awesome Anmol. Just curious, is it possible to do Bracket orders on the daily and weekly charts for swing trading? Can you do bracket orders on Webull?

  2. Ill say it again excellent excellent excellent buddy. You have cleared up soooo many of my questions. I love this style and am going to try this. Im going to follow you alot closer.

  3. Further to your presentation which was excellent, can you detail your strategy for Swing trading, such as stock screening criteria, patterns, trade management, and etc?

  4. Great info…..thanks Although it's a bit counter to: let the winners run. But I can see the consistency of this. Food for thought for sure

  5. how about those of us that add to our winners? i usually add at 1R. what is your advice for us? i am currently using your tracking strategy but i am only a few trades in.

  6. Awesome Anmol, love you and Jared's videos. Keep them coming! I think I want to trade a combination of this type of all day trading with swing trading. You can check up on your trades around 3:00 and make adjustments and if the trade continues in your favor keep a few shares for a swing trade into the next day. I trade with the TOS platform on TD Ameritrade and it's free commissions but not the fastest fill rates so it's difficult to scalp and trade the opens so this is right up my alley since slower fills might not be as critical with this. Thanks again!

  7. I love it, jared hits you direct with knowledge and anmol comes along and smooths it over…best trading channel out there..BY A MILE.

  8. Thanks for the great video Anmol. In your example you bought using a LMT order within your bracket order. I've heard Jared say to use a STP LMT order for the purchase part of the order, which do you usually use?

  9. After listening to this Anmal; I will DO THIS ! Someone might say: well what about the 84% rule? You have proven that this rule is way too less likely to happen; to be pulling your hair out over! Thank you!

  10. Hi Anmol, thanks for this awesome video! I mostly do swing trades, as I'm not good at managing the trades and watching all the time. But I'm going to try your strategy because that suits my time frame and personality well. I'm going to test it out with small risks. It's so insightful and eye opening for me. BTW, love the funny opening! Thanks a lot!

  11. You are really amazing, you know, this info is gold man, but man, why aren't you trading in the crypto markets? you could make so much more money because fees are as little as 0.075% on binance. Plz trade btc against some shitcoins to gain more BTC, you will be amazed bro!

  12. Anmol – question – closing it at the end of day if it doesn't hit target – how many minutes before close as you might get a squeeze or selloff in the last few minutes?

  13. Thank you for that great video. Takes a lot of stress out of trading. One question: How do
    you place your limit orders? How do you choose what price you will enter? Thanks.

  14. Hi Anmol…another great video. I definitely like the idea of AON bracket orders. I happen to trade indexes at the moment and not stocks. I was wondering if the same rules would apply. For example using a 2:1 AON strategy to trade the ES or NQ.

  15. Can a bracket order cancel an order if the stock hits the stop first versus hitting the entry first? Iʻm thinking you might need a "contingent" order connected to a "one -triggers-OCO". "one-triggers-OCO" handles everything, but the stock hitting the stop first. We are taught to cancel the trade if the stock hits the stop first.

  16. "Hey Guys" that's funny lol. I'm going to try that technique, helps take the emotions out of it, less chance of errors, and seems stress free, thank you.

  17. Hey Anmol, good job done .You and Jared together is a double win. My questions are these: Bracket orders best set before the market open ? i know that could be a bit easier . What about placing this bracket order when the market opened and stocks moving fast? how can you catch the move? Thanks again and let these tutorials keep coming.

  18. I've been doing the 2R AON for a few weeks now with the bracket, but my goal for this week is to actually walk away and not watch. Had a taste of it last week w/ a 5' 3B on NBEV. I entered the trade..went to start some dinner, came back 10 min later to check on things and it was 1 cent from target. 🙂 I like everything about this idea. Thanks, Anmol!

  19. 😀 thnx yesterday I tried to choose a broker. took more than 12 hours. chose the ib and now I see that you use the ib too. hurrraaa … 😀

  20. Great content!
    Quick question, how do you scan for gaps in the pre-market?
    Can you do dollar gainers and losers in the IB as Jared do in the TS platform? In IB I could only scan by % not by $ changes.

    Again, thanks for the content!

  21. Last video:
    "You are not going to sit around in you pyjamas and trade. I mean some people do it… Anmol!"

    This video:
    "Yea sometimes I watch a movie."

    Ok. 😀

  22. I like the fact that you literally showed how you go about placing the order. I use bracket orders but I think a lot of the education on like talks about and explains about things but doesn’t literally show how to, and for people that are visual or more tactile learners literally showing how makes all the difference. Wish I would have seen this before I started trading. Thank you for all the info definitely going to try your system. QUESTION. Do you ever look at the stock and the end of the day that hasn’t hit stop or mark and decide to hold for a swing?

  23. Can’t find the other video you were talking about can you tell me the name of it so I can look for it on you tube please???

  24. You spoted something very important in this video. Thank you, it's going to help me. This kind of situation happens often.

  25. Bracket orders are pretty much the only way i trade now. You get the best of 'investing' (where you dont constantly look at the charts, and money works for you,) plus the benefits of trading by constantly making more money, building your stack bit by bit.

  26. " Hey Guys" Thanks so much guys, It took me some time to realize that my active trading was costing me money. When I looked back at the details it was an eye opener. Thanks for your help.

  27. There is alot going on there with the bracket order before the market opens and it's not easy to do a quick ATR Check as your eyes scan level 2 and type in the order box on open . Getting used to it but I can see you are hinting at swing trades so level 2 is not such a concern. Watch less then scan more ; great job Anmol. You guys are lots of fun.

  28. Here’s a problem I run into…
    Details, I use Webull, if that matters…
    But here’s what happens sometimes, I’ll have my sell price, position average, and stop loss, waiting for the buy price to hit, it hits and then sometimes after the buy goes through the stop loss and the sell target gets canceled? I’m not using much money right now, but I’d hate for that to happen when I start putting in real money. How can they cancel my take profit/stop loss options in my advanced order?

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  30. Sounds great, but difficult to imagine how this works in a volatile market:
    1. What is your experience regards to Win/Loss ratio, does it make sense to place bracket orders before the market opens and shoot for the initial run or sell-off? Or the Win/Loss ratio will be better by placing oders only after 5-15-30 minutes after the open?
    2. Usually the entry price is easy to determine. However, the market is moving fast or sometimes the patterns show up "too late", so before transmitting the bracket order the stop price, the target price and therefore the share size needs to be adjusted (again) to keep the Risk roughly constant. This takes time How do you have time for adjusting your stops and and share size in a volatile market? Or you play only on higher time frames like 15-30-60 minutes, and this startegy does not fit to 2-5 minutes time frames?


  31. Excellent information! Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I am starting to try this, but I only trade using options. Do you have any recommendations on the stop loss percentage I should use? I am trying 30%:60%. Does this sound feasible? It could be difficult to consistently reach 60%?

  32. Great content Anmol. I love the set it and forget it plan. I use it all the time, other wise I will mess with it until I make it stop out. Set it up and move on.. 🙂

  33. I dont know dude, stop losses don't work for me its ridiculous, seems like the market just waits for me to take a position so it can just manipulate me, I even started setting up losses a whole distance away, goes down exactly to my stop loss and then goes back up without me. I even experimented with just one share. Petty.

  34. Great video! Thanks for the “How to place a bracket order on IB” tutorial. I am good to go. I am looking forward to the next lecture.

  35. Heyo! Wouldn't you want a stop limit order as your entry instead of a limit order (for trade entry when your target entry price is hit!?)? That way you can setup your 3 part bracket and everything is handled??

  36. That's how I want to live as a trader…staring at a computer all day is just another job…not a lifestyle improvement! Keep your discipline and structure and trade smart! Nice video and perspectives!

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