Pedro Gonzaga talks about OECD discussion on e-commerce and competition

This year the OECD competition committee is hosting a roundtable on implications of e-commerce for competition law enforcement This is the next step of a wide work stream of the OECD on the digital economy Which started in 2015 with the launch of a hearing on big data and which was followed up with? substantive work on algorithmic illusion and multi-sided platforms this year’s topic ecommerce is a very important distribution mechanism across the OECD and the Mechanism that faces fierce price competition as a result It is not uncommon for brick-and-mortar stores To impose certain vertical restraints that can have the effect of restricting price competition in online sales such as retail price maintenance dual pricing policies or certain selective distribution models sometimes Online platforms themselves use vertical restraints that can have potential anti-competitive effects often in the form of most favored nation clauses The roundtable on e-commerce will also address more novel issues such as recent cases of algorithmic collusion haven’t spoke cartels mergers involving online businesses where the exercise of defining the relevant market can be challenging and cases of abusive dominance by online platforms in the form of tying and so-called discriminatory leveraging This and many other issues are discussed in detail in the OECD background notes prepared by neathian from the London School of Economics The round table also counts with the participation of three expert speakers pinna Rahman from University of Leeds Avantika shuddery from OC’s Erie and lar school from Latham and Watkins Please visit the ECB website for more information about the expert speakers the round table or to access the ECB background notes and Of course. Do not miss what promises to be a very interesting Roundtable

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