Plus500 Trader’s Guide | What is Rollover?

Hi, in this video we’re going to look at rollover. A rollover is the process of keeping an existing futures contract open after the old contract expires. For example, you want to trade oil CFDs, and open a buy position on 10 barrels of oil on the November contract. On the rollover date, the old November contract is trading at $40 whereas the new December contract is trading at $50. That means there’s a difference of 10 dollars between the old and new contract. When multiplied by 10 barrels, the difference is valued at $100. A Rollover does not impact your account During the rollover, your position was valued at $400 on the old contract. Whereas, on the new contract your position is valued at $500. A negative adjustment of 100 dollars is made to your account. This means that your equity is not impacted at any point during the rollover process. So why rollover a position? It saves you the time of closing and opening new positions. There’s no need to pay an additional spread. Plus, the service is completely free! If you want to see when a contract is rolled over, click on the Instrument Details icon, and scroll down to look for “Automatic Rollover”. Want to learn more about trading CFDs on Plus500? Check out our website.

3 Replies to “Plus500 Trader’s Guide | What is Rollover?”

  1. I dont get it, sorry. Currently i have 100 barrels. My possition is Currently -100. What would happen if there was a rollover. The worth of the new order would not differ more than a few cents.

  2. I know for sure when you have rollover for profit – you won’t get it all (half of it) and no point to keep it long term as you won’t earn on it, fees will eat you.

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