Pokemon Mystery Box / Trade Cards / Legendary Pikachu Ex

(bouncy guitar music) Hey guys, this is Karina! And this is Ronald, and we are from Sis Versus Bro Today, we got a Pokémon mystery box, and I can already feel there’s two boxes inside Yup yup yup We got a lot of opening to do, let’s open it. Let’s find out what’s inside. Yeah (wrapping paper crinkling)
Let’s go! Bust in! Bust in! We’re not doing that great, we only got this off. Okay, that is very embarrassing Take the ribbon off, yes yes, now be gentle, gentle nice. Why? We don’t — ah! Oh my god! Is this a… It got — Hoopa EX! Hoopa EX, and Pikachu EX There’s so many so cool guys they’re like all, these are all like, um body, body cards, body cards, I forget what they’re called We got… Mega Pikachu! We already had that on anyway but, we got another one! It’s Pikachu EX, a second Pikachu EX? Woo! There’s a Pikachu… There’s a Pikachu pin so adorable Mostly everything in this box I already have We already have this guy at the top but there’s a Mewtwo case there might be a Mewtwo in it even though we already have two. And I just noticed the Hoopa pin right over here. How can we not notice that? Pikachu and Hoopa! Selfie! (both laugh) I wonder which box we’re opening first? I want to open the Hoopa, because we don’t have Hoopa yet. I did have one, but I did a dumb trade. Alright, how do we open —
Don’t bust our way in! Just open gently. (cardboard tearing) Excusez-moi? I opened it already No look, there’s a White Kyurem that does 120! There’s a White Kyurem? White Kyurem that does 120! Wow 120, how? Don’t bust your way in, come on! That’s how you do it, that’s how men do it. I’m trying to be like one of you guys. You’re a gentle Pokémon trainer Nope Okay okay — oh! (box crashing onto floor) (both laugh) I got muscles, man. Okay, let’s open… There’s a frame on frame. Okay, now let’s be gentle. First let’s look at these Pokémon First let’s look at the pin Looks so cool! It’s a Hoopa pin It looks a little weird but… Yeah, it looks like his arms are longer than him. This Hoopa looks like a cartoon Hoopa. I used to have a Hoopa looked way way different. This does not look like a Hoopa. So, the first card we have in here is a Latios that has 100 health and really like over 100 damage. And he is a full art, he’s shiny. And we got this guy we already have. Arceus, we got Arceus, which has 120 health, but depends of the damage. And we got this guy, who looks absolutely insane. And I think he’s standing on a Pokémon. Rude. And we got Reshiram! One of the most legendary Pokémon. 120 health and over 100 damage. Take a selfie. Let’s open this bag. No, where’s the EX? Where’s our EX, you probably — oh, it’s right here. Oh, there’s an EX? [Both] Hoopa! We’ll free you! Don’t bend him, jesus! Okay, there you go.
My Pokémon are all bent Here’s Hoopa, the worst EX on Earth. Really? Yeah, 140 health and 100 damage I had a way better Hoopa than that. And we forgot to show White Kyurem! No, we already did, 120 damage That’s why I put him aside. Let’s open this guy because he is red hot. So, that’s Groudon, he was just upside down. Bust our way in. We got some guys. We got Drilbur that does Fury Swipes Fury Swipes, that’s horrible! We got a Shroomish Shroomish, who’s Shroomish? He does Spore. We got Marill! I had all these Pokémon before. And we have Tackle and Roll Out. We got Corphish — This is a Pokémon I have and I still have. Look at this, he is looking great, it looks like he’s taking a bad selfie. Selfie We got a Weedle! Weedle! Weedle! Weedle! We got, oh my god! A metal energy, it’s a special energy. Okay, special energy metal. It says shield energy Well, still, no one cares. Starmie! Starmie, who’s Starmie? Starmie Starmie We got Rhydon, looking awesome. He looks like he’s rolling out — Rhydon, who’s Rhydon? Rhydon He’s a rhino with a ride on. Bidoof, bid doof Who’s Big doof. Bidoof. Bidoof. Who’s Bidoof? He’s a full — He’s a doofy. Oh my god, a Nidoqueen, again! We got three Nidoqueens! Nidokings. Kings. Queens. Kings. Whatever. They’re so powerful So, where are we keeping all the Pokémon? Now, Mewtwo. Mewtwo! Is there two Mewtwos? Whoa, Pikachu! We got another Pikachu! No, I’m showing these guys. So we got a Pikachu who looks awesome, taking his own selfie. And we got this Hoothoot! Hoothoot! And then we got this fishy guy, he has sharp teeth. And a teddy bear, I want him as a pet of my own. And then we got this bug, who looks ugly. Yah! Don’t attack me, I’m innocent. Nay. (screams) I am a weak Hoopa, ah! And another Pikachu, but enchanted, sort of, I forgot the word. Shiny Shiny Oh he’s looking like — And we got Simipour, I almost forgot the name there. I had this guy before. Oops. Okay, now we’re going to show you a Haunter. Wait, Haunter, what? Oh okay. We got a cactus guy. Really? A Cacturne. A Cacturne, and back to this guy. Okay, no, now it’s my turn. There’s two Mega Mewtwo packs. Come on, isn’t there going to be like some EX in this booster pack? Some kind of EX. Twinsies! Okay, the first one I see is Fennekin. He’s so adorable! No No Rude We got a Pancham. A Pancham? Is that a monkey? Nope Pancham We got a little Meowth. Meowth? Meowth! He’s tired though. He’s in a desert, so lonely, someone must take him to a home. We got a Sandshrew. Sandshrew? You don’t know anything about Pokémon. We got a Swinub, I don’t know this Pokémon, which does a Mud-Slap. Mud-Slap, slap you with mud. And Powder Snow. And Sandslash, we got one right here, it’s shiny, it’s awesome, it’s doing great. It’s what? It’s a —
He looks like a porcupine. He evolved from Sandshrew. There’s ice cream right here! I want to eat him so badly. Really? Yeah A Spewpa. Spewpa Here, take it! Thank you We got a, Ursaring. Ursaring Hand me that Ursaring. We got a, Stunfisk. Yeah, he looks like he’s pretty tired, he looks like he’s been stung by a bee. So we got our Rayquaza, except it’s green, looking a little bit strange. Rayquaza is green! He is? I thought he was red. No Okay, now we’re opening our Rayquaza. We’re going to rip him open. There’s like, such weak guys in these boosters. Oh, a chicken. Let me see that chicken. (both laugh) That’s not a chicken, that’s a bird! It looks like one to me. We got Spearow right here. Aw, this guy is so adorable. Let me see, there’s a card of him, the weakest guy ever. We got a Wurmple looking as cute as ever. Wurmple, red, yes! And we got a Taillow (card hitting table) Oops So back to Taillow, and then we got it’s evolution, Spearow, Swallow, Swallow, sorry. And then we got an electric ball, we got a Pokéball, we got a Pokéball that is a Pokémon. A Voltorb. A Voltorb, yeah. And then we got this crazy bird, he just doesn’t care about anything around here. And we got Fearow, evolved from Sparrow, and we got this guy. I’m just opening a booster pack. Why? I don’t know. Well, I did finish this one open the next one. Okay, so the first one I see does 80 damage, and 110 health. And his weakness is grass, and he’s stage 1. Great! Then we got a Combee that does Bug Bite, that better hurt. Bug Bite? Yeah. He’s going to bite me? No, don’t bite me! 40 hp up in here. Please don’t bite me His weakness is fire. We got a Golett up in here. Is he a flying one? Golett for the win. Which he does Smash Punch, and if he gets tails on a coin he does nothing. That is so horrible. I think she’s rare, Larvesta. Sounds like she’s supposed to be flying Is she an angel hiding her wings? I don’t know, her weakness is water. We’ve got a, Porygon. Porygon, who’s Porygon? Does he fly? He’s a duck. (both laugh) We got a Porygon-Z! Yes, I’ve completed our family. Family, of what? Porygons. Let me see. Porygon-Z, the evolution from Porygon2. Porygon-Z, I really wanted him. Whimsicott! Let me see, he looks fluffy. We got a trainer, which is Hex Maniac. He looks creepy. It’s a girl. I thought he was wearing a black coat. A Bellossom, it’s grass. Is it a flower? Yep, it’s a flower. It’s a Bellosum, fire’s his weakness. We got, Sceptile Spirit Link. Is that a trainer? Yeah, which if you use this on Sceptile Mega EX, your turn never ends. And you have to use it. So cool. Okay, so I guess we finished all of those booster packs. Throw all the garbage away
Now to the next one (both laugh) Okay, so how are we going to stack these? Like this. You really don’t take care of your Pokémon. What, I just put it all to the side, then I do it later. So the next box we’re opening is the Pikachu! Oh my god, it says “Pikachu EX leads the way!” Yeah, because it’s rare. Okay, that’s rip it open. No, here it is, it comes with Pikachu, 4 booster packs. I can’t see. It comes with Latias, It comes with, Black Kyurem. Black Kyurem, there’s White Kyurem and — There’s Palkia and Zekrom and a big giant monster. It’s huge! Okay Pikachu Ex leads the way, Don’t bust in! We are nice people, we treat Pokémon well. We’re not ripping the Pokémon, we’re just ripping the box. But they’re in the box. So, we got an awesome Pikachu, he’s mad though. He’s so cute! So the first one I see is Latias! And we have Latios right there. Okay, so, she’s kind of weak, just to be honest. We got Black Kyurem, he doesn’t really look like Black Kyurem. And we got Zekrom. We got a giant guy just standing right there. And Palkia too. So, Pikachu EX, I already have Pika pika But he’s more better, because he’s more newer. Let me feel him, is he? Feels so smooth! I could sleep on him. Okay, we got a Porygon. Porygon? You already saw him. Did I? Yeah Oh, okay. Here we got Porygon on a lake. We got a Golurk that does 90 times 90, which is looking awesome, he is big, he is fat, he is ready to eat some ice cream. We got a teddy bear, and the beginning of his name is Teddy Oh, Goldeen, she is so pretty, like it’s nuts. Let’s see, oh yeah She should be at a fashion show. Spinarak, and that’s a Woobat She should be in a fashion show too. Axew! We got an Axew! We already had one A Larvesta, another one. And we got an Axew! You already said that. I know. We got a Magikarp, which is not looking good,
Is he a carpet As usual. And we got a fish, again, the same fish, has sharp teeth, like before Wait, let’s see it Oh yeah A trainer, he’s Buddy-Buddy Rescue. What? We got a Ralts. You’re not going to believe what I said. You didn’t say anything. Mewtwo EX Let me see, is this fake? No, it’s not fake. Aw, it would have been better if it was a double element. But it’s still a Mewtwo EX, we got four now. Four Mewtwos. And we got a goat, he’s just racing for his life. This guy is rare, and he is a Gyarados. Who’s a Gyarados? Oh More rarer is a Red Gyarados. We got our Gyarados, I almost said Red Gyarados, but we got a Gyrados. Imagine next is a Red Gyarados. We got a trainer called Mewtwo Spirit Link. Whoa We got an evolution from Axew. He’s looking a little fat, I like Axew better. We got another of the same trainer. We got a Gloom, a nice looking Gloom. Tyranitar Spirit Link. And that is all in this one. Oh, bigfoot. Bidoof. Bidoof Bigfoot? He’s nice and cute, not bigfoot. His name looks like bigfoot. We got Vanillite. Clamperl, we got this one already. Wait, let’s see it, oh. Oh, guy who’s meditating. Pampour, hello Pampour, how are you doing? I’m doing great. Tentacool Pansear Pansear, who’s Pansear, is he fire? Oh yeah. This guy is just shaking a booty. No way! Oh. (both laugh) Shaking a booty, right there. A Pancham, for the match. We got a snail, sort of. You call it a snail, what do you call this? Inkay Yes, Inkay! Hello! I got a trainer called Fresh Water Set, it heals 20 damage from each of your Pokemon, I mean, it’s not that bad. I got another trainer, it’s a Weakness Policy. Hoothoot (tongue clicking) We got a Hoothoot Hoothoot! Hey, show them the trainers. So I got another trainer, it’s called Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick. So we got a Vanilluxe, which is a stage two of Vanillite. Nice, we skipped a stage. We got a Heavy Ball, oh. We got an Inkay. Wait, you opened another one? Do we have the Meowth one? No, we don’t. We got a, We got a Pokéball as a Pokémon. Let’s see it. Voltorb! No, guess what? Rainbow Energy! That looks so cool! Cacturne, again. And we got Spearow. You keep on calling it “sparrow,” it’s “Spearow” Okay, that’s the end of this one. And we got another chicken. Do you like my chicken? We got the Meowth. Once upon a time, Meowth was singing and picking a berry, and he was hiding. And he took the berry from him. We got a lion. I just burped. And we got another crazy bird I think that’s evolved from Pidgey. No, Tranquill. And we got this guy he’s just — Exeggutor, he’s too good. He’s just dancing with three heads. He’s not that good. So in these two boxes we found these cards that we really like. And we got Arceus, we got a Reshiram. I didn’t know this would come up. We got a Latios. And a Latias. We got a Dialaga, which he looks legendary. We got a White Kyurem, please be Black Kyurem next. Nope, Pikachu, like he’s willing to party. And we got a Hoopa! Hoopa What? We got a Latias. Latias, Latios, Latias. We got a Zekrom. You’re just peaking your head, you know? We got a Palkia I don’t know this Pokémon, so don’t blame me. Wait, thought there was another one. And we got a Black Kyurem, which came too late. A Black Kyurem? Yeah We got our Regigigas. Regigigas. Regigigas We got a Mewtwo, we just got a luck, luck. We also got a Meowth, an Inkay, and a Reshiram. So, we’re really happy with these boxes, and we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we will see you all Next time. Bye!

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