POKEMON Rare EX Trading Cards

Hey guys this is Karina. And this is Ronald. And we are from
SIS vs BRO! And today we are going to be opening up three Pokemon boxes. Two are boxes, one is a tin. The tin is called a, what? A Xerneas Box? A Xerneas Tin box. And the next one is a Flygon E-X Box. And Mawile, Mega E-X. And a… Big card, E-X. And also Flygon has a big card too. If you didn’t notice. A couple of, um, what are they called? Some booster packs. A couple, and these are mine! And this is mine! And that’s a Mega. Key chain, Coin. So let’s open these babies up! We’ve decided to open mine first, I decided to open this one because it’s tiny now, And tiny is first. So let’s open this up. Just like that. Ahh, rip it apart! Ahh, yeah that’s how I do it. I really want Xerneas, that’s so rare! You have to trade 55 million Daxes. No! How do you open this thing? (tin thumping, rattling) Oh, there we go. That’s Xerneas. And Card. You see it right in my hands, right there, Xerneas! He does… 140 Damage. And extremely rare. Um, A card to a Pokemon game. And here’s the booster packs. One… Two… Three. Oh! I’ll get this booster pack too! Four booster packs! Even this guy from the movie. Let’s open them up. Can I open one? Scissors. Yeah, you can open two, I can open two. Make sure I don’t cut the cards. I was not even close to cutting them! So I got more of this thingie. (scissors bounce on table) I got no clue who this guy is. Let me see… oh, I have him. Oh, you do? Mmm hmm. Uh, a trainer, Healing Scarf, I don’t know. Maybe you guys have him? It’s a trainer. I know. Oh, I had this guy before! I have him now. (Giggles) Why do I have him (interrupting) Oh, he looks like Clay, that guy. Clay. Oh, cool! You got him! (laughing) You get his (interrupting) This guy, my best friend has it. This is insane! You can make a story with this card and another card. Meowth and Inkay. Where can I find the other one? Oh. It was like, it was like
(interrupting) Rayquaza! E-X? Yup! E-X! In person! A Fletchling. A bird. I don’t know if I pronounced that right. Another trainer. How many E Exes do you have in this thing? I got no clue! It’s supposed to be one E-X. And some other guys, this guy I showed you, And these two were the I think, the same. Actually they’re the same Pokemon. And the story you can make with Inkay and Meowth The Meowth had the berry. Ahhhh! And Inkay is peeking out from the bush, and on the other card he steals it, and Meowth comes after him! (giggles) So funny! So let’s just put my cards aside. So no one steals them… I’m looking at you, Ronald. (laughs) Um, any more? I’m going…(trails off) Oh Yeah, There’s more. There’s a lot to this box! Minccino!
I have Minccino! So adorable! And this guy which is horrible. He does only ten damage. Let’s see, a Meowth, but a different one. A Meowth! I’m so lucky! But a different one.
Aww, yeah. It’s not the same. He doesn’t have a berry. And this guy who’s also pretty bad, but he has some words, words are also good. Oh, Spoink!
Spoink? Who’s Spoink? Spoink. I used to have Spoink. And this guy who is very, very fat. Ohh, Oh look at him…! Yes, I get such good guys! A hundred and thirty damage. And I get this guy, who looks like he burped a zillion times. What? Let’s see!
(giggles) Oh, I know him. And this guy who looks extreme. I have this.
I have a lot of knowledge, I have that.
Oh, what does that do? It looks just icy, that’s all. I don’t know. Another ticket. Except a little different. A Trainer. Um, and three other guys. This guy, pink. My favorite color in the whole wide world. And these two other guys. Oh, remember? We used to have her? Yeah, well, you also have her to Basic. (exhales) Yeah, I’m so lucky! The Basic!
Let’s put these away. I’m looking at you, Ronald.
Here, take all of that. And take…
Thank You. Why do you get two E-Exes in this pack? I don’t know.
Was that a mistake? I don’t know, but where’d my other E-X go? I think it’s over there.
I think that was a mistake. Is this mine? Have we shown these? She’s gonna have three E-Exes and she just started Pokemon last week! And she already has 3 E-Exes. Insanas.
(exclaims) Oh! I don’t even know what I’m looking at. So I don’t know what I’m showing you guys. My, uh
It’s a surprise to me later. (giggles) So much cards here! (exclaiming) Haww, you have Gastly! Gastly!
I have Haunter. Ahh!
Gastly evolves into Haunter. Ah, this guy looks pretty cool. It’s glowing. Snover, my friend has him. Snover. Oh, this guy looks weird, like a crab. What? Penguins! I love penguins! Huh! I have two of her! Oh no, you traded me her. Oh yeah, I traded him. Now I have her.
What an idiot. I have, I have him. I got a ticket. A ticket to, China. (both laughing) And I have him, but from Diamond and Pearl. Let me see. I have him but extremely rare. Ahh! So, put those aside. And everything else on the floor. (objects striking floor) Goodbye! Forever! I want to, I want to open mine next. We don’t need the tickets. (tickets thumping onto floor) Why? Well, let’s do the biggest last. Okay, biggest last. So now this guy. (box rattling) It comes with a big wand, so be prepared. Does it have any tape to open? I don’t think so, but, you could do that. (grunting) Ahhh! Oh there, there is tape. No, just stickiness over there. Oh. (cardboard tearing) Let’s rip it apart! Oh! We don’t like this box! (smacks table) Let’s do it! Come on! But we like the cards. We like the cards. Yeah, we like the cards. (cardboard ripping) Get out of here! The plans one type. (grunting) That’s how we properly get rid of a box. So of course you get this guy. How do you open this thing… oh! Everything fell right out. (giggles) Come on. There! That Mega’s still trapped. The Mega’s still trapped (interrupting) No, I want the Mega! I want Mega. It’s my Mega. So big! Oh it’s not a Mega. It’s a E-X. Oh. I’m disappointed.
(both laughing) I’m so disappointed. Well, this one is a Mega.
Aww. Mega. Mawile.
Allright. So I need… I don’t want tickets, we don’t want those. We never even play online Pokemon games. So let’s open this thing up. Ticket again and (interrupting) That, this was 60 dollars. Do you even remember this guy? Yes. I remember this guy so well. Oh, I’m opening the Tirantrum box. I think we had this
I have him. We had this booster pack before. We definitely had, yep, we definitely had. Bwana Moped Weedle. Oh, I remember him! We definitely had this before. Oh, not him, so I guess we don’t have it. I’m opening the Tirantrum. I got a Mega E-X. My first Mega! I know that Mega. It’s absolute– Pink! It’s special pink. Special energy. I’m going to cry! It’s my best day of my life! You got a Mega. And I have two Megas. I got an evolved Sen from Horsea, I wish I had Horseas. Because I got these two today, now I’ve got four Megas. Now I have my first Megas and I’m really happy about it– I should, I’m gonna open Triantrum now. All right. That sounds like a worm.
I have a– Triantrum. No. Sounds like it to me. Okay, any rare cards? I got this weird looking bat. Okay, he looks like a little punk. (laughs) That’s so funny. Do you remember this guy? From the movie? Yes.
(giggles) My friend has him. I had him before. My friend has him. I had him, and Ronald has him. I have a Noibat, but a different one. (exclaims) Sweeet! He’s so adorable!
(her voice buries his) Lickitung! Lickitung! And he evolves into Lickilicky. I have Lickilicky! Oh, this one’s a cutie. Electabuzz–
I love her! Electabuzz! And then this guy, I think we had her before. We definitely had because I drew a picture. Um, Crobats? I already have her. Electi, uh, I can’t–
Who do you– (overlapping chatter) What? You get stage one of Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff! Ohhh…! No, no you don’t get Jigglypuff you get the– I want Jigglypuff! Okay, there’s one more chance for Jigglypuff. An evolved chick from fletchling. And a Trainer. It’s a Shicksteal– Karina there’s one more chance for Jigglypuff. Ahh. Ah, I remember this guy. I– Is there– I remember this guy from– I literally have every one of these– Just show them it. Show them it. Okay, you didn’t get Jigglypuff. Aw, I wanted Jigglypuff. All of these. I have so many Pokemon now. Just show them properly. This is how you show someone. Wait, There’s more! Uh that’s only– If you don’t have enough time to see it just pause the video. The crowd wants silence. (Both laughing) And they went wild! (yelling then laughing) Okay, you’re probably going to go wild on this. (exclaiming) Bunnelby! I got these. And Horsea! I knew I would get him. And I had this guy. I had him and this guy. And Ronald had that guy. And um, Yeah. Pretty much. Oh! Okay– We got this guy. It fell Oopsee! (both laughing) Okay, get him later. I’ll get him later. And show you guys later. Okay, here take yours. Take your garbage. Bye bye. Bye bye, Garbage. Take your garbage. (plastic liner thuds loudly.)
(rattles) Oh!
(Both chuckling) Okay! The crowd wants silence. I get to open it! Fine!
It’s my box. I’m going to just organize mine. (clanging) 60 bucks! Don’t mind if I do! (scraping, clanging) 60 bucks and I don’t even know how to open it. That’s the box. E-Exes, where are you? E -Exes? I thought I had more than one. Oh, I had another Mega. Is that all I had? No, you had. Oh, and this guy, I forgot. I completely forgot about him. Ronald wants him real bad. Yeah, I’m going to trade you Glacion. All right, so let’s put all in there, put him in there just like that. He totally fits. And we need the cover. Um, There you go! That’s how you do it! Just put that over there. So nothing spills. I have no clue how to open it this box. (box tearing) Yeah. That’s how you really open a box. This is how you do it. Rawrrr! No! It’s a nice box. Raaahh! (giggles) You like to try to interrupt! Ha ha ha! A Mega that’s a wild Mega. Get out of here trash! (box crashes to ground.) Oh my God, Mega. Oh. I want, I want the key chain. No! No you don’t get it! That’s the key chain you stick on a window, I think. No you don’t. It has a hole. Oh, that’s a… It’s a pin! I think it’s a pin. Yeah, it’s a pin. What’s a, what does it– You put it on your shirt. Oooh! Oh, and the Megas, Oh, you got this guy. I’m not gonna put him in my deck, actually I will. No!
(Karina giggles) Here. How did you get it? This looks interesting. Oh, you got a guy that I have. Don’t, don’t not now! (exclaiming) Ohhh. Miccino! Aww. What? What’s Miccino– Um, there’s no Miccino. Crowd wants silence. Get rid of that. Look! Whoa hoa! Okay I want to see, let me see. I want a looksie. Ohhh, Chinese, it’s fake. No, all Mega’s have a Chinese, look on your Mega it has Chinese words on it. Um. No it doesn’t Let’s see your Mega. Um. Chinese words– No, it doesn’t say Chinese words. It does! Okay, it does. And the big one! Yes! Um Looks fake to me. Look at the back! It’s a fake! (giggles) Um, Ronald has this guy. Miccino. Cutest ever. This guy who’s trying to mine some diamonds but he does not have a pick ax. This guy who looks cute as ever as a blue dog. I’m pay– Oh That? That’s the Basic of Lucario. Carbink. Looks ar– I cannot get this coin out of this box! Okay while you do that I’m going to open all of these. No! I want to open some. All right, so I’m getting this and Ronald’s getting that guy who looks very explosive. Let’s see? Ahh whoah! He looks like a wild Bronz– A Trainer, a Trainer two, two trainers. Um Meow, I got the same Meow– Pokemon Fan Club. You got the same Meow. Oh, I got the same! And then this guy. I think I’m getting the same booster pack. Oh, maybe cause we did get the same booster pack. Oh Mew! Mew! I wanted Mew! Spoing! Let me see. Spoing– SPOING! He Spoings out to the air. Where do I put these? I have two of these. Is this my third? Is that my third? I want one! I want on for free, please! You have three of those! Uh Uh. Eew. Get out of here garbage, not like I ever wanted you. Come over here, pack. You don’t have a stage one– And danga– You don’t have the stage one of Jigglypuff, I do. Wigglytuff! Hah hah! I want Wigglytuff. Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff. (giggles) And then we got Pignite. We’ll call him Piglet. Piggles. (laughs) This guy is very happy. All my– I think Mewtwo is going to come in this. I think Mewtwo’s going to come in it. What is it? I doubt it. What if, what would you give me if he comes in it? Um, nothing. A kiss. (blows raspberry) (giggles) This guy who’s very sleepy. This guy who looks like he’s from a cartoon. I have Panpour. One of the three, Who’s poopoom Pom Pom? Panpour. Oh! One of the three of the monkeys. Yeah. Cool. Is that– Van, Vanillite! Is this one of the three of the monkeys? Yes. Oh! Shiinotic. Oh, a Pansear! Pansear. Oooh, Garbodor, I have Garbodor too. He’s shiny, I want a shiny Garbodor. I got a different Inkay. Different Inkay! He got a different Inkay. Man! Pinsir? And then we got this guy. Look at that Pinsir, there. I want to see Pinsir. Who’s Pinsir? Pinsir. Don’t blame Don’t blame his name. Does he stick pins in his self? (both laugh) This is the Noivern I always wanted. I saw it on a pack, I was like, I want this Noivern so badly! Ooh, I want to see. He looks weird. I had a ba– A Hundred and twenty damage in Noivern. Yeah, but I had a cooler one before. This guy who looks like a frog. Forty time forty. Man! And a Trainer. Upside Down Trainer, oh I had one of these before. I have one of them. Kirlia! And a gnat. Diamond and Pearl. Diamond and Pearl? No, no, no. I have one that is Diamond. Will you check for a real diamond– No, no, I’m opening that one! _ I’m opening that one. Oh that looks interesting! A little puppy but a gold one. Which does not look cute. I’m just going to take a cute guy and look at it. Um. Uh, hey, you see anyone cute? No? All right. Run, (exclaims) I have the same one of him. You do? Uh huh I have Bronzong. Bronzong! I won the bronze metal! I’m gonna have so many–
So, he has this guy, Who looks pretty. Pretty– I just opened this guy. And he’s a stage one of him. (both giggling) And we also got this guy who looks like Pumpk– Karina! Yeah? A full family. I want him, he’s too adorable! Piplup, I forget his name, well I do have the full family. No, we bad, my first no we bad– Not Pah-sy-, Psyduck. Karina, you have this one. I do? Yeah. She has that one. (exclaims) Yes! Yes!
And I have this one. Ywes, I have the cute one! But it’s in my mind, and I don’t want to take it out. For good reason. I used to have him. Like a long time ago. And now I have him. A dead Pokemon. Wrong! It’s a dead Pokemon. What? Got swirly eyes. I thought that was Jigglypuff for a sec. (giggles) That’s all in this pack. And there’s slow– Slowpoke? What a coincidence? Yeah. We got a free card of Slowpoke from Toys R Us. And they put in a better one, a better Slowpoke. You have this guy! Doublade? I want him! Doublade. And this guy. Say cheese! For some reason he’s pulling another Pokemon’s butt. (both giggling) He’s a very mean guy. I really want to get an E-X out of this! And there’s this guy who’s probably having a race. And he’s winning. Come on. E-X somewhere! Ahh, Non sky– I don’t think I’m going to get it here. Very furry and pretty Asher of character. And this guy. See? Did he come from a portal or something? That looks interesting, real interesting. So that’s you, and– (cards drop onto floor.) Oh, whoops! Sorry! You want me to do that to yours? No! (giggles) Let me just try on this pin. Geez! Looks, actually, no, I don’t want to poke myself. Here, you can have the pin! And you can poke yourself. And, we’re now going to end this video. We hope you liked it. If you did, smash that like button! For all the Megas! Yeah, My Mega. Well, half Mega. No, your Mega’s right there. Oh, my Mega’s right here. I have that–
Your like for this guy! And we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! I have number two of this, and Mega. Wow. This is so scratchy. Scratch it! Scratchy, scratchy, scratchy! Bye!

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