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  1. Amazing n most appropriate way to make someone understand…How should a budding trader go about his trading journey…Thank you so much…If u can please share your contact details so that I can contact you.

  2. To the fools who think 2k is a lot of money for training YOUR FUCKING LOST PEOPLE LISTEN I LOST 1600 in one trade because I failed to get proper education trying to learn thru videos an websites but it’s hard to try an gather everything off the internet an put it all into one course when u don’t even know what to look for so anyone downing clay for his measly 2k course that can potentially make you hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS ANDDDDDDD not only that BUT IT WILL SAVE YOU (MONEY!!!) AND BIG KEY HERE (TIME!!!!!!) IN THE LONG RUN also never trade real money unill you can be successful papertrader if not you are literally gonna fail everytime garrenteed, you will have no chance it’s literally a fact my friend the market is a viscous place an you will get bit if you don’t play your role

  3. For those of you who bash Clay for selling courses as an alleged scam artist, he does what any smart man would do to build wealth: create multiple sources of income for himself. The way I see it, if I spent 2K on his courses, I would have only spent a fraction of what I would have lost going at it alone. Even if Clay's strategies didn't work for me, I would have a well rounded idea of how NOT to trade. The idea isn't to use one guys strategy and make the big bucks, it's to tweak it and make it your own so you aren't another dime a dozen trader blowing up his or her accounts. Call me a fool for buying into the education system, but I'm an advocate of the idea that free advice is worth every penny you pay for it. I'd rather learn how to do something properly than to fail and spend the rest of my life only making 40K per year throwing money into a 401k or a robo advisor and hoping the people managing those accounts are smarter with my money than I am. And Clay, thanks for the videos that tell us the harsh reality we need to hear, not what we want to hear.

  4. What is your Net Worth ClayTrader…since you talk about trading… I participated in interactive trader course ( where they talked about trading options, like it would be risck free, like you can make money spending only 30 min a day on it )…what basically sold next course from 25-40 000 dol. I already paid 1100 dol for 3 day course and they selling next. And all the salespersons look unsuccsesful, but they all have finish course and said that they are succsesful. My message…is…if you are saccsesful in that…you dont spend time in selling this to other making videos or like this people who were traying to sell me next course. I belive more in people who sell me house, car or even life insurance.

  5. Skip the worthless "training" and just buy a few books from Ebay. Sorry to say, but most 'experts' who are trying to sell you something don't know what the # they are doing !

  6. You have a very realistic sense of investments. This is really helpful and it even motivates.
    Thank you!

  7. This video really inspired me because im literally doing everything your saying in this video . im saving everything i have to pay for a sick set up that im going to love and not want to stay away from to push me even more all in the meanwhile also saving for the training course. Reading books like trading in the zone. You say it isnt sexy but to me it is, because i've embraced the struggle ,and i know when im achieving my goals in the market in a few years from now its gonna feel so right because i busted my ass for this spent every moment of the day studying for it and working 2 jobs for it. Sacrificed friendships &relationships to stay on track with this on the daily. . I knew i was doing the right thing by staying focused and making these sacrifices but this video right here was just confirmation to it. Well done boss. Im sure all the real grinders that are truly hungry for this will appreciate this as well. Any recommendations on great books to master trading psychology?

  8. omg this is amazing. The way you lay it out is just so simple and straightforward, making note of the obstacles and unexpected obstacles that will 100% come your way. Wow i Thank you for this claytrader

  9. Not poor, but not willing, till you know wtf it's all about,
    Either way i really appreciate your videos, I've learned alot

  10. I watched Clay's free YouTube content for over a year and also listened to his podcast. I finally pulled the trigger about a month ago and bought CTU. Long story short, he is the real deal. If you are dedicated to learn and put the time in, his courses will steer you in the right direction. Well worth the money!!!!!

  11. First 3 quarters of video Save money and spend to educate but resist the urge to trade
    Ending of video Trade without emotion
    Not trying to be insulting I just found it funny and had a good laugh XD love your videos!

  12. Great analysis
    It reaffirms what I'm already doing in forex
    I'm in the last stages of what u explained here
    Thanks for this vid
    Cuz with all these get rich quick videos
    I thought I was doing it wrong

  13. @claytrader, I understood that the trading requires patience and skill, but this activity is not related, at all, about the fact that an specific investor should have an very strong grip and knoledge about what and how an listed company is doing? Does he have to distinguish between an company which is doing self filling water bottles(which will become bankrupt after an extensive media coverage) and the one who is bringing quantum computing( which is already changing the perspective to the entire existance) to life? You need to see the real value that company is producing otherwise you may catch your ears in diagrams and charts and strategies. Is that right?

  14. clay you are real,i am going to start the university and that voice pop up.but i know what i want so see you soon bro.

  15. im just confused on how money is lost trading, how can you lose money in a stock if you buy a stock for $5 and just wait however long it takes to go up over $5, then you cant lose right? even if it takes a week or year you keep the stock forever therefore you can sell whenever, the only way i see losing money is if you buy a stock for a outrageous amount that leaves no gap for profit and then the stock drops and never comes back up to break even?

  16. hey clay, great video. i dont have any computer or laptop, do i need to save few more months to buy it before start trading?

  17. i went minus 20. 000 dollers when i was trainning lucky the trades came back got me money back by not closeing out . but a lesson of what not too do in future lucky i saved up enough doe to weather the storm . guttseyest move i ever saw mav

  18. After sinking money into SKY VIEW TRADING. I soon realized what novices they were at losing money and all about the excuse of teaching the education behind options strategies. They looked good with the web interface and all but they are a skunk after tracking the companies returns. Definitely seemed to be a online marketing niche more than anything. It really pissed me off after adding up their profit and losses over a year. None of their subscribers apparently had thought that far.

  19. Clay,I just wanted to comment on how "Poor People Make Great Traders!" is a great lecture. The steps you outline for getting started is on target. You would think its commonsense to study before you start inventing/trading. But with so much information on investing/trading. Some people are just doing it. More power to those and I hope they make money. For others its just very confusing, how to get started that is. I fall into the second category and I just confused by it all. Truth is I'm not even sure I want to be a trader. It seem like a lot of work. With all the millions of people trading only a few seem to actually make money. The guys at work are all into it saying they are making money. WOW!!!  this and WOW!!! making money that. But when I sit them down and start ask them to show me how much they have invested overall. We find out they actually aren't making any money. In fact we find they're actually losing money. So I though I might dig in and see if I can found out what it means to be a trader, what it means to trade, and then understand why some traders never make money while others do. Last, I've decided to take you advice and am going to seek some sort of extra income that I can use to take the next step which is to get some type of training. While saving the money for the training I'll start doing some reading on the subject as you requested. It seem a little boring to just read and not trade. But like you mentioned. The temptation to traded is going to be there and needs to be ignored. The opportunity to trade will come soon enough but should not, until I better understand what I'm doing. In the end maybe I'll make a little money and recover my training investment plus a little extra.I really needed a list of books you think apply. But for now I'll stick to your suggestion which was books on Psychology of trading (any title) and Biographies on successful people.  Thanks for a great lecture and some simple but good advice…Hope to make contact with you in the near future.

  20. I see clay you have been sticking with trading for a while. I'm just getting into it and I'm glad to see that you shot it straight. Blessing to you bro..

  21. The question is not about trading, its how the fk do you get the money to start trading lol. Because every time i have looked into this it seems like it requires thousands of dollars to even do anything. When the most i could ever come up with at the current situation is a couple hundred at a time. And i heard over and over that affordable solutions like penny stocks and such are shams and not really trading at all. So again how much money the cheapest way in is something no one talks about, and also how to start trading is also something no one talks about. Btw not everyone can just be a laborer.; and most people who sell programs are shams as well as they make their money from programs not what they are teaching but from teaching lol whether its wrong or right. Which is why again no one really tells you anything.

  22. It's a good video. I'm actually poor and In the studying + practicing with a demo account, listening to audio books ect as I'm watching this video lol also whilst working part time as a actual gardener xD I really want to be able to trade properly and consistently which are my goals so this video Is pretty much spot on from what I can see. Obv I cant speak for rich people, unfortunately lol

  23. its really really important video.. I wish more people watch and learn from this rather than jumping right in by Temptation..

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