Pro Trader Tim Bohen: My Biggest Win

– What’s up? Tim Sykes, Millionaire
Mentor and Trader here, presenting you with a very interesting video of my student, Tim Bohen. He’s a part-time trader, a
family man, very disciplined. Learn from his experience. (upbeat music) – So, when you talk about biggest win, I don’t really have like,
that one million-dollar trade, or that one hundred thousand dollar trade. I’ve had a lot of thousand,
five thousand dollar gains here and there. Because something that I focus on and what’s maybe a little bit different than a lot of guys in videos you’ll see is I look at, I take the working
man’s approach to trading. And I look at trading as a skilled trade. This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme to me. I know I day trade some of
the most volatile stocks but I’m not looking to get rich
today, tomorrow, et cetera. I’m looking to supplement my income. I’m looking to pay for a vacation. I’m looking to put the money in savings. Wash, rinse, repeat. I talk about being a CPT, a
consistently profitable trader and I think, and I know a
lot of traders will vary, there’s a lot of guys out
there that make those big gains and make those big losses. I look to just kind of not
deviate from the mean that much. I look to bank a thousand dollar gain, five hundred dollar gain,
control those losses and take that working
man’s approach to trading. And I think especially
if you’re part time, and I was a part time
trader for five years, man if you try to take those home runs, it’s going to be difficult
to focus on your job, it’s going to be difficult
to focus on school, just chip away and you would
be amazed at how quickly your account grows five
hundred dollars at a time, a thousand dollars at a time. So when it comes to
what’s your one big gain, I can’t think of it. There’s a sea of small
to intermediate gains but that’s where I kind of vary
with my blue collar approach and my working man’s approach and that I think is the best
way to learn and evolve. Because to me, if you can’t
make a hundred dollars consistently trading three
out of five days a week, make a hundred bucks, if you
try and go and make a thousand or make ten thousand,
you’re gonna blow up. So many people have that
unrealistic expectation and they wanna run before
they even know how to walk. The problem with trading
is you can get lucky. You buy some stock at a dollar
and you get up the next day and it gets bought out at ten dollars, and you think you know everything. I’ve been here for ten years
and I’ve seen so many guys with early success that flame out and you never see them again. So when it comes to biggest
loss, or biggest gain, I don’t really particularly have one. I’ve got big losses,
that’s happened for sure. But when it comes to gains,
it’s just small, grind, grind, grind, compound, grow your account, and focus on consistency. If you’ve got a small account, a five thousand dollar account, a ten thousand dollar account, and you’re trying to make
five grand, ten grand, you’re almost always gonna
get dashed on the rocks. You’ve got a small account, you want to make a hundred bucks, you want to make two hundred bucks. You want to grow that
account, refine your skills, and think about this as
showing up to work every day. Even when I had my business,
I was still getting up at five in the morning
to build watch lists. Nobody made me get up then. I wanted to get up in that time window, do my research, get prepared for the day, and look to be that true trader not just some degenerate gambler. – Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe
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35 Replies to “Pro Trader Tim Bohen: My Biggest Win”

  1. Awesome this is my plan for learning! Maybe do full time in 4years once children are in school!! Small adds up to alot over time!

  2. Por fin le coloca traducción al español, se estaba perdiendo de atraer a una gran partes del público.

  3. my biggest win, was $1000 on a practice account. But it was a gamble.Growing is study like Tim says.I am still learning how to research for gaps .

  4. Havent even made a trade yet, just studying at the moment and getting prepared. Im on trading tickers and learned so much about risk management.

  5. My biggest win is my current option on ROKU up 900% this morning. Small position but hey it's a great day regardless.

  6. What did you learn from your big losses? Was it out of greed or rushed traded ? Also how often do You find companies get halted or go bankrupt?
    Say high to Tim!

  7. I need to be more consistent, but also put in MORE work and MORE effort to track trades. I have to make that schedule for myself, but I've already set up the tools to do so. I just need to commit, starting tomorrow morning.

  8. It was my first day trading with real money, market was closed but I found a stock breaking new highs, I bought in thinking the price would hit my limit order in the morning,

    It jumped $4 dollars over night, making me miss out on a $1000 dollar trade -.- I still count it as a win though , only because my analysis was pretty good and if had a position overnight I would of had that money the next day😂

  9. Hey Tim I have few Questions for you
    How did you stuck in the 2 to 5 million range for last 15 years ? While you get to 1 million quickly (like your students)? Why you didn't scale it up from 5 to 100 million for example (like you did in your begining )?IT doesn't seem too logical

  10. Been watching all your videos for the past 36 hours. Tried the first trade of my life today using your safe approach.
    No Time Symbol Side Price Qty Route Broker Account Type Gain ECN

    1 10:04:29 ATOS S 5.41 50 SMAT MBS060768 Margin $13.500 $0.000

    2 09:39:00 ATOS B 5.14 50 SMAT MBS060768 Margin $0.000 $0.000

  11. Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

  12. I've got exact same mind set. I've blown up several accounts trying to swing big. Once I sized down and focused on small consistent gains is how I made it.

  13. Biggest win BPTH with 200%, bought it at 7.25 and I had to hold because I was out of daytrades and the next day it just boomed to $19

  14. wow! first time I hear a pretty normal, humble guy explaining pretty normal, achievable gains without lambos, jacuzzis etc. in the background telling stories about his friends and himself how he made those fifty million over the weekend and other BS. Thank you Tim Bohen, you're so very genuine

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