17 Replies to “Question Period – February 27, 2020 (with English interpretation) #QP #cdnpoli”

  1. Deflection of the Question, today's episode no different than yesterday's. A bunch of overpaid, under qualified politicians, lie and deflect to each other.. never thought I would say this, but, Murdoch Mysteries on the CBC is becoming a better alternative than this Circus of Fools comedy show, at least Murdoch Mysteries solves a problem in an hour. When Trudy decides to show up and lie to us all, I call those episodes the "Twinkle Toes Amateur Hour" featuring the right honorable Crime Sinister Black Face Two Face.

  2. Global warming/climate change, net zero, ect. These terms all fear based wizard's spells, designed to devour our substance. Corona virus is another fear based wizards spell

  3. I used to think they were all smart people but It's difficult to find a liberal who has actually research the climate change debate. It is not settle science in fact without CO2 we can grow vegetation. If they had they would find that all the money they are spending toward climate change could be better spent creating jobs. Maybe they should all take a pay decrease and put that money toward their pet project and not force their views on Canadians. This is the most irresponsible government in my life time.

  4. #WEXITNOW Chris Freebush is the Face of Liberal Adversity. Delay, Delay, Delay!! The Liberals are Killing Canada One Job at a Time. The FAKE Climate Change HOAX Smoke Cloud is Clearing slowly and is Revealing All of the Corruption in the Liberal Party. #WEXITNOW The Clowns in Liberal Land have all contracted the LIARS – VIRUS and it also causes Dementia, Plus the Bobbling Head Disease. #WEXITNOW There is NO Fixing What is Wrong with Canada's Governance. It's a Complete Disaster!! #WEXITNOW

  5. Conservatives: When will the Blockades End? Liberal Bill Blair: Says the Obvious and has ZERO Solutions and has the Gaul to Call the Conservatives Hopeless. The Liberal Government is both Hopeless and USELESS. Liberals Support Fake Foreign Funded ECO-TERRORISTS AND THEIR GOAL to Destroy Canada's Economy!! THIS IS A NATIONAL ECONOMIC CRISIS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! A VOTE OF NON-CONFIDENCE MUST HAPPEN BEFORE CANADA IMPLODES!! #WEXITNOW

  6. Why do you keep cutting parts of the videos out. Seems to be only when liberals are about to answer a question. Im beginning to wonder if this channel is biased.

  7. Trudeau's "COMMON GROUND" IS "Western Canada must submit to Trudeau's blocking pipelines being built"!!!!! He is passive agresive in his dealings with the pipeline, all for the sake of his Climate Change agenda at the cost of Western Canada!!! WEXIT! WEXIT! WEXIT!!!!

  8. I keep hearing from the opposition that the prime minister lacks leadership. It is the NDP, the Block and the Greens that are propping this government up. When will they live up to their words and vote this government out at the first chance?

  9. Trudeau’s Eastern clown show needs to end . Why bother with this Parliment hill gong show . A bunch of over paid bums that accomplish absolutely nothing. Your all idiots and sponges.

  10. Will somebody PLEASE POINT Out TO THE LIBERALS that just because the global economy recovered while you were in power DOES NOT mean you had anything to do with it. This claim of "creating 1 million jobs" is such nonsense.

    If you look at Canada's recovery compared to other countries such as the United States since the 2008 crash, Canada's recovery has been weak and lagging.

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