Republicans (Mostly) Stick By President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

10 Replies to “Republicans (Mostly) Stick By President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC”

  1. Lol. Trump support has never been greater.
    Many Hillary voters are waking up.
    The rest of the TDS minded people need to get some .
    Trump will win the black vote by a landslide.

  2. The rich pedophiles covering each others backs,rough riding over the law and moralistic values, whilst the the American sheep spend money they don't have in the malls and lose heir homes to the bankers… welcome to the american "dream". God bless the rest of the world.
    btw…thanks for giving us freedom and democracy… people of Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan,Honduras,Guatemala, etc etc etc

  3. Clinton should not have been put in any trouble whatsoever because he allowed a nice female to blow his flute. It's all because of jealousy of those in the WH. They would have loved having their flutes blown. The houe is filled with no good FEUKERS, that is all…

  4. Jodie Ernst of Iowa was completely full of crap! It is her duty to stand against this ridiculous excuse for a President. So very lame.

  5. Every republican that is “sticking” with trump, should stick with him in moving their residence to the same jail that trump is moved to! Citizens that do not cooperate with evidence, and in fact block evidence, are just as guilty as trump is….they are protecting themselves from trump’s WRATH instead of protecting our free nation
    from being bamboozled AGAIN with interference from interference from other nations. WHERE IS THEIR LOYALTY TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

  6. Nope, I think that corruption absolutely needs to be investigated and consequences merited out. Time for those who actually run things through backroom deals are exposed. If nothing happened, then nothing will be exposed. Hopefully it will be a lot cheaper than the investigation brought about by a fake dossier paid for by a political opponent that was used by a few running things in the fed gov. They never poll us – and only reason these news orgs think people are watching and believing what they say anymore as they cut videos and pretend people say things they don’t, is because people either like the local news people and leave the tv on that channel or it’s all the digital antennae picks up.

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