Retails management POS & e-commerce integration solution (for Retail owners)

In the old days, you presented a business
by physical methods. People ask for your business card or brochure. Not being able to provide
them, you lost both clients and credibility. Nowadays, people are asking for your online brochure and your website. No online store? You are behind your competition. Haven’t you noticed people visit your store, check out all your product, try them all on, as soon as you feel they have found the item and are ready to buy, they make a mental note,
and leave you the mess. Yes, now they are going online and searching for the best prices. But wait, your web site is not there. Your competitor is happy to sell to your customer, and they never thank you. But there is a solution! TEI helps you to build your online store and
beat the competition. Your new ecommerce website, customer magnets, store location is open 24/7. There’s no rent, no staff, no utilities. It keeps selling when you’re sleeping, and
even when you’re on vacation. But remember, this is your brick and mortar.
You need to update your prices, and add new items. Otherwise, your online revenue will
go flat. Oh yeah, data entry is time consuming. It’s
a pain! Simply because your website is not integrated with your POS. Every new received goods has to be entered into your POS as well as your website. As your business grows, you need more resources for updating your site. As soon as sales start
to come through, you need to re-enter the web sales into the POS for inventory and accounting adjustments. Too many labor hours? Hey! Have you ever experienced any human mistakes in your data entry? There is a solution for that too! TEI can also help you integrate your website with your point of sales system. Integrating your POS system with your website will automatically and instantly synchronize products and orders, reduce human errors and save labor. And streamline your accounting and inventory process. Please
contact us for a free consultation.

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    I just connected the video to our web site for more details. That was a perfect advice.

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