Running Errands in LA: T-Mobile, Target, & Trader Joe’s ❤️

Good afternoon everyone! I’m with Christine She’s all dressed up because she has another wedding to go to And we’re gonna meet up with Hannah, who recently got married, and then she’s gonna leave me yes, but I will see you again. Yes We’re just walking around Melrose. It’s super busy today, and I might check out the shops after getting, boba Are you getting boba with us? Yeah. She’s getting boba with us Outfit of the day! What is that? I brought that. It’s a surpirse Haha, all right, where should we go inside? Look at her Christine never dresses up, but the four times I saw you in California you’ve been real pretty? Yeah I mean you’re really pretty, but you’re like extra pretty Okay, we’re gonna go inside here Can you take a picture of me? Yeah, I will… why not? Come back You look so cute. This is a showroom for those bags right here This is apparently a showroom and a cafe super extra Christine was like this is almost as extra as Korea. I agree, like look at this water And a cafe, has everything You know I wanted this bag for so long, but I feel like it’s not practical for me I like the squarey ones The squarey ones like right there? That’s cute that one right there I’m at Alfred’s waiting in line. I’ve never seen it this busy before But I always like the cups here tea, yes you may be Look at the pastries I’ve been talking about cookies all day so I think we’re gonna get the cookie look at how amazing it looks. I’m happy Yay, so excited I wanna “Joanfood” it I’m gonna “Joanfood” this. This is so cute. I love Alfred’s Hi, Anna. Hello. She’s a married woman now, and then. All your vlogs now are like my friend got married, this friend got married, this friend’s getting married. Dude, wasn’t Janice’s wedding last week? It was so pretty! Yeah So we’re watching this dog because the owner is getting a drink OG YouTube days when Hanna used to pop in and talk about Zion.T all the time He’s my forever lover Does he have any more LA concerts coming up? Huh? Does he have any more… Noo. I cant believe Crush actually was there When crush poped out I can’t belive that What about the other guy you like? Dean? Dean? He wasn’t there. No. Was he amazing? What songs did they sing together Crush tried to sing Yanghwa Bridge and he was like “Hyung sorry”, because he didn’t know the lyrics to it. Okay bye! Bye! Oh my gosh you guys Hannah, and I finally caught up after finally since I moved. No we briefly caught up at Christine’s bachelorette. Yeah, but, that was nothing compared to- what we just did today. Very necessary. Oh my god. It’s so great seeing you I feel so What? It’s like Korea days, but in our new.. in my new home. You know for Zion.T’s concert? I wanted to give you the two extra tickets with Chris But you know.. you know why I didn’t do that? Because you would have to go with your husband I know! And I don’t want him to be jealous The day after your wedding I was like, I’m not gonna like help you fall in love with Zion.T again. And the fact that Crush was there, oh my gosh That would’ve.. that wrecked me. Yeah, he actually got a little jealous because I.. Christine told me that you bought.. she.. you thought of me. Yeah And then when I got super excited in front of Chris. He’s like “yah!” Me or Zion.T? I was like “Uhh” – “I mean you obviously” That’s so funny. Didn’t I go to the concert with you. We went to a lot of concerts together when you were in Korea. Yeah Korea concert; did we go together? We went to Jisan, we went to Amoeba Oh, did we go to Amoeba? I don’t think I did, but we saw.. we met both Crush and Zion.T together Oh, and then the Jisan festival. And did we go to hip-hop player? I don’t know we went to a lot of concerts together and We fangirled like crazy It’s been great. I’ve matured beyond uh my celebrity crush though. Yes, because she’s now a married woman I’m a married woman Mrs. So, Lee So or So Lee. Oh i like So Lee. So lee, should I keep it as that? So Lee, So Lee So we’re walking around and I want to prove to you LA’s amazing because they have the best walls, check this out Everybody is taking their Instagram photos He’s coming at 5:10, so I have more time. Oh yay! Okay, let’s go to a Reformation Look, this is so true: “Magic dressing rooms inside” It’s so true. Hi I love how their clothes changed so often Like this was all not here before I am back in the cool dressing room And then I’m gonna change the lighting to cool, yes This is just like my kind of lighting, all right, so here are the jeans I don’t know after wearing so much girlfriend jeans. I just feel kind of.. I feel like I’m gonna commit to girlfriend, but these are really soft Should I just get them? umm probably not. Here’s top one. Here’s another top Just not feeling it today No luck today But maybe next time. Bye Hannah Bye I’ll see you again soon. In Korea or here soon. Yes! Yay! Bye! Bye! Good afternoon everyone Today I’m out in Westwood. I’m gonna run some errands I have to fill up my phone because I’m here for longer than a month and my brother paid for the first month And then I am gonna go to Target to pick up a few things and then get dinner with Eunice. Here it is. It’s actually so hot today, the hottest it’s ever been since I’ve been here So hot today! Yeah, it hasn’t been this hot at like.. I don’t even remember. That was super easy. T-mobile has really nice service, and it’s like really cheap Now I’m walking towards Target, but I think that there’s an Urban Outfitters nearby so I might check it out first, but we shall see It is really hot today, but I’m just loving this weather. Oh, I do see Urban Outfitters Here it is. I really want to pick up some hair products and look extra 40% off sale Let’s go check it out. Here is their beauty section I know that they have a few Korean beauty products But I don’t see any I guess not in this location I really wanted to see cosrx, but I’m actually here for this. I love ouai products I might just go ahead and pick up this kit because there are multiple ouai products like the wave spray, dry shampoo and the hair and body oil, and a clip. That’s so cute Yeah, I actually came for the dry shampoo and the oils, but this has everything I am upstairs now, and I absolutely love the aesthetic of Urban Outfitters. And look they have home stuff. If only I could Or if only I had room in my suitcase but So the sale section is back there, so I’m gonna look over there now I’m actually just gonna buy this and check out the Korean sheet masks by the cashier Just this please. All right, I just picked up my product and now let’s walk over to Target. I’m so used to walking everywhere in Korea But here in LA I’ve just uber everywhere, even though it’s like a 20 to 25 minute walk, so today I decided to just like walk around and yeah, it feels great. All right but Target is right there. Let’s go on inside I’m not gonna buy Hot Ruffles today because I just had like.. I think I’ve had like seven bags already not good I just relised that this is the most normal Target trip I’ve made, because the last time I came with my brother and it’s always a wild time with Abe, but yeah, I’m picking up some cotton pads Claritin; because I’m allergic to pollen and springtime is when it all starts to come back And then I’m picking up some vitamins. This is supposed to be good for the skin, and I really like the packaging. And then, this one is supposed to help me sleep So I just realized that this product may contain milk So, I’m gonna pass on these Yeah, I should do more research before buying vitamins But if you want to recommened some vitamins to me, comment down below. Okay, our plate is here. I’m with Eunice. Wait there’s no pepper in here. Oh really? No Eunice Oh my gosh, everyone commented how beautiful you are. She’s a natural beauty, and she’s so humble about it Yay, so yummy! We just finished eating and now I’m going back home. She’s dropping me off Mhmm Thank you for being in the Joan day vlog You’re welcome She’s so shy, it’s so cute! Noo! All of our friends are like “Start a YouTube channel Eunice, you’re so pretty and she has like good knowledge on skincare, but she’s just never gonna do it Why not, why wouldn’t you do it? Noo They ordered pizza Thank you! Did you seriously get soda? Yeah Why? What’s wrong with soda? There’s nothing wrong with soda. this is so good. Bye Eunice! I’ll see you again soon. Yes We’re at Trader Joe’s now. Why are we at Trader Joe’s? for wine We’re doing wine night tomorrow. We’re hosting so we’re shopping now What is it? Cream cheese brioche. Cheers! So far we have a baguette and these are my favorite Yeah, we do those are amazing Or We have like so many crackers. I know, I don’t even think we need this many crackers. We do. We’re gonna invite everybody. No that’s my favorite! Those are the best Should we have like fake bbang and real bbang? Yeah, these are brioche crackers This is good! Do we need this whole thing? No. We don’t need that Everyone The best cookies in the world So yummy, and they’re so cheap! $3.99 Wait, salsa and chips and cheese and salami Britney you’re good for the vlog keep going We need to get Britney a channel. Yeah, Britney we need you to have a channel Yes! I want this Britney’s choice, my choice and Judy’s I think we’re pretty good, okay, we need salsa Salsa This is my favorite salsa Wheres the one i like? Oh this is my fave This is so good. 22 bucket ralphs. How much is it here? $12:99 So good, okay, we’re good We’re back from We’re back from grocery shopping And we got a lot of things for tomorrow’s wine night. I think it’s too much food actually But I hope you guys enjoyed watching you guys finally met my apartment mates I think you guys met Judy before. Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here And, I feel like it’s time for me to give back to those who translate and transcribe. For those of you guys with these usernames I have messaged you with $100 gift card to So make sure you check because there are expiration dates for it, but thank you so much for translating And I hope to do this more often alright. I hope you have a Joan Day

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  1. Honestly, before coming to Korea, I never really cared for your America trip blogs because I was there. But now that I miss home so much, I love watching these USA vlogs. They give me a sense of comfort just seeing your surrounding and how peaceful it is compared to the busy life in Seoul.

  2. Nice vlog Joan. Do you recommend any of the facial masks that Target carries? If so which one and I'm asking in behalf of my wife. Thanks Joan!

  3. I'm honestly suprised Joan didn't get hot ruffles at Target, haha. And, thank you so much for the gift card. I really just transcribe to just help you out and it's fun so thank you so much! -Erika

  4. Hi Joan! I am going to visit Seoul in mid may (15 may to 27 may). May I know what will the weather be like and if I need to bring jackets since the difference in temperature between the day and night is relatively large? Thank you!! 😊

  5. Almost all of her friends are Koreans, I wonder why Koreans prefer to hang out mostly with Koreans and not so much with other nationalities or races?

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  12. If you love quai, you should try their hair vitamins. They're easy to digest, and when I used the oily hair vitamins last time, I did see results within 10 days. Also recommend the Hums vitamins as well!

  13. Trader joe's vitamins are pretty good and they are on the cheaper side too. I love their gummy multivitamins and it's only $5 a bottle!

  14. yesss Joan Christean has been looking extra beautiful in your Vlogs recently ( shes always been beautiful but now even more)

  15. The red top look really good on you!!
    I miss hot days is always raining here even if is spring already
    I love your vlogs they are always so funny ❤

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  17. 6:47 That man in the background is just killing me^^^ I have the feeling he is staring at me through the computer lol

  18. If you need help with sleep I’d recommend the ORB Sleep Complex. It’s multiple layer and time release so it has L-theanine, GABA, and 5HTP to calm you down/help you relax. It also has a relaxation oil blend (lavender and ylang ylang) to help relax and de-stress. Then it has I believe 3 grams of melatonin to help you sleep, and then the last layer is B12 so you wake up energized and not groggy as some melatonin/sleep aids can leave you. Hope this helped!

  19. So many problemes are stressing me out and making my life sad but u're like a light that makes me smile throught all this
    Thank you joan ❤for being here

  20. Christine & Eunice r so pretty… And shy Eunice is the cutest… And ur housemates looks so down to earth & really chill… Love how u look so happy with ur friends when u're in this side of the world… Tnx for sharing bits & pcs of what happens in a day with us…☺ All the best Joan! ☺

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  22. Joan, save money and get the generic Claratin. Generics are literally the same chemicals/medication but cheaper. Google Generic Medicine and look it up on Wikipedia (The generic and the brand name). I just saved you tons and tons of money if you ever read this. I use the Target generic version of claratin, it's exactly the same thing except less. Look at the DRUG FACTS on the package.

  23. I love seeing you run errands, makes me feel like I'm doing it with you. You are so sweet to hand out surprise gifts 🙂

  24. I love seeing you run errands,makes me feel like I'm doing it with you. You are so sweet to hand out surprise gifts 🙂

  25. Husbands getting jealous 😂😂😂 i think my bestfriend is really lucky, because they have so much trust in each other they let themselves fangirl/boy about their crushes.

  26. Midway through the video but im a scorpio as well & i have the pollen allergy and use Aeris pills all the time 🤪 so random but i felt like saying so haha

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