SAP Cloud for Customer and hybris Commerce – Overview

Globally, companies are willing to adopt
cloud solutions. However, there is more value if key capabilities from the
existing systems are leveraged on the cloud solutions. Preferably, it also
provides their users with a seamless experience. Converging on the topic of
customer engagement we know that a customer is one of the most valuable
assets. Providing timely support is good for a company’s business success, as it
brings customers closer to loyalty. This brings us to the most important topic:
integration. This session gives you a peek into the advantages of integrating
hybris Commerce solution with SAP Cloud for Customer. Just to highlight a few
service features: an e-mail query from a customer automatically creates a service
request in SAP Cloud for Customer. All requests for help created on the hybris
Storefront are also created as service requests. Any social media messages can
also be routed as service requests in SAP Cloud for Customer. A call from a hybris customer to a
service center directly reaches a service agent in SAP Cloud for Customer. It also displays the customer details
for an agent to view. In a B2B scenario the tickets are automatically directed
to the agent who is responsible for that customer. While providing support to a
customer on an incident or even over a call, an agent can place an order on
behalf of that customer. An agent can also help the customer with an open
shopping cart. Let’s take a look at a service use case:
A call center agent who is using SAP Cloud for Customer is able to support
hybris Commerce user in placing an order. A hybris customer is browsing the
Storefront for a new mobile contract. He finds a contract that he likes, and so
adds it to shopping cart. However, he has a few questions: What about the existing
phone number? Is there any discount on an extended contract? The customer
immediately calls the call center. Since the hybris Storefront and the service
application of SAP Cloud for Customer are seamlessly integrated, the incoming
call is automatically routed to the service team. When a service agent picks
the call, the data of the called customer appears on the screen. The call center
agent confirms that the customer can keep his mobile number. He enters the
Storefront, picks up the customer’s shopping cart, chooses the right option,
and adds the customer’s contract into the cart. The call center agent does not miss
an opportunity to up-sell. So he also informs the customer about a special
discount that is available on purchasing a mobile along with the contract. He
patiently explains about the models that are part of the deal. The customer agrees
to purchase the selected mobile and the call center agent adds the mobile to the
shopping cart. The call center agent orders the mobile and the contract on behalf of the customer.
Finally, the customer is happy about his new contract and the new mobile, and the
e-commerce vendor is happy about the additional revenue. Feel free to browse
the additional videos on further use cases. Thank you!

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