SAP Commerce Cloud: Assisted Service Customer 360°

hi there I’m Maggie and I’m a sales associate as you can see I recently started using the latest tools for personalized customer engagement from fjp high-risk commerce tools that will help me understand my customers needs contextually come on I’ll show you how it works [Music] hi Aaron all right how are you I’m fine thanks I just have a few minutes and thought I’d take a look great I thought that you’re really interested in photography can I show you some cameras that we have feet yeah sure though the great perfect just wait here one minute thanks to sa P Hybris customer 360-degree view I know exactly what aaron won as aaron walked into the store i recognized him by his online profile picture by accessing the customer 360-degree view on my tablet I can see that Aaron is a loyal on the go early adopting customers to me this means I have to prepare for a quick and precise vision maker who will like the latest technology I can also pull data from s AP hybrid profile and as a single glance view the products Aaron is interested in this one will let you travel lightly and shoot almost anything yeah nice I really like this one it’s actually one of the cameras had already been considering but is there a newer model that just came out with a super zoom lens actually we did have some new models in let me just check for you by actually talking to Aaron I got an even better understanding of what he is really looking for and on top I combined this which is f AP hybrid merchandising data now I’m able to offer him a camera with the features you really desire I can also offer him a fight and loyalty discount so what do you think as a lawyer customer I can offer you a five percent discount well in that case I guess I’ll have to take it really super great thanks have a great day this is just one example of how X ap Hybris commerce can leverage customer data to provide highly personalized customer engagement with us ap Hybris you can get that 360-degree view of your customer for exceptional sales and services and on the spot

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