Sarah Sloan brings UWM to Rockwell Automation

My name is Sarah Sloan and I’m an industrialization
engineer here at Rockwell Automation. I work on operator interfaces primarily on graphic
terminals. So it’s something that’s usually mounted on a machine or something of that
nature so that the operator can control what’s going on the manufacturing line. They’re used
on roller coaster from time to time. The people who are operating the roller coaster can actually
control when the train is leaving or coming into the station and things like that. I was
an electrical engineer all throughout college and I do industrial engineering now and I
love it! It’s not something I would have considered before I applied to be an industrial engineer,
but now that I’m doing it, I found out that that’s really my passion. I was really interested
in Rockwell from some of the different things like roller coasters. That’s something that’s
interesting to me. They had a really great intern program and they’ll rotate different
positions and I really like the opportunities for lateral movement, where I could try different things. And that’s where I learned
that I love industrialization. UWM was my first choice for an engineering school. There
were some other choices in there, but I liked the program there and I also liked kind of
the culture of UWM. I’m actually the UWM Panthers-at-Work liaison. for engineering for the Rockwell Automation
Alumni group here. We host lunch-and-learns, we’ll do different sorts of classes and we
just had our intern event in the Clock Tower and other neat, fun networking things. I’m
Sarah Sloan. I”m a Milwaukee Engineer!

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