SHOP WITH ME | IKEA + Trader Joe’s! ✨

Hello friends it’s Allison I hope you’re
having a happy day so far so today we’re gonna have fun we’re going shopping
we’re gonna pop over to two of my favorite stores IKEA and Trader Joe’s so
I’m going to Ikea I haven’t been in so long so I’m really excited to see what
new things they have and just get lots of home inspiration but what kind of
sparked my trip to Ikea was that I need to get a frame for this piece of art
that I got for Urban Outfitters it’s this really script quote print that
says you make me a better me I love it so I’m just gonna get like a plain white
frame I pretty much get all my frames from Ikea so like all of those that we
have hanging up there from there or from Ikea so it’s just an easy place to grab
simple and affordable frames and then I also have these macrame plant hangers I
have three of them in total but I’ll probably end up just using two but I
want to check out my kids plant section to see if they have any cute plants that
will fit in here and then I can kind of hang them in a corner of our apartment
now that all of our Christmas decor is gone third party looks so sad and plain
but I’m not gonna go crazy because I got more saving for a house and you didn’t
know so I want to kind of save our furniture budget for when we purchase a
house and then I’ll go crazy so that’s the plan and then after that we’re gonna
hop over to Trader Joe’s because I need lots and lots of groceries we just got
home from traveling for Christmas break so our fridge is looking very very bare
so we’re gonna grab a lots of yummy food and it’s gonna be a fun time this is my
super super casual and comfy outfit of the day I have my Mickey sweatshirt from
boohoo it’s so cozy and it’s pretty chilly outside so I’ll be nice and warm
and then I have these little hoops in from urban they came in a set of three
but I really like them they are starting to like turn green now cuz they’re cheap
but it okay I like them and then I’m wearing
these black jeans from Express and these little slide on loafers from Express as
well almost lunchtime and it’s so attempted
to get something here because I’m so hungry look that’s only 99 cents I can’t
believe that and then the kids waffles are so precious $1.99 cute little heart
shapes and love it I really really love these goals and they’re on sale for
$1.99 you don’t really need new polls right now so I’m gonna hold off on it
but I thought they were like you I love these little apartment mock-ups so much
this couch is pretty cute I definitely want a white couch when we move into our
home also this whole fireplace setup is
definitely my vibe I want to do something similar to this when we
purchase our home kind of like a fireplace DIY because in Florida most
homes do not come with a fireplace unless they’re kind of old so we’re
gonna have to DIY a little makeshift built-in fireplace they feel like I am glowing with
happiness right now I just love home stuff so much IKEA I feel like I have
good memories that I kid to because they used to come all the time with my mom
growing up and I love to redoing my room and all that so like for my birthdays
and stuff shooting in IKEA it’s a good time I really like these organizers up
here I’m gonna have to look for them once I am at downstairs also this little
plant hanger is really fun it would be cool to kind of do an herb garden in
here in your kitchen just put like different or plants and then it’s super
easy access when you’re cooking this chair is so dreamy and would be so cute
for like an outdoor patio so boho and so fun oh my goodness guys look at this
bathroom I am in love seriously so cute mainly
the bathtub I just dream of a bathtub like that also I love that someone put a
little stuffed animal shark in there so funny these plants and it seriously has never
died and you can neglect it and it’ll never die like I almost thought it was
fake but it’s real so if you don’t really have a green thumb this is a
great plant for you okay just got back in the car and I ended up spending $77
of goodies so I’m excited to show you guys all the things I picked up but now
we got to run to Trader Joe’s I’m starting to get so hungry it’s noon now
so make it a little snack there but they always have samples and coffees so
that’ll tide me over until we go home just got back in my car from Trader
Joe’s and I have to say I just had the most beautiful Trader Joe’s experience
of my life it was so happy I walk in in one of the workers is just like so
smiley and just beaming and he’s like Happy New Year how’s it going just so
welcoming and warm and I’m just walking around picking out my groceries and
whatnot and then I meet the sweetest subscriber who watches my videos and she
was just so kind and such an angel and then I go to my car putting my groceries
in my trunk and then someone who follows me on Instagram
Hanna she stops and she just is so sweet and saying all these kind things and we
got to talk for a little bit and it was just the best
and then I’m and then she drives away and then I’m putting my stuff in my car
and then this mom and daughter the mom is just like the cutest ever and she’s
just like oh look so beautiful I love your outfit like I’m just wearing a
hoodie like nothing fancy at all and she’s like you are looking so beautiful
and she’s just complimenting me and complimenting the plant I got which I’ll
show you guys soon and the loveliest ladies it was just the
best like such a great time I am just I I’m just happy that’s just this is just
the testimony that happiness and being kind to other people is so incredibly
contagious so taking time out of your day to smile at people and compliment
people really it goes a long long way just got back up to my apartment I did
stuff for Starbucks let me show you guys what I got so what I’m gonna do is I
have a meeting in like 55 minutes so I don’t know how I’ll have time to do the
IKEA haul but I’m gonna do that Trader Joe’s haul real quick make some lunch
and then do the IKEA haul and for the Trader Joe’s haul I’m just gonna do like
an overview and then highlight anything worth noting but at Starbucks I just got
a nice coffee with some of the sweet cream foam I don’t know if it’s phone
there’s some of this vanilla sweet cream on top it’s so good it’s the cream that
makes it so yummy so good pick me up but I am super super hungry usually I would
be really hangry but everyone has been so kind to me today so I’m happy but
yeah I need to eat especially before my meeting so that I’m not like my stomach
isn’t growling and everyone hears it all so it literally took me three trips to
from my car to my apartment to get everything up here I really just had a
field day I chewed her Joe’s an Ikea I bought way more than I expected but I
just love both of those places so much this is all my Trader Joe’s loot
seriously it’s so many goodness so I’m not going to Walmart this week that’s
where I usually do my grocery shopping but I was just kind of near Trader Joe’s
so I figured I would go there and we had gift cards which was amazing okay so I
got kombucha I got three different flavors I got the cosmic cranberry
strawberry lemonade and trilogy I still have the scope II to make my own
homemade kombucha in my cabinet I just haven’t been brave enough to do it yet
so uh hopefully I’ll do that soon I just have to build up the courage I think my
sister will do it with me so I need like a buddy to do it with me so I’m not
alone okay and then I got organic acai I love love
love they’re also eat packets because they’re unsweetened and it’s just plain
aw cyi it’s so good for our bowls that we make and just like lots of produce
green beans spinach my favorite cheese from Trader Joe’s the unexpected cheddar
cheese brain tonight love it and I also got some parmesan for a pasta
that I’m gonna make later in the week and then I also grabbed this mod Ross
lentils that Indian fare and I think I’m gonna eat this right now after I found
this little haul because I’m again very hungry and that’s just like I was super
quick and easy lunch so I grabs that and then we love the pepitas salsa it’s
really spicy and different and unique so I grabbed that cuz we need some salsa
also these teeny tiny avocados that’s literally what they’re called it’s so
precious they’re not ripe yet so I grabbed like a ripe avocado as well
sweet potatoes I love love love sweet potatoes and then I also grabbed this
beautiful beautiful succulent it’s really nice size and it was $7.99 I
didn’t came with a pot and everything so I think this might look cute in the
other planter cuz at IKEA I only ended up getting one plant so Trader Joe’s
came through with the other one and then I got some bread and some capers that I
also put in my pasta that I’m gonna make later in the week and then I got this
garlic naan bread that’s seriously so good and it’s
part of a recipe that I’m going to make for my first ever Alison’s eats so can’t
me to show you guys that and then really splurged on the crackers
usually we get like a whole grain like the cracker or something but I just went
with the golden rounds that are like Ritz crackers for our cheese’s and oh my
goodness these are just heavenly and then peppers pita chips garbanzo
beans I’m always eating garbanzo beans and putting them in my airfryer or
cooking them on a skillet to make them crispy so delicious and then eggs and
finish the masala is that what it is it’s an Indian fare doesn’t look the
best it just looks like chili basically but it smells so heavenly and I’m gonna
give it a taste it was so easy to make I just had to heat it up for one minute in
the little pouch and then just pour it in a bowl so really nice if you have
work you can just pop it in your backpack for a quick little lunch at
work so I used to do stuff like that all the time mmm super yummy I love this
kind of thing it’s super hearty I’m good I think I’m gonna finish it all cuz I’m
still hungry but yeah this would be so perfect to pop in your backpack for work
or even for school and college you just need a microwave so if I microwave in
college at work you can just heat it up we’re in a cup in a bowl super easy and
quick lunch okay friends I just finished my meeting so finally it’s time for our
little IKEA haul actually pretty fair sized haul it’s not so little anymore
once I got in there I saw a lot of things I like okay so mmm what should we
start out with well first and foremost I got my frame I needed for my print so
we’ll put that together after I finished showing you everything but I think it
should work and there wasn’t a size that was the exact measurements but this
one’s super close because the poster is 13 by 19 inches and this one is 16 by
20 inches so I hope it doesn’t look silly I think it’ll be okay there’s not
like a white gap oh no yeah it’ll be perfect see the
little frame will just cover a little bit of it but that’ll look really good I
still don’t know where exactly am I put it in our apartment um I might I’m
thinking about taking out my letter board over my desk because as much as I
love pink that is like a lot of pink with my chair and the letter board and
since this is our living room like I am means I am getting more drawn
to more natural tones so it might switch that out and give away my letter board
but I’m not sure yet okay I also got this beautiful pots
which I found in the plant section and I also got this beautiful plant it is
called okay it’s called at the pre Munem upper premium but it’s a devil’s ivy I
looked it up and it said it was really great for an indoor space and it doesn’t
need too much attention which is really really awesome and I do need to repot it
because unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my pot it’s too big so I have marbles or
rocks under my sink so I’m gonna put the rocks on the bottom so that I can drain
because this pot doesn’t have a draining hole and then I’ll just repot it so I’ll
take you guys through that real quick cuz I’ll do it after this haul okay and
then I also grabbed these wooden hangers so pretty they’re just beautiful natural
hangers and these were 4:49 I think they were under five dollars and there’s
eight of them and I have a clothing rack in my room where I like to keep like
some of my newer pieces and I’m gonna do a closet clean out videos soon and I
want to read you that rack in reorganize it because I have a lot of like
Chris not Christmassy clothing but like more wintry clothing pieces in fall
clothing pieces so I just need to like refresh that and I want to use these
hangers on my clothing rack so that they’re all the same and they just look
really nice and put together ok next up I’m so excited about this this beautiful
watering-pot so so nice I just love the handle it is absolutely stunning and I
don’t have one yet I’ve just been using like our little kettle or tea kettle so
it’s nice to kind of have a designated watering tool for my plants which I love
ok and then I picked up this magazine that’s just free but it’s just their
kitchen magazine just Burton’s bow for Brandon and I to look through and then I
have to live so I have this cute little mini IKEA bag that I got from a
conference since the darlingest thing I’m glad I got to use it the reason I
used it today ok but I got the lids for my container organizing we’re gonna do
an I’ve officially decided that we’re gonna do a fridge organization and we’re
gonna make a Pinterest seat bridge with so many cute containers and I want to
have staples that I always keep in my fridge like cooked quinoa garbanzo beans
um chopped carrots chopped onions like all that good stuff so I’m excited to
use these containers but I also love glass containers and I love little tops
that you can just pop off like this and I just think they’re very visually
stunning as well and I got this rectangle one the lid you buy these
separately and then another one this square one and I also got this mug it’s
just a plain glass mug I’ve been wanting one of these for quite a while now
especially when I make like layered lattes and stuff it’s really neat
kind of see each layer and for my coffee videos I thought this would be really
sweet and you can kind of see everything that’s going on so I grabbed those and
it was really inexpensive I want to say like two dollars or something and then
this was my last container this is the biggest way I’m not exactly sure what
I’m gonna put in here I don’t know if I’ll keep it in my fridge or if I’ll put
flour in here or baking supplies um but I just thought it was a really good size
and I’ll definitely find something to do with it and something I would recommend
if you are getting these containers and you want to do like a little container
organization system before you go out to buy the containers I think it would have
been really helpful if I listed everything that I wanted to put in the
containers cuz when I got to high key I was kind of just like guessing well
maybe these containers would be good for the business or but if I was like in my
fridge and pantry before I left for the store I could like make a list of
everything I needed containers for and it would just be more helpful because I
don’t even know what I’m putting in these I just liked that so hopefully
that makes sense but yeah let’s put our plants and its new pot and put our art
in our frame and enjoy our new door hey friends that is it for today’s video
I hope you enjoyed shopping with me and the halls and decorating with me I loved
how all the little decor pieces I got from Ikea turned out and I’m excited for
the fridge clean-out organization video and all the videos to come so be sure
you’re subscribed and please like this video if you did enjoy it I love you
guys so much and I’m so thankful for you and I’ll see you super soon bye

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