Solar Power Explained EnergySage Marketplace

Smart Solar Shopping Made Easy
The EnergySage Marketplace Your trusted resource for solar information and shopping!
With solar prices falling over 80%, there has never been a better time to go solar.
You can save hundreds of dollars a year by installing solar.
At EnergySage, you can learn about solar, read our blog, watch our videos and get all of
your questions answered. We’ll even provide you with an instant estimate
of your cost and savings if you install solar at your property.
Simply enter your address and electricity bill information, and we’ll instantly produce
an instant estimate. If the estimate is appealing, you can then
create a free account to request quotes from our network of high-quality, pre-screened
solar installers. These installers compete for your business. Within a day or so, the installers will submit
quotes through the Marketplace. We present these quotes to you in an easy to understand
format so you can clearly understand your cost and savings.
With our Compare Quotes features, you can compare competing quotes in an apples-to-apples
format – so you can easily determine which installer is offering you the best value.
If you have questions or need help with making a decision, EnergySage Solar Advisors are
available by phone, email and instant chat. EnergySage has been developed with the support
of the Department of Energy and recommended by leading organizations as a resource for
consumers to research and shop for solar. Visit Going solar has never
been easier!

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