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We spend lots of time online. We text, we comment, we share. It’s a big part of our lives. But communicating with someone online is just like talking to them in real life. Everyone appreciates politeness and no one likes it when people make fun, or spread gossip, rumors or lies. The fact is that some people do try to hurt others online. It’s called – cyber bullying – and it’s a lose-lose situation: It makes the person being harassed feel bad – and it makes the bully look bad. It might lead to trouble with school authorities or even the police. If someone is harassing you online, it’s important not to respond. That’s because bullies are looking for a reaction. Block them if you can, ignore them if you can’t. If it continues, save the evidence and ask an adult for help. And don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, or to stand up for someone else being cyber bullied. This behavior usually stops pretty quickly when someone speaks up. And when you’re communicating online – remember to treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Know how to handle yourself, Because being online is part of your life. So stop and think before you click.

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  1. I like this video because It shows all the truth about the cyberbullying. I think that cyberbullying is a very bad idea because the bullies are bothering all the time their victims. Let's stop bullying!

  2. Addendum: Ignoring, blocking, and bringing in other people to defend are all poor strategies. Don't get pissed, no matter what's said. Rather, roll with the punches, make yourself blend in a bit. Adapt their styles, agree with them, and then turn their insults (e.g. "You're gay" can always be torn down by "Only for you, baby <3"). Admit when you're wrong and feel free to harass them back a bit. Eventually, you'll either make peace with them or they'll stop talking to you.

  3. If you mention Kanye and Kim, the adults cyber bully them day in and day out! These bully lunatics are everywhere and they are teaching their crumb snatchers how to bully daily! It's disgusting!

  4. please think before you click and on the flip side   It is not only bullies that need to think about what they say it is also others too..  try not to say something that someone might attack you for.  like saying a tv commercial is staged or doing that to more than one tv commercial on Youtube.  Also if you feel you are being bullied both cyber or otherwise tell someone whether it be a friend or even better a parent or teacher or other adult that you can trust.  perhaps something to tell friends that you trust too because if they are god friends they care and will want to help and also could be worried bout changes to your behavior.  some friends might want to or be willing to help you talk to a adult you trust too if you want them too parents and teachers are both good to talk to try and find a time like after or before school when you bot can talk alone or you and your friend can come with you to talk to them alone    or for parents find a time to talk to them.  parent and teachers both care and can only help if they know about what happening    

  5. I'm being cyber bullied by all of Detroit MI need help finding what was posted these are not kids all adults and they hide behind technocaleties so they don't have to stop the Detroit police are even in on it please help me find this video no kids because the video was said to be of rape

  6. sorry you guys just make things werce anomous are trying to stand up to you and your throwing all of them in jail you can't stop this

  7. You know, its not just at school. It could be half-way across the world. The bully is completely safe behind the screen and their username. Just sayin'.

  8. No this is wrong. They say to not respond to them. Well I always respond to cyberbullies. I have been running circles around cyberbullies in different places online all my life. Somebody claimed that being a cyberbullybully is no different from being a cyberbully. Well there's a huge difference. Cyberbullies prey on those who have never done anybody any harm. On the other hand cyberbullybullies, prey on those who prey on those who have never done anybody any harm.

  9. I hope I am not too late, but there is a real mean kid that is always bullying the people he doesn't like. He calls them names, and writes about them on his social media page. He tells lies about them and because he is popular, he has convinced his friends that the lies are real. The problem does not end there, He has threatened to use weapons against some of his victims. He has a lot of weapons that he is always bragging about, and that he knows how to use them. I am afraid that his stupid ranting will get out of hand, and he will hurt someone or a lot of people, yeah, a lot of weapons. His name is DJ, and he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC. Please help before it is too late!!

  10. Just ask Chrissa Maxwell

    She stands strong against cyberbullying

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