State of the University, Texas A&M University-Commerce

We are lions. We are champions of the determined and a beacon
for those wanting a life more fulfilling. Throughout our last one hundred years as lions we’ve understood that success isn’t born from a wish and a dream, but having the will to forge a way. So what will our next century as Lions be
like? We will continue to deliver on the promise
our founder Professor William Mayo made more than a century ago-That no industrious, ambitious youth shall be denied an education if I can pevent it We will reinvent the residential college experience
by building new living and learning spaces that connect and engage students and faculty. We will create a first-year experience that
challenges new students in mind, body, and spirit from day one. We will bring the brightest minds, the best
teachers and scholars in the nation to this campus. And we will deliver high-quality and affordable undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare lions graduates to lead and succeed in an increasingly
interconnected world. We will forge a partnership with our local
community that create new opportunity and prosperity for all. Commerce, Texas will become a classic college town. This will be our next century as lions. Why are we so confident? Because we we’ve always turned grit into greatness
and determination into deeds. We are Commerce. We are Lions.

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