Steve Moore: Stock market overreacted to Trump’s tariff threat

60 Replies to “Steve Moore: Stock market overreacted to Trump’s tariff threat”

  1. You mean to tell me we don't grow enough soybeans to feed ourselves and more that we have to buy from other people

  2. No, it's not an overreaction.
    It's a readjustment.
    People must wake up to the corrupt trade deals and if you are invested in taking our jobs overseas, then you need to readjust.
    This is a call for more businesses to start up in the United States, making farm Machinery, TV sets, Cell Phones, Computers.
    This is a call for Farmers to focus their crops toward the needs of the USA.
    No more toxic baby clothes and food, or toxic pet food.
    No more avoiding our EPA, OSHA, Human Rights laws or Child Labor Laws or avoiding Union Contracts.

    Make Made in the USA mean something!
    Make America Great Again.

  3. Did not he say that they are stealing billions and billions of dollars ? Take that money and sub. us. farmers. sounds like more than enough to make up the loss of sales ? More room than, for healthy organic food!

  4. Can’t figure out why when market steaming along he needs to say anything. Meet those crooks and hammer it out. Then say it’s done and watch market sky rocket. Surprised at him. Another thing. Haven’t those morons on Wall Street heard this tune numerous times before? Why deal with it like it’s the end of the world every time they hear it?

  5. All the former Obama people on other networks are predicting negatives about their own economy and country.What do they want for China to continue ripping off the country at the expenses for these rich companies The Americans need to seek new markets.

  6. Big business/banks controls the market s to control us…..look at the Great Depression cause by the elite steering the wallstreeters

  7. What these douchebags don't understand is that for China to remain competitive even with the tariffs they will have to drop the cost of the Sub standard products

  8. So funny to watch everyone scramble over nothing. So predictable and quick to overreact. Tell them there's a fly on the tv and they'll try to use a sledgehammer to get it.

  9. You know you people call yourselves experts and you can't even see what this reaction is really all about!!!! The people in control of the market know how to make money on the downside of a market as well as the upside of a market. They also know that when they dump they will also be shorting. Then they will make more money when the market corrects itself and the prices quickly bounce back. They will re-buy low after making money on the shorting and come out with more profit than would be indicated by just the up and down swings! Heck they could be shorting and buying back at the same time! They jumped at the chance to implement this strategy using the tariffs as an excuse to trigger it! They didn't over react. What they did was to use this opportunity to put a strategy into play!

  10. Someone needs to tell Mike Huckleberry to stay in his lane, he doesn't know jackshit about business. Tariffs have Never Worked as leverage. Tariffs are a tax on your own economy.

  11. Americans are stupid. Your government is screwing you stupid suckers I can’t wait till you can’t afford anything at Walmart or amazon. Ha ha give the rich more tax breaks please suckers !!!

  12. We can't fold like a weak DemocRAT. That's what that homosexual Moslem President BARACK Hussein Obama did.

  13. Of course some are going to panic and wait to see where to invest their money. This is only a fluctuation. We have seen this before. I bet the Chinese market will feel something similar until an agreement is reached.

  14. Trump has never made a successful deal, he just lurches from bankruptcy to bankruptcy, leaving a mess behind for others to clean up. If he were a successful deal maker then he wouldn't have to had borrow hundreds of millions in Russian mafia money from German banks.

  15. Business Elites are up to their eyeballs in China and of course they hate tariffs on China. It hurts their wallets. Eventually, the stock market will settle down and the tariffs will work bringing China to heel.

  16. If Trump supporters think he is such a great dealmaker and great whiz kid overall, then please explain what is so great about Trump threat to increase tariffs on China and the subsequent 400 plus points drop in the stock market? Maybe Trump IS a f—-king idiot after all. Trump supporters, please consider that possibility.

  17. Because of the Chinese economy America is finding that we can produce the same goods with better quality over the last couple of years. And make a profit. And China knows this. America is emulated through out the world. And has the best GDP for over 70years. Because of are freedoms and liberties. Although many people in the world look at America's leaders as the runners of America. They aren't. Through the 3 branches of government we the American people make the choice that governs the American people. Not a monarchy or dictatorship .that's why are new president is doing a good job.


  19. I disagree with the guy as you are like Biden – short sighted!!! Guess who leads researches n top technologies – US educated Chinese that Obama refused to grant them green cards but to those without higher technical people!!!! Admit it!!!!

  20. Bimbo, Brazil has the opposite timing of seasons to the US, so in our summer, there is winter in Brazil and no soy beans planted.

  21. One guest commented "they're a centrally planned economy", but the price of most goods (the vast majority) are determined by the market in China. I appreciate his spirit, and his general trajectory, but as I sit and write this here in south China, I can tell you that that statement is a demonstration of wild ignorance.

  22. The Chinese were literally laughing at how lopsided the trade deals were in the past. They send people to or colleges, get employed by big Tech companies then take what they learned and return back to China and exploit it.

  23. lets go. u will be the first crying and beggin with hat in hand. when that day comes, the whole world will know what a paper tiger u are. and the sharks will smell the blood in the water.

    u understand nottin. u hold no cards, fools.

  24. The Chinese just admitted by reneging, that they really don’t plan on sticking to the agreement.

  25. China bullied us, '' coming from the worst bully (US) in the world after exploiding the world for decades.
    Now you need war before China takes the lead, that is all.

  26. Its all about the dominance of power and wealth! Chinese has been doing great in such quick period and this makes agitated and scared of the Western power!!!

  27. OK, one last time – China does not pay the tariffs. But you do.
    Mexico isn't paying for that wall – But you do..
    Trump doesn't pay taxes – But you do.
    Trump doesn't think – But you can.

  28. The cost will NOT be passed down. It will come out of exorbitant corporate slave labor profits. Demand determines price.

  29. George soros&dems hacked hillarys opponents..not Russia..
    Assange now in jail for exposing Hillary's emails&vault 7 leak about CIA having tech to frame rusisa for hacking of Hillary's opponents DNC &otherwise

  30. look at these white males, showing such arrogant , no wonder the downfall of this empire will go down in drain soon

  31. how many billions lost in exports to China since Trump negotiations? Only 40 BILLION, so far
    keep the fantastic job, You DUMB MORONS

  32. American people has to impeach him at the earliest because he is concentrating only to develop his own business, he never bother about the welfare of any of US people. Really he is misusing his presidency by giving lots of deliberate comments to rattle stock markets and those who know these comments before he says, makes millions from stock markets. that means he is the president of Mafia, not the president of US

  33. You asked will not be taken advantage of anymore, we might feel a little pain no big deal thanks Trump

  34. China is laughing at the donald. His tarriffs amount to less than 1%. We need to stop buying from china starting with trump. Stop hiring forigners starting with trump. Pay your taxes starting with trump.

  35. These stocks are dropping. This better recover. These tariffs should of been in place years ago!!! Once deals are made things will get better.

    "In order to get to heaven, You must have strong faith while going through hell first!"

  36. Bring on the tariffs, stop buying goods from China and Mexico its about time we stand tall and demand fair trade.

  37. People complaining the worse are those people doing business in China, I don’t feel sorry for you, you got fat now it’s time to place America first.

  38. The stock market overreacted to tariffs. The stock market overreacted to Trump's tax cuts. Extreme gains in the stock market should actually scare people because the bubble is going to burst. Fox News rallies for anything Trump. Most economists are predicting a crash.

  39. The Fox News comment section is filled with complete morons who know about as much as a 7th grader who lives in a trailer park.

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