STOCK BOX Repaint! Aurora Dragon Custom Monster High Venus Doll

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  1. Ok, who actually did this???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Like if you just watch
    Comment if you actually did 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. In art we were supposed to make pinch pot sea animals but I was behind and I couldn’t make a cuddle fish ;^; so I improvised and made a coconut and my teacher was happy because I fixed a mistake and that’s a rule
    The rule: Turn your mistakes into a MASTERPIECE!!!!

  3. I have a genuine question
    Spyro is in the skylanders TV show
    But isn't
    There are Spyro games
    Someone explain

  4. Making horns for dollls is so much easier than making horns for humans, I wish I could stick armature wire through my head

  5. Making wings for dolls is also a lot easier than making wings for humans, I wish I thought of hinges to make them move side to side

  6. Oh man,i wish i had this doll, i love this doll so much and just like you i loved dragons when i was little but i still love the dragons, it's my favorite art subject

  7. Hehe not to be mean but u maid me laugh when u pronounced mananangal is she a filipino And IF you didnt know mananangal i think in english is witch hehe im a big filipino fan by the way😊😊

  8. Fun fact, the color purple isn't ever seen in flags (except for the newer ones), is because purple dye is rediculuosly expensive to produce, since the dye was made of hundreds of tiny snails. This made it so that even the richest of kingdoms couldn't afford to have purple on their flag, and why purple has become the color of royalty. The reason we can have so much purple now, is because a scientist accidentally made a dye that was purple, and fairly cheap to produce.

  9. How do you get to eat as many popsicles as you want?

    Say you have to eat them for using the sticks to build dolls!

  10. If you want to get technical, magenta specifically doesn’t exist in nature at all, because it’s a color our brain makes up

  11. Okay so, My sister said she hates this channel (I love this channel though) Then I showed her this Dragon one an she fell in love XD

  12. Hey dollightful! I thought of an idea you might like. What if you made a doll to have some of the features that society deems “ugly”. I think it would be a great positivity awareness movement, and it might even help others feel better about themselves. You could add things like visible fat rolls, acne, large or small feet, thin hair, etc etc. of course it’s your choice, but I just thought it would be nice for the community to embrace their differences and unique attributes!

  13. I think you should make a black dragon with a skull mask, and I think a good name is Shraxen, because of the origin of dragons, the sound of en in eastern and dragons were made up, or, belived in the east first

  14. I’m always so happy when she gives credit where credit is due. I wouldn’t even care if she didn’t do it, but It’s amazing that you do. ❤️

  15. Yes,yes it does my mom can count for that I was whatching this next to her she wasn't whatching and she heard all of that and looked at me like what in mighty earth are you whatching X3 but I loves these so much keep it up

  16. Dollightful: purple is least found in nature so people say its magical and rare

    Eggplant: guess in magical and rare

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